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For those who are up to date and ready to start Memorial Day...comment as you go.

message 2: by Juanita (new)

Juanita (londonflat) | 2 comments I just started it yesterday, and despite the fact that I work full time and have a 1 hour commute to work each way, I am half way through it. It's riveting; can't put it down.

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Otto Schaefer (ottos) | 1 comments Great book, a real page turner, but I guess I should say a screen changer because it has been the first book that I have read on my new Nook. Extremely accurate in it's detail which maybe too close to the truth.

message 4: by Barb (new)

Barb Ridener | 2 comments I read it several years ago but it is certainly a page turner, Vince Flynn is one of my favorite authors.

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Barb Ridener | 2 comments I read this book several years ago but it was certainly a page turner, The author crafted his novel around the possibility of a terrorist attack on Memorial Day. Vince Flynn is my favorite author.

message 6: by Kay (new)

Kay Taylor (tattiekay) | 4 comments Finished Memorial Day. It was slow to me over the first 50 pages since it was the first Vince Flynn I had read. After that it became so intense I had to stop and touch base with the present. I believe the inter-agency guff is very realistic and scary. I can see the whole thing playing out in real life with no hero saves the day ending.

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Rick Hamlet | 1 comments Finished Memorial Day, my first Vince Flynn read...probably won't be my last. I loved the parts where Mitch Rapp railed against the people who fought against the Patriot Act. They certainly seem to know more about what is needed to secure my safety than anyone else [sarcasm intended:]. I'll stick with the kind of person like Mitch Rapp, who understands the real world and didn't flinch when he blew the head off an unarmed/bound terrorist prisoner. It was raw in a few parts, such as when he "persuaded" another prisoner to think about what might happen when he gets turned over to the Afghans for further questioning. The thought of being forced to "eat one's own genitalia" was a bit of a rude awakening. What made this such a compelling book for me was that I truly believe that there are people like the terrorists out there, and that there are hopefully people like Mitch Rapp to protect us.

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