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Questions? > When You First Heard JB, Did You Think He Was A Girl?

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message 1: by Cayla (new)

Cayla Answer The Question Above.^

message 2: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ yup!

message 4: by Amber (new)

Amber White oh yah

message 5: by Cayla (new)

Cayla definetly! when i first heard him, me and my brothers where in my room eatin pizza listening to the radio, and then we heard hiw first song, and my brothers sayed, "Wow,this girl must be HOTT!!" and thne we looked up the song online, and found out ti was a boy!

message 6: by Amber (new)

Amber White lol

message 7: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ seriously? lol i was listening to the radio and im like wow this is a good GIRL singer then i looked it up and im like EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

message 8: by Ange (new)

Ange (angechew) yes. my friends were all like "omg!! he's so hot!!" so i decided to check out one of his songs on youtube and i was like "... this is a guy?"

Emily☻ $m!L3 ☻  (lalalalalalalalalamilk) | 15 comments my friend kaikai said she and her dad were listining to bulletproof by la roux and her dad thought she was justin beiber

message 10: by Sarah the Moon Spirit (last edited Jul 18, 2010 11:13PM) (new)

Sarah the Moon Spirit  | 4 comments SUV =/ ROX!!! *P.S. DOLPHIN LUVR!!* LOL!! wrote: "yes I did and so did my mom.. and that's kinda weird..."

Same here. My mom guessed like 5 GIRL singers before I told her who it was and that it was a BOY. CREEPY!!

message 11: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ my friend was like eww this girl is weird! im like its not a girl and shes like omgid thts sooooo creepy!

Emily☻ $m!L3 ☻  (lalalalalalalalalamilk) | 15 comments hey aesha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

message 13: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ hi!

message 14: by Cayla (new)

Cayla BOT

message 15: by rani (new)

rani (ranioh) | 52 comments Yep

message 16: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ yup

message 17: by Cayla (new)

Cayla wher wer u wen u 1st herd him?

message 18: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ on the radio.

message 19: by Cayla (new)

Cayla I was in ym bedroom with brothers eating little ceasers, and brothers, they're all just like this chick must be hott!! so we looked it up online, and found out it was a boy.

message 20: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ lol

message 21: by rani (new)

rani (ranioh) | 52 comments Car then i was like is this girl ghay and then i saw Justin and im like "OMG THIS IS A BOY!!! WHAT THEEEE CRAP?!?!!?!?!?!??!!?"

message 22: by Cayla (new)

Cayla seirously! my brothere called dibs cuz he thinks that hot girls sing good! haha!

message 23: by rani (new)

rani (ranioh) | 52 comments HAHAHAHAH!

message 24: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ wow ur brothers gay! (LOL NO AFFENSE!)

message 25: by Cayla (new)

Cayla oh no. i'm not affended at all!!! my brothers are mean and they are so gay. well not in the boy like boy way, but you know what i mean.

message 27: by Diego (new)

Diego cole (justinbieberHATER) | 1 comments i hate jb

message 28: by Cayla (new)

Cayla i don't get why people do!

message 29: by rani (new)

rani (ranioh) | 52 comments yOU DO!

message 30: by Cayla (new)

Cayla ☠☮Rani☆-The☆Real☆California☆Gurl☆☮ wrote: "yOU DO!"

what do mean? I HATE Justin Beiber!!!

message 31: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ which one?

message 32: by Cayla (new)

Cayla Aesha☆ wrote: "which one?"

wow aesha. he said the one that jake posted.

Jake:)!!!!!^^^^&& | 17 comments i thought it was stupid so i posted it

Jake:)!!!!!^^^^&& | 17 comments and he is 16 and his only fans are 5 year old gilrs and gay people

message 35: by rani (new)

rani (ranioh) | 52 comments http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/a264... I can't seem to not laugh!

message 36: by rani (new)

rani (ranioh) | 52 comments No he didn't. He was singing and he fell and it didn't look like a ake fall I would know

message 37: by Cayla (new)

Cayla i think he was acting, why'd the camera guy zoom in on his face when he feel. acting...

message 38: by rani (new)

rani (ranioh) | 52 comments Hrmph... Good point

message 39: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ Mary☮ is ☻ all the time ! wrote: "really !"

Cayla wrote: "Aesha☆ wrote: "which one?"

wow aesha. he said the one that jake posted."

okay gosh.

message 40: by Aesha☆ (new)

Aesha☆ wht attidude, i just said gosh? i didnt mean like (snotty voice) gosh! just like gosh u kno.

Amy-Bookzz♥♥(: (Pancakes) Omg, I sooo did!! When he was singing "Baby", I thought it was Taylor Swift.

Amy-Bookzz♥♥(: (Pancakes) 1. Taylor Swift is awesome.
2. When he was singing Baby, he sounded like a girl, and I FIRST thought it was Taylor Swift. (Back then, I liked it before it got annoying)
3. Yes, it's an insult to JB.

Amy-Bookzz♥♥(: (Pancakes) Mary☮ is ☻ all the time ! wrote: "ok good! i love taylor swift ... well shes okay"

I agree. WAAAAY better than JB.

Amy-Bookzz♥♥(: (Pancakes) Mary☮ is ☻ all the time ! wrote: "r u going into 5th grade"

No, 8th.

Amy-Bookzz♥♥(: (Pancakes) No...13 turning 14 on Feb. And, yes, I'm older (Duh!)

Amy-Bookzz♥♥(: (Pancakes) Nice. So you're going to 9th?

Amy-Bookzz♥♥(: (Pancakes) Lucky you.

Amy-Bookzz♥♥(: (Pancakes) That's nice.

message 49: by Cayla (new)

Cayla where do u guyz live?

Amy-Bookzz♥♥(: (Pancakes) The Southern states. I hate it where I live. It's always so hot here.

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