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message 1: by gryphon (new)

gryphon | 21 comments Mod
i think we should role play on here becouse no 1s usually on at the same time we can be cats! tell if u want to or not in this topic so i can see if i will be playing this by myself!! oh we can be any kind of cats we want just not kitteypets... i mean house cats ooo and maybe we can have magical powers! and ,all u have to do is say what ur doing in () and u talk (in character) in these "" an u talk to echother(out of character) in these<> otay!! so now u know how to role play!

message 2: by gryphon (new)

gryphon | 21 comments Mod
please tell me if you want to do this if you dont we wont... hey that rymed

message 3: by gryphon (new)

gryphon | 21 comments Mod
otay then make character

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