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Secrets In The Shadows

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Elizabeth Salto | 1 comments My over all imppression of the book was that it was a good book that had a good message to it and that it was a really good book to read because it's not a boring book like others that would get boring right away like in the 2nd page, it would really get my attention and make me want to keep reading more. I enjoyed I guess you can say the message of the book because it gives out a great message for evryone. I would recommend this book for everyone beacuse it's a great book that anybody can read and that they will like.

Annalise Venhuizen Kontras (annalisevkontras) | 22 comments Mod
So glad that you like the book! Can you please sum up what happened it the book? I've never read it, and I want to know what happens that is so exciting!

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