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message 1: by Cayla (new)

Cayla Where gonna Try to Think of 1,000 bad things about jb, or stuff you want to do to him

message 2: by Amber (new)

Amber White cayla what do you want to do to him cayla

message 3: by Cayla (new)

Cayla (1) I want to fight him
(2) I think he sounds like a girl

message 4: by Amber (new)

Amber White well if you did fight him you would definetley win because he is weak

message 5: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ yeah

message 6: by Cayla (new)

Cayla yeah me and my brothers would make the news. did i mention my brothers are 18(goin into college) and has a tatoo. and my other bro, who is 15 and becommin a junior, who has peirced ears

Emily☻ $m!L3 ☻  (lalalalalalalalalamilk) | 15 comments wow. what is the tatoo of?

message 8: by Cayla (last edited Jul 18, 2010 02:20PM) (new)

Cayla it says have faith. wich is this cae, have faith in beating up jb

message 9: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ lol!

Bryn ((B2/B.P))   Ryeosomniac~~ (Heesica) (3) His hair I would love to shave it off!!!!

message 12: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ haha

message 13: by Cayla (new)

Cayla mee too. I hate his voice sooooooooo much

message 14: by Cayla (new)

Cayla haha! =O

message 15: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ LOL! :I

message 16: by Cayla (new)

Cayla BOT!

message 17: by rani (new)

rani (ranioh) | 52 comments Heds a faker. He acts like he actually likes usher he just plays around with him acting like it buecause usher discovered him he really likes lilm wayne

message 18: by Cayla (new)

Cayla kid cradic said that his mom is trashy and has tatoo's and gets drunk and smokes, and so they think he will become like his mom.

message 19: by rani (new)

rani (ranioh) | 52 comments Hes weird and seems to always run into doors

message 20: by Cayla (new)

Cayla lolz! 8D

message 21: by rani (last edited Aug 04, 2010 08:51AM) (new)

message 22: by Cayla (new)


message 23: by rani (new)

rani (ranioh) | 52 comments Lol!!!! Its so funny! Everyone watch it!!!! Both of them!

message 24: by Cayla (new)

Cayla BOT!!!

Amy-Bookzz♥♥(: (Pancakes) Mary☮ is ☻ all the time ! wrote: "ABSOLUTLY EVERYTHING !"

I agree!!

message 26: by rani (new)

rani (ranioh) | 52 comments Hes ghay

message 27: by rani (new)

rani (ranioh) | 52 comments Waiiitttt I cant add u idk ur cats name

message 28: by rani (new)

rani (ranioh) | 52 comments O ok.. Gewd

message 29: by rani (new)

rani (ranioh) | 52 comments Deidara- of naruto- i love deidara!!!!!! wrote: "just saying"

No gewd is my version of good

Amy-Bookzz♥♥(: (Pancakes) Mary☮ is ☻ all the time ! wrote: "his butt gets bigger everytime he sings!"

I can't stop laughing!! Woo, way to go Mary xD

message 31: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ haha:)

message 32: by Cayla (new)

Cayla check out this video:


when ludicrus starts, stop, because the old lady yells a cus word, just incase u don't want your parents don't parents and... yeah u get it

message 33: by Cayla (new)

Cayla totally!!!!

message 34: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ hah thts funny!

message 35: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ yeah durin the Luda Chris part! haha!

message 36: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ okay....why?

message 37: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ okay whatever

message 38: by chailatte (new)

chailatte (smhjoonie) i have no idea where to start

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