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Justyn jumps on the couch and starts devising a plan to hurt a Hufflepuff.

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Elisabeth walks in and curls up in a chair by the fire.

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*looks at her and smiles* We are the only two right now.

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Yes we are.

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Let's figure out a plan to sabotage the Gryffs.

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+5 points from Potions

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Yes we shall.

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Hannah Nikka (hannahashworth) -10 points for fighting during Care of Magical Creatures

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We have 0 points

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now we have 5 points

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Hannah Nikka (hannahashworth) +5 points for Care of Magical Creatures homework

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10 points

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Leesie walked in with her bags and owl. She set it down and smiled at the others. "I'm the newbie. So, who is everyone?"

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten Helena glanced at her from where she was sitting. "Helena.... why? And who are you?"

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"I'm Leesie Jones." She smiled and sat down.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten "Okay...." Helena leaned back in her seat and rested her elbow on the armrest, letting her hand run through her hair lightly.

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"Hello, i am Elisabeth."

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten Helena glanced at Elizabeth. "Mhm. Yeah, hello."

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"what years? Im year four."

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten "Mm. I'm third."

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Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten Helena smiled a little and shrugged.

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Suddenly Leesie bacame very dark and ignored everyone. SHe pushed things over with a scowl on her face to get to her room and slammed the door angrily.

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Elisabeth noticed Leesies sudden rigidness,and ran after her.

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She heard footsteps coming after her and opened the door. "Go away. NOW." She said with eyes as sharp as a falcon.

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Cerulea (fireice) | 31 comments Charlie entered the common room, reading a book (as usual).

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Justyn walked in and sat down in a bean bag. "Ahhh..."

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After ten minutes Leesie came out of her room and ran her hand through her hair. "Does anyone have snake?"

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He took one out of his pocket. "Yes. Why?"

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"Is it posionous?" She asked hopefully.

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"Yes." He said.

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"I need it." She said as she let it crawl up her arm and take a big bite of her wrist.

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"What the heck!??"

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She closed her eyes and let the venom run through her arm and smiled again. "Thank you."

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"Why did you do that?"

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"Venom is the thing that gets me out of my bad mood.' She said as if it was the most common thing in the world.

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"That is just weird.....I like it."

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"Well i'm just like that. Here's your snake back." She said as it slithered from her arm to his.

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It slithered into his pocket. "Sooo."

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She sat down on a purple bean bag and got out a notepad. "Sooo..."

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Brandon smiled at Leesie before returning to read about the Felix Fulfex ((I think that's right))

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((its not though))

"Leesie......looks like you got yourself a secret admirer.

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She looked up when she saw someone smiling at her. "...Who are you?' She asked kindly.

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Brandon wrote: "Brandon smiled at Leesie before returning to read about the Felix Fulfex ((I think that's right))"

"Hey. You should go out for Quidditch." He smiled at Brandon.

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"I haven't played before, and I'm Brandon"

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"I haven't played before, and I'm Brandon"

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Brandon wrote: ""I haven't played before, and I'm Brandon""

"You still should. You look strong. We need two Beaters."

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"I don't like beaters, I would rather try for anything, you can tell what I would suit best for at a practice."

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"Okay go there. I am the team captain."

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