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Harrison was drinking his butter beer.

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Justyn and Angela walked in and drank firewhiskey.

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((Okay, what is firewhiskey?!))

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((It's alcohol, right?))

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((a fire whiskey))

He was getting drunk. "Didn't deserve me!"

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"Uh, you okay?" she asked him.

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"But, you...." He laughed.

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((*currently laughing*))

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*collapses* I am not drunk!

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"What the-?" Angela gasped. She tried to help Justyn stand. "We should get you out of here."

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She dragged him out of the place. "What house are you?" she asked.

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"You don't know?" Angela asked.

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Nicole (NicoleakadaughterofaresP) | 241 comments walks in and sits at the table nearest the door

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Justyn sat down and ordered two butterbeers. "Sooo."

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Nicole (NicoleakadaughterofaresP) | 241 comments "Haha, what?"

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"I dont know." He chugged his drink and ordered a fire whiskey.

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Nicole (NicoleakadaughterofaresP) | 241 comments "You ordered a firewhiskey?"she exclaimed and sipped her butterbeer"good luck with that later.."

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He laughed. "Love all the drinks here."

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Nicole (NicoleakadaughterofaresP) | 241 comments "Haha. Even the alchoholic ones. i've never had a sip of alchohol myself."

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He laughed. "You think this is alchohal? It is."


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Nicole (NicoleakadaughterofaresP) | 241 comments ((weird i was just about to say that))
well i gotta go back to the castle. see ya!

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Justyn sighed. "Bye!"

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Austin (spartan349) | 15 comments Austin and Evan walk in and order a butter bear each.

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Leesie walked in. She sat down and smiled at the bartender. "May I have a light butterbeer please?"

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Brandon sipped his.

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The tender nodded and she took a small sip of the drink.

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Brandon was silent.

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After taking a few more sips, she paid for the drink, leaving a large tip, and left, her red cloak flowing behind her.

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Hannah (normalgirl) *waltzes in and orders a firewhiskey*

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Brandon chugged a pint of firewhiskey and he giggled before chugging another. "Haha ha."

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Hannah (normalgirl) *glances at Brandon before sipping her own*

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She came back in moments later. "I'm sorry! I forgot to leave a tip!"

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She left then came back later with Brandon.

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Brandon came in. "What do you want to drink?"

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"One butterbeer please."

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"Firewhiskey for me."

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The waiter slid the drinks over to them.

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He drank it, smiling.

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She took a sip.

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He got a refill. "You know, I've wanted to tell you smething for a while now?"

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"And what would that be?" She chugged the rest and smiled as shy shyly wiped her mouth.

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"I love you."

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(("See you in Chemistry!" lol, classic D and J.))
She raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure about that?"

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"Yes, without a doubt."

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"But you don't know about my secrets. And...i'm not sure I know all of yours..."

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"You don't need to, and I don't need to know yours, I love you."

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"In that case," She smiled. "I love you too."

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