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 Lady Jayne *~*The Beach Bandida*~* (ladyjayne) | 400 comments Explanation:

This is a short fantasy fanfic I wrote (with pics!) involving the character of Dean Winchester (starring the yummilicious Jensen Ackles) of the Supernatural TV series, that came to me as I was doing some “research” of pics on him online. I got an idea to do a “pictorial” story…for my own…entertainment. ^_^

This is the first one like this that I’ve ever written, so I know it’s not great. I wrote it just for fun. I suppose it’s “YA rated” as I did fade to black - It was just proving too much for my poor heart to be too explicit…at least on “paper”. LOL So, sorry if you wanted more details!

If you’ve never watched the TV series Supernatural, here’s a bit of background to Dean Winchester’s character. Dean and his brother, Sam, are hunters of Demons, spirits, and other supernatural creatures. Dean absolutely LOVES his car and rock music. He considers himself a bit of a ladies man. He is a bit of a smart-mouth and I enjoy watching the banter between him and his brother Sam (played by Jared Padelecki) - though, I don't have him talking much in this fantasy! LOL


(Some of the pics may Not Be Safe For Work)



I was walking alone along a dark alley …yeah, I know, not very smart of me… when two men, with eyes like obsidian, approached me menacingly. I looked around and spotted a pipe on the ground. I quickly grabbed it, preparing to defend myself.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my waist and a warm, hard body pressed against my back. A husky male voice whispered in my ear smugly, “Don’t you worry, sweetheart, Dean Winchester’s here. Saving damsels in distress everywhere.” I could hear the smile in his voice. Before I knew it, I was pushed back against the wall behind him, his body shielding mine.

“Got a message from the Big Boy downstairs, fellas. He says it’s time to…go to hell!,” he growled the last words. Then I heard two loud bangs and smelt…salt?

Dean stepped away from me. I saw smoke and what looked like to be two piles of ashes on the ground. He turned around, his jaw clenched and growled, “Damn demons!!” He shook his head, stilled and then looked at me with a fierce look on his face.


His face softened and his eyes traveled along my body, as he looked me over. He moved in close. So close, I could feel his warmth again. Touching my cheek, he said softy, “You okay, sweetheart?” His voice was concerned. He stepped back and I just stood there speechless for a few moments, gaping at him.


Oh, those eyes… those lips.

When I regained my power of speech, I whispered in a breathless, shaky voice, “T-those were d-demons?!”

He smiled, “Don’t worry, they’re back where they belong now".

With his hand on the small of my back, he led me to his shiny black four-door 1967 Chevy Impala. He jumped up on the hood and said, "Can I give you a lift home in my baby gal, Metallicar?” He grinned and stroked the hood with a lover's touch. I nodded and took a deep breath. The air around him felt electric.


Then, as Dean was about to shove off from "Metallicar", he looked down and exclaimed, “Damn it! Those pesky demons got my shirt dirty!” He jumped off the hood of the Impala, took off his coat and whipped off his shirt. I could not take my eyes off him. His chest was…uhhh…well…it was pretty darn sexy.


He walked to the back of his car in just his jeans and popped open the trunk. He rummaged through the trunk and then put on another top. I was disappointed that he had to cover up again. I was enjoying the view. My lips twitched and I had to look away from him. He seemed oblivious to the effect he was having on me.


Back at my apartment…

I was in the kitchen overlooking the lounge, getting him a soda, and I couldn’t help but stare at his gorgeous face as he sat relaxing on my leather couch. He looked across at me and our gazes locked. I felt pinned by his stare. There was something about the way he was looking at me that made my skin tingle and my blood felt like it was on fire.


As I walked slowly toward him with the soda can, I was tempted to run the icy cold can along my throat. Our eyes remained locked. His eyes were blazing with such strong emotion. I was sure that same look was reflected in mine… and I felt... confused.

As he reached to take the soda from my hand, our fingers brushed. He ran his fingers down the back of my hand. I stopped breathing. He took the soda, stood up and placed the can on the coffee table. An image suddenly flashed in my mind...


O.M.G!!! Wait! This is my fantasy! WHY is he reading a book? Why isn’t that ME whose… footnotes… he was studying so intently? i>

I shook my head to clear it of that image. Extremely reluctantly, I must say.

Dean was looking at me quizzically with a slight smile playing on his lips.

Suddenly, he was standing so close to me. Everything around the room felt hazy except for his face. My eyes strayed to his full lips. I took a breath and licked my lips. I could hear his breathing turning ragged, like mine. I looked up again and his beautiful hazel eyes were on my lips.

My thoughts were in a chaos. What is going on here? I’ve never felt this before. The feeling was so raw…primitive… instinctual. It scares me. It excites me. I feel lost in the emotions. Then his arms were around me, crushing me to him, and our lips met in a searing kiss.

My hands were in his hair and I could feel one of his hands on the nape of my neck, his fingers making circular motions. He ran his lips across my cheek, down my throat to my collarbone. Then his lips trailed back along my throat to find my lips again. I couldn’t seem to get enough of his kiss. His fingers slipped under my top and were playing lightly across the sensitive skin above my jeans. A shiver ran along my spine. I felt intoxicated. And all thoughts leave my head.


I woke up in the middle of the night, my mind disorientated, as I felt a warm male body next to mine. Oh my! What the….??!! I felt shocked. I’m just not a sleep-with-a-man-you-meet-in-a-dark alley kind of girl. Yikes! That is SO not me! I got up from the bed and donned his shirt. I walked to the window, leaned my shoulder against the frame and stared out at the night.

What just happened tonight? I could not even name all the emotions that were swirling within me. This…Dean…he had stirred something within me tonight. All I know, is that I have never felt anything even remotely like this before.

I could feel the heat of his gaze on my back. I turned around, leaning against the window, and returned his smoldering gaze.


As my eyes longingly caressed down his exquisite form, I thought to myself, "My, my, what a night!"

I closed my eyes and burned the image in my mind of the face of this man…Dean Winchester…who seems so used to living in danger, as I wondered, “What happens now?”



Meanwhile, in a motel room across town with some silly back-on-the-ranch decor, Sam Winchester, who just stepped out of the shower was wondering, "What's keeping Dean with the pizza? I'm hungry."



Hope you enjoyed it! I certainly enjoyed writing it! And filling in the details! ^_~

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UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish | 8001 comments Ha! That's very, very good, Lady J! I'm impressed. And *sigh* He's one hot tamale!

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Bekah (bekah317) | 2750 comments How cute and fun!! I love fanfic!!!

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