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Ashley was already at the hotel. She sighed because she missed her brother Marcus soo much.

Marcus was in his apartment packing. He couldn't believe that today was the 3rd year anniversary since he's seen or heard from his sister Ashley. She was all he had left of family after their parents died in a house fire when he was 11 and she was 8.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) ((omfg violets whiole family died when she was 10 :P))

violet had her music blasting as she danced around in her tank top and boxer short. ((she has the hotel room next to ashley could they be friends???))

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(lol! and sure they can be! and maybe i can change the crush thing from Clare to Violet?)

Ashley was getting distracted by the music next door. She sighed and got up and went to the door of the other apartment. She knocked hard on it because she was annoyed.

Marcus was ready.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) ((yes plz!!!! :P))

violet opened it and smiled "oh hi ashley" she said turning down the music "sorry i forgot that you get annoyed if i play my music to loud. violets hair was hanging loose to her knees and looked like shed spent hours getting it ready but she had only brushed through it quickly

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"It's fine. It's just I can't concentrate. I'm thinking about Marcus too much" She made it sound like it was her boyfriend when it was just her brother.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) violet nodded "its so cute that your always thinking about your boy friend" violet said giggiling

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Ashley looked at her with a look of disgust. "Marcus is my brother"

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Dusty (mrsbieber) "oops" violet said blushing "im sorry you just talk about him like hes your boyfriend" she looked at her feet letting her hair cover her face in embarresment

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"I know. I haven't seen him in 3 years. He's 19 now." Ashley said having a sad look on her face.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) "im sure hes fine and heasnt changed much" violet said hugging ashley

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Dusty (mrsbieber) ......................

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