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message 1: by jane (new)

jane ".."The Lure of the Local Senses..." looks interesting-"interdisciplinary" outlook-that type of reading & understanding was encouraged at UConn!

Louise Erdrich's book--"The Plague of Doves" is difficult to follow-my sister didn't enjoy it thus sent it to me. A Native American author who got great Review from Michiko Kakutani-well known Reviewer for NY Times. I am determined to read it through and perhaps clarify the theme for my sister. A challenging read!!

Suzanne The Plague of Doves description says this is the most complex of her books. Sounds like you and your sister would agree. It'll be nice for your sister to hear your take on it.

message 3: by jane (new)

jane I sent my take on The Plague of Doves to my sister but she wasn't particularily interested-didn't receive much if any reply from her. She is too busy to take time to dissect it with me. You can borrow book if you'd like other wise I am going to donate it to a Book Swap Store or whatever-clean out my book case.

How's Nancy Drew? Book you got in Maine?

I don't like Mitch Album's book "Five People you Meet in Heaven"--will give that back unread to my friend. I will get your book from the Library that you just finished and try that!

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