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face book... THE MOVIE!?

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | -3 comments

that's it! i give up! i'm leaving this stupid planet!!! i dont even wanna conquer it no more!

message 2: by Rusty (new)

Rusty (rustyshackleford) | 2198 comments Okay, this is a little too on the nose. On the right hand side, I'm seeing an advertisement for "Packing for Mars".

message 3: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 5731 comments I went to see "The Kids Are Alright" with Teresa yesterday and we saw a preview for that dumb facebook movie. 'Course Teresa called what preview it was within the first 5 seconds. I didn't even know anyone was making a facebook movie. She does that shit all the time with previews. It's her super-power.

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | -3 comments Ali... you should add me to face book! my updates usually talk about what part of my body i'm scratching and what erm... scent... leaves on the scratching finger! you'll love it!

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