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Please read the first four posts in this topic before you do anything else in this group. They'll tell you the rules, how the assesments work, and how you'll be expected to roleplay.

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1) Please don't say anything that others may find offensive and be respectful of the group, its moderators, its rules, and its members.
2) Keep chat and adds in apropreate places or I will delete it.
3) Follow standard roleplaying format. (())s around non-roleplay and talk in past tense.
4) Do your best to use correct grammar and spelling.
5) Be realistic about what your cats look like and can do. No x-ray vision, ultrasonic hearing, or lightning reflexes.
6) Names must be realistic, absolutely no Stars' or human things.
7) Respect other peoples' characters. No RPing them or seriously injuring them without their owner's permission. No powerplaying (making your cat nreasonably hard to beat).
8) Roleplay posts must be at least four semi-detailed, flowing sentences.

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How this group works:

Because this is a semi-literate roleplay, you must take an assessment before you are allowed to roleplay. To take the assessment, make a charracter with a paragraph each of apearance, personality, and history in the assessment charracters topic. Personality and history may be changed later, and history may be shorter in apprentices and kits.

When your first charracter is approved by me or Alyssa, you may roleplay it in the assessment roleplay topic. After a sufficient number of posts, you will either be granted or denied entrance into the roleplay. You may retake assessments as many times as you would like. In order to pass assessments, your posts must have correct grammar, decent spelling, and at least four semi-detailed, flowing sentences each. (Don't worry about catching up to the assesments roleplay!)

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A guide to good roleplaying:

Warriors Names
Since kits are born with their eyes closed, and unable to do much at all, they aren't named for their eye color. They are most likely named for their build, size, fur color, or another general prefix like "Bright". In this group, you must use realistic warrior names.

Keep in mind that most cats are Clan-born, with only a few coming from the outside.

Appearance and Personality:
Keep apearances realistic! Completely black cats can't have blue eyes. Violet eyes and tortie toms are also too rare to show up in the Clans. Try to develop in-depth personalities.

Detailed Roleplaying:
Not only must we use propper grammer, you must include detail! Try including sights, sounds, setting, feelings, flashbacks, thoughts, movements, or anything else that could be interesting or show what the charracter is like.

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If you still have questions, please ask here.

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