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message 1: by Héctor (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:04AM) (new)

Héctor "The idea of achieving security through national armament is at the present state of military technique a disastrous illusion. The armament race between the USA and the USSR, originally supposed to be a preventative measure, assumes hysterical character. On both sides, the means to mass destruction are perfected with feverish haste, behind the respective walls of secrecy. The hydrogen bomb appears on the public horizon, as a probably attainable goal. Its accelerated development has been solemnly procclaimed by the president. If successful, radioactive poisoning of the atmosphere and its annihilation of any life on Earth has been brought within the range of technical possibility. Is there any way out of this impasse created by man himself? All of us and particularly those who are responsible for the attitudes of the USA and the USSR, should realize that we may have vanquished an external enemy, but have been incapable of getting rid of the mentality created by war. It is impossible to achieve peace as long as every single action is taken with a possible future conflict in view. The leading point of view of all political action should therefore be, "what can we do to bring about a peaceful coexistence and even loyal cooperation of the nations?". In the last analysis, every kind of peaceful cooperation among men is primarily based on mutual trust and only secondly on institutions like courts of justice and police. This holds for nations as well as individuals, and the basis of trust is a loyal give and take. What about international control?
Well, it may be of secondary use as a police measure, but it may be wise not to overestimate its importance. The times of Prohibition come to mind and give one pause."

EINSTEIN in Television. USA, 20 February 1950 (

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Héctor The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is a nontechnical magazine that covers global security and public policy issues, especially related to the dangers posed by nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. It has been published continuously since 1945, when it was founded by former Manhattan Project physicists after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists of Chicago. The Bulletin's primary aim is to inform the public about nuclear policy debates while advocating for the international control of nuclear energy. Available online in:

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Héctor Countries with nuclear weapons:

Rusia: 1587 Megatons (nuclear power)
EE.UU: 1299 Mts
China: 273 Mts
Francia: 46,8 Mts
United Kingdom: 14,4 Mts
Israel: 1,6 Mts
Paquistan: 0,7 Mts
India: 0,6 Mts
North Korea: 0,01 Mts

The total (3000 Mts) is equivalent to 238.748 atomic bombs as the Hiroshima bomb.

Data: Newsweek Argentina (11-7-2007)

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Alien  Citizen | 5 comments Its interesting that they would put that information out in Argentina. I can't imagine the media up here ever being in a hurry to let people know many nuclear weapons there are in their own country. They'd rather complain about other countries wanting to join the club.

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Alien  Citizen | 5 comments Thanks for the data, Héctor! I posted it on my blog,

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Héctor Today I visited your blog, Alien. I never know where it is neither the West nor the East…

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Alien  Citizen | 5 comments Thanks for visiting, Héctor. I am intentionally vague about location but suffice it to say I am headquartered in the "West". I travel a lot but my heart (and sometimes body) is in Canada. Some of my best friends are living in the United States currently but also in other countries around the world.

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Héctor I lost my compass, Alien. I hope that Huntington finds it!!

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Héctor About the new weather weapons, read the inform of Scott Gilbert in:
En español, Peter Sloterdijk: Temblores de aire. Ed. Pre-Textos, 2003.

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