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message 1: by Sue (new)

Sue | 12 comments Mod
Discussion questions are available for our August book Loving Frank. You can pick one up at the library. The discussion guide is also available at

message 2: by Marv (new)

Marv | 11 comments Thanks Sue. By the way, did I mention "Olive Kitteridge" as a recommended book for next year?

message 3: by Ruth Anne (new)

Ruth Anne | 6 comments OK, so this is off topic, but I just had to say HI AND I MISS YOU GUYS! We had to move to Green Bay very abruptly and I'm not yet over the shock. I'm really homesick and wishing I were still back in Delavan.

Didn't find a good book club at the library closest to me, so drove to the next library. It was OK, not as good as the one I left behind.

Hi to everybody at the next meeting! Wish I could be there.


message 4: by Roberta (new)

Roberta Freitag | 3 comments Hello Ruthanne, Sorry to hear you're gone. Good luck in Green Bay. For the rest of the gang, I'm sorry I haven't been to the discussions this summer. Wednesdays are hard for me to get there as I'm working out of town and my husband also isn't getting home from work in time. I hope to get there for August. I'm enjoying the story and readibility of Loving Frank, compared to the last book!! It's interesting to hear about the women's movement before the right to vote. Roberta

message 5: by Marv (new)

Marv | 11 comments This is my second reading of this book and I'm getting more out of it this time. Although the womens movement of the early 20th century is certainly a backdrop for this book, I am more intrigued by the way the relationship of Frank & Maymah is pushed and pulled by emotion and their individual needs to fullfill their lives struggling for priority with desire to spend their lives together. Does it all boil down to the universal search for individual happiness that often causes terrible pain in the lives of others.

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