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message 1: by Betsy (new)

Betsy | 3 comments So I am about half way through this book and I am really enjoying the story but wow, it's disturbing! My question is, how real is this stuff? Are there really all these people running around the world beating the snot out of each other? Are we really in this much danger?
With regard to the writing, as a member of the grammar police, I would have to issue a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Thor. He will be charged with dangling prepositions!

message 2: by Clayton (new)

Clayton Morris (claytonmorris) | 6 comments Mod
Betsy... I really agree with your assessment of the book so far. I hope we're not in that much danger!

message 3: by Mom2fab5 (new)

Mom2fab5 | 8 comments Ahh but do we want to know what we don't know? Let's see how i feel about it when i am done :) Did enjoy sharing about interesting dog breed with my children :)

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Getting close to the end. Charlie's Angels come to mind.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Finished. Very entertaining read - fast paced and great characters. Wishing there were really "good guys" like this on the loose fighting terrorism...are there?

message 6: by Mom2fab5 (new)

Mom2fab5 | 8 comments enjoyed the book..actually it got me on a rabbit trail of sorts so I am actually reading DaSilva's The Kill Artist..I will probably download Memorial Day but won't be able to read along with everybody...I have enjoyed meeting DaSilva's Gabriel Allon :)

message 7: by John (new)

John Bartlett | 1 comments Probably the best Thor book I have read. It is not the cookie cutter political thriller novel. I am tired of USA gets attacked by terrorist, CIA hero seeks out terrorist and kills said terrorist. This book has a much different twist within the plot.

message 8: by Larry (new)

Larry Lynch | 4 comments Awesome book. Read it on a round-trip flight. I kept thinking back to the accusations of water boarding against the CIA and realizing that the bad guys depend on our goofy politicians to get a leg up on us. I only hope there really are some "other guys" (and gals!!) who know the right thing to do when our guys can't.

message 9: by Patty (new)

Patty | 6 comments I was late getting into the club , am still reading What Hath God Wrought, which has 850 pages.I am a non fiction reader and so far it is a great book

message 10: by Susan (new)

Susan | 16 comments Finished. Wow and wouldn't we all feel safer if we had that Delta team roaming around. It occurs to me that during the American Revolution, the rebels (AKA: Our Founding Fathers) met in saloons and churches, speaking and recruiting from the assembled masses ....

message 11: by Jacque (new)

Jacque Bona (jacquebona) | 2 comments Maybe I've read too many great political/action novels, which I love, that this one didn't cut it for me. While there was action, I did not feel a connection to any of the characters. I felt myself bored listening much of the time. The best moment was the very end, leaving unanswered questions. However, I don't think I'll read the next book. Perhaps I'm spoiled by Vince Flynn.

message 12: by Susan (new)

Susan | 16 comments A better example of his work was a previous work The Last Patriot: A Thriller. This was an excellent work! I knew the history of the marine corps, knew the words to the Marine's Hymn and had studied Jefferson. This had me sitting with the laptop and double checking facts and then in sheer shock. I knew it...but my brain had not but the pieces together. A book to read cover-to-cover.

message 13: by Faldcat (new)

Faldcat Logan (Faldkat) | 5 comments Jacque wrote: "Maybe I've read too many great political/action novels, which I love, that this one didn't cut it for me. While there was action, I did not feel a connection to any of the characters. I felt mysel..."

I agree on Vince Flynn. Nobody does it better.

message 14: by Colleen (new)

Colleen | 20 comments I don't know, does anyone else prefer LeCarre' ?

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