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message 1: by Fiona (last edited Aug 28, 2010 09:06AM) (new)

Fiona (bookcoop) Please nominate an author you would like to see featured over the next three months.

Once we have chosen an author I will put a list of their books through a randomiser and choose three books to be featured in the currently reading folder of the bookshelf, but you can discuss any book they have written if you want.


Jack London (Silver)
Cormac McCarthy (Heather)
A.S. Byatt (Frances)
Haruki Murakami (Fiona)
Edith Wharton

message 2: by Silver (new)

Silver I choose Jack London, Call of the wild is one of my all time faovorite books and I read a really interesting biography about him and would love to read more of his stuff, but have not got around to doing so with everything else I have to read.

message 3: by Heather (last edited Jul 22, 2010 03:50PM) (new)

Heather | 1 comments Cormac McCarthy. Everyone has been really fixated on The Road over the last few years, but completely overlook Blood Meridian and others of his that are just as excellent. It'd be great to expose his library to more people!

message 4: by Silver (new)

Silver Ooh I have been wanting to read Blood Merdidian

message 5: by Frances (new)

Frances (thelioness) | 47 comments How about A.S. Byatt. I hear great things about her writing.

message 6: by galya (new)

galya Jack London. :)

message 7: by Fiona (new)

Fiona (bookcoop) galya wrote: "Jack London. :)"

There is no need to second or repeat nominations.

message 8: by KrisT (new)

KrisT Edith Wharton maybe?

message 9: by Vince (new)

Vince (VChile) | 33 comments Daniel Woodrell. I've only read Winter's Bone and would love to read more.

message 10: by Sandi (new)

Sandi | 4 comments I'm really late adding my comments - how it's not too late. Peter Carey and Margaret Atwood are my choices. Fabulous writers whose body of work often goes unnoticed in the U.S.

message 11: by Nancy (Colorado) (new)

Nancy (Colorado) I would like to go with jack London.

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