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message 1: by Paisley (last edited Mar 07, 2011 02:59PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Paisley Stewart Chanson de l’Ange by Paisley Swan Stewart is an epic retelling of the classic novel, the Phantom of the Opera, by Gaston Leroux. Inspired by the legend of The Opera Ghost in all its incarnations, the author weaves her own captivating tale of mystery, high romance and madness, while remaining faithful to traditional story elements. Chanson de l’Ange creates bookends to the compelling tale of the Opera Ghost through an imaginative account of Christine Daae’s childhood companionship with the Angel of Music; while the final gripping chapters unveil her years beyond the opera house. The novel will be released in 2 separate volumes:

Chanson de l’Ange Book One: The Bleeding Rose

Book One opens with the tragic death of 10 year old Christine Daae’s father; ushering in dramatic changes when she is left in the care of Madame Louise Giry, ballet mistress at the Paris Opera House. Christine makes her new home in the opera’s conservatory, where she encounters a bohemian world of singers and dancers, and where she is visited by the unseen Angel of Music. A bond of obsession and music is forged as Christine’s dark Angel methodically makes himself known. Through the illusory mirror of her dreams and desires, Christine will discover that not all angels have wings and not all devils are what they seem.

Chanson de l’Ange Book Two: The Angel’s Song
To be released in 2011

Book Two continues the Phantom’s haunting odyssey into the very essence of love, madness and redemption. As Christine takes center stage in the Joan of Arc opera, events swirl out of control with dire consequences. The Angel of Music steps out from the shadows, and mirrors become the portal into both heaven and hell. Now a young woman, Christine is forced to make choices that will dramatically alter the lives of those she loves. She must brave a future where all are thrust into an emotional and operatic crescendo that will leave readers breathless.

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Gemma It sounds AMAZING! I want it, I want it!

Paisley Stewart Hahahahah! Get! Get it! (if you do, let me know whether or not you liked it.)


Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* Gemma you HAVE to get your hands on this book & read!!! You wont regret it!!

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Gemma As soon as I have enough saved I'll get it, but in the meantime I feel all heartbroken and teary-eyed. On the other hand, think how happy I'll be when I DO get it!

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* Cant you get it at the library? A goodreads friend of mine did..

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Gemma I've tried, but darn it, they just don't have it! :(

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* If it was any other book Gemma Id lend it to you..but Paisley's book took me Sooo..long to get..and its a "keeper-no-lender" but if I ever see it used youll be on my "get it for Gemma!"

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Gemma Thanks, Sandi!

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Erie Morgan hey sandi

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