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Rex  You guys ready for this?


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Grace | 637 comments (( I still gotta make a character 0.o))

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Rex  ((...DO SO! Post haste!))

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((Haha...dude I forgot my characters name. **goes to Sign up topic** ))

Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments The Johnny ghost sat in the remains of the last battle, the last battle of the group he, IT, had felt drawn towards. He sat next to the robotic/ steampunk hand of the boy David "Magnum" Blue, often known as Maggy to the group. How he, IT, knew this he, IT, didn't know but he felt sure he had to sit htis out and wait, even if it had been three months. Today was the beginning of that day. The hand twitched.


The boy stood in his hideaway settlement, the thoguhts of his master ringing through his brain.
He has gone, yes, gone to spread the message and the pain
He sighed, he wished he didn't have to do this. He dug away into a sandbank on his left and pulled out an old suitcase. Inside was his folded up "darkness cloak". It was beautiful, in that deadly horrible way.
It was a long black coat, with a long hood down the back which would easily cover his head and stop people from seeing his eyes since they would be shrouded in shadow. He pulled it on over his outdoor clothes, the clothes he had been wearing since he had ran. It covered almost all of his body but the feet, but it allowed quick movemnt, e.g. running. He pulled the hood back and let his long blonde hair fall back on his shoulders. He brushed away the shadows which had suddenly risen up around his body... the cloak seemed to enhance his mutation. He dug further into the sandbank and pulled out his longsword. It was long (duh) and had beautiful carvings ingraved into it. Shadows swirled down the handle and he felt a rush in his body... he hated himself for it. Pulling on a pair of black gloves and his black boots/trainers, he was ready. It was amazing, all these clothes crafted from a strange material in the cave by a creature with no body. Amazing. He climbed onto the quad outside hte camp and drove away.

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Roya awoke from an unfit sleep with a jerk.
Her wavy black hair was a rats nest plastered to her thin and gaunt olive face, sweat keeping it in place. Her gray eyes roamed the room she was in, and all at once she remembered why and where she was. Absently Roya sat up to rub her ankle where her silver anklet rested, the cold metal effecting her semi-warm skin.
She was in her living room--well, what was left of it. Days after the FAYZ wall went up, Roya went on a rampage in tearing down her tiny living room, filled with saddened thoughts and pent up anger. Now she had no one. It was months later though, but Roya occasionally came back for the memories or in need of a place for comfort and sleep on the rugged blue couch pressed up against a wall.

Silver moon light flooded through the window by the front door, illuminating only shadows. Roya swung her legs off the couch and stood, patting her torn gray cargo pants, reassuring herself that her pocketknife was still there.
Silently Roya tiptoed over shattered glass and torn fabrics to the front door where she swung it open and set out into the night, unsure, again of where she was to end up.

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Rex  Max sat on the edge of her bed and laced up her boots, readying herself for the day. She had fishing duty with Quinn and the others. She knew how to handle the nets, row properly, check currents and the weather (not that the either ever really changed),knew all the best fishing spots--all learned from her father, who had been a fisherman here in Perdido Beach before the FAYZ--and that made her very valuable to the community, she knew.

She didn't have to work, no one really had to unless explicitly stated by Sam, but she felt she should. She usually wasn't one for authority, but without the fish everyone would starve. And if she didn't help prevent that she knew she could never look her father in the eye again....if she got out of the FAYZ that is.

Sighing, Max trigger her mutation, if felt strangely like stretching, but what really happened was that bone formed over the tips of her fingers, seeping through her epidermis like liquid before hardening, until each finger ended in a pointed claw.

Turning to her side Max looked at her bedroom wall (her actual bedroom wall for she'd never left her old house like most) where dozens of tally marks had been scratched into the plaster. Quietly she dragged a claw down the wall, adding one more mark.

There were now 241 marks. One for each day they were stuck in the FAYZ.

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Phoebe (phoebeandj) | 3438 comments Penelope came in through the broken window, shaking the grass and twigs out of her fur. She had a leg of a deer clamped between her jaws as she cocked her head to the side to listen for any movement. None.

Penelope pictured her baby brother, Paul, sleeping soundly in his bed. He is the only thing Penelope finds herself living for these days. Haunting memories of that day still come back, the image of her father slowly wrapping his hands around her moth- Stop it!, Shaking her head, she brought the bloody stump into the kitchen, staying as quiet as possible so she wouldn't wake Paulie.

Trotting up the steps into her room, Penelope grabbed a set of clothes between her teeth and head into the bathroom. She knew no one was around to see her naked body, but she felt safer getting dressed in there.

Before Penelope went back down the stairs, she checked in on Paul. His dark hair was stuck to his forehead and his long lashes fluttered in sleep. His tiny arm wrapped in his Batman comforter made Penelope's heart swell with love. She shut the door quietly and walked down the stairs, returning to the kitchen to grab and knife and started carving.

Forty minutes later, with the kitchen bloodless and most of the meat wrapped up, Penelope heard Paulie stumbling his way down the steps. He came into view in his too-big t-shirt and pants, sucking his thumb.
"Get that out of your mouth!" Penelope scolded, "We're going into town to drop off food."

Penelope only just decided to tell the others about her powers. She'd been selfish, hunting for just herself and her brother. She knew now that she needed to help everyone with what she could do. Walking into town with a bag of meat in her mouth in the shape of a Bengal Tiger with Paulie on her back seemed just the right amount of weird to make a scene. Penelope always liked making scenes to make herself stand out more since everyone always overlooked the short girl.

"'Kay, sissy. Let's go!" Paulie exclaimed, excited to see people after so long. Penelope didn't know what would happen, but she grabbed another set of clothes, gave them to Paulie, and Changed. In ten seconds, a beast was in the place where a girl once was.

They walked out the door and braced themselves for action.

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Rex  Max was walking through town towards the beach when she saw it. A Bengal Tiger walking through town, a carrying a bloodied back in it's teeth and a little boy on it's back. She froze, closed her eye, then opened them again. The tiger was still walking through the town.

"Holy shit!" Max has seen some strange things since the phase--the talking coyotes, the bat-fish, zekes, herself and other mutants--but this was still strange. She didn't know what was going on, but she suddenly found herself very worried for the little boy on the tiger's back. It seemed docile enough, but...Maybe I can get him to slip off and come over. If the tiger attacks I'll power up...

"Hey!" Max called to the little boy. "Hi there, sweetheart! How about you come over here for a minutes. I wanna talk too you about the pretty tiger," Max said in the sweet voice people used to talk to little kids.

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Phoebe (phoebeandj) | 3438 comments Penelope watched with amusement as the girl talked to Paulie.
"The pretty tiger is my sister!" Paulie responded, petting her ears. He bent down to whisper into her ear, "I think people are scared, Sissy. Should you Change?"
Penelope's only response was a grunt and leaned over, letting Paul slide forward off her head. Paul took a fistful of Penelope's golden fur and led her towards the white-faced girl.

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Rex  Max was confused by the little boy's statement. She felt her heart drop as the tiger came nearer. She never realized just how big such an animal was. It's head and shoulders alone were half the length of her body. With her nervousness her powers started acting up, trying to automatically protect her from danger. Taking a deep breath Max let the armor creep up beneath her clothes, where it wasn't visible. She didn't want to scare the little boy, or in turn the tiger. She wouldn't risk running, in case it set off the animal. However she did allow bone claws to form over the tips of her fingers. They weren't flashy enough to catch attention, they'd appear much like fingernails unless she chose to lengthen them.

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Phoebe (phoebeandj) | 3438 comments Penelope recognized Max now; she'd seen her in classes but was never really friends with her. Then again, Penelope wasn't really friends with anyone -that was proof enough when her "friends" ditched her to join Zil's crew. She figured she should Change back, since she heard the change in Max, and she didn't want Paulie hurt. Nudging Paul with her head -and ignoring Max's step forward at the contact- she dropped the bloody bag on the ground and tugged the clothes out of Paul's hands hands.

Penelope strutted -there's no other word for it- to bushes and Changed, putting on her clothes as fast as she could. She emerged from the greenery and had to grin at the astonished face of Max. Paul picked up the bag and ran towards Penelope, jumping on her hip.

"Hey, Max." Penelope said.

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Rex  Max blinked several times and pointed at the bushes, claws retracting quickly.

"P-penelope? You--but--i-it! Am I crazy or were you just a tiger?" Max stuttered, staring at the dark haired girl.

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Phoebe (phoebeandj) | 3438 comments "Yep. It's a long story, and I'm sure a bunch of people are going to be pissed that I've kept this from everyone..." Penelope smiled, shifting Paul to a more comfortable position.
"Sissy is strong!" Paulie yelled, hugging his sister close.
"Yep." She responded, pinching his cheek. "We were just bringing this meat around to some of the other kids who really need it, tag along if you want." Penelope said, already walking down the street.

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Rex  Max hesitated. She knew she should be getting to the docks....but she wanted to stay with Penelope longer. It'd been a while since any mutants had shown up and Max was curious, especially since she hid her own powers.....besides she had put in plenty of hours for fishing, no one would blame her for taking a break. The idea of just socializing for once without involving work sounded nice. She quickly caught up to Penelope.

Penelope, such a long name. Max walked silently beside the blue eyed girl for a few minutes before breaking the silence. "Mind if I call you Nel? You names kind of long....and, um, who's this little guy?" Max asked, pointing to the little boy.

((I forgot that Max eyes are totally black when she uses her powers, but since it was dark I guess we didn't notice. Lol, I'll have to pay more attention to detail in the future.))

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((Where are you guys? Heeeh...I'm too lazy to read 6 mini novels. :D ))

Roya shut her front door quietly behind her. She turned and stood for a moment on her small front porch, taking in the musty, dank smell of the night air. It was pretty much silent, not even crickets chirping,(Probably dead or eaten.)or the occasional yowl of a cat which Roya frequently used to hear in her neighborhood.

Rubbing her neck absently, she took a step off her front porch and down onto the sidewalk, deciding on left, headed towards the dock to maybe convince Quinn to give her a bite of fish.

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Rex  ((Max was headed to the docks when she saw Penelope as a tiger, preparing to distribute food, which freaked her out. Then Penelope changed back to a girl and everything was good. Now they're walking together, talking.))

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((Mind if Roya bumps into them?))

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Rex  ((Nope, but Farren needs to get her butt back over here so I know whether or not she's gonna reveal her powers and if I can mention them.))

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Roya kept quietly to the shadows, enjoying the silence of the night. She hadn't been bothered in about a week, actually--and that made her feel safer than she had in a long time.
Occasionally, the kids who had persistently teased her in school came and ganged up on her once again. (She figured it made them feel more secure, especially since there was no one else there to break up the fight.) The same taunting, meaningless threats which got easier and easier to ignore each time were spat at her. Even if they shoved her around a bit, it wasn't hard to heal a sprained or bruised bone, but it took effort with broken ones, and hurt like hell. Roya was improving on her powers, but it was her hope that someday she'd be powerful enough to not deal with anymore bullshit and no one else would want to mess with her.
Roya rounded a corner, lost in her thoughts when she stopped cold in her tracks, two other figures hidden by the dark emerging closer.

Shit. She cursed to herself, desperately hoping it wasn't trouble.

Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments Chuck drove the Harley into town and a slow speed, seeing the sights. People had come to notice him and accept him, he hadn't caused trouble and had seemed to ditch Caine which was good. However he hadn't ditched Caine in that respect. He knew how to make a community... or a gang work. They were almost the same thing. You need to inspire people to work one way or another and you needed people to work with their work and etc etc. But he knew what he was doing.
As he drove the Harley down a side alley to skip the main road, now more a giant pavement and he didn't want to hit some kids. He wasn't an evil guy, he wasn't Drake, he knew when things were bad, but if it meant doing some bad things to get what he wanted...he was okay with that.
As he turned down the street he heard voices in dark and a sort of strangled cry. He could make out figures, but not very well. He focused hard on the darkness in the corner and time slowed and his vision zoomed in on the area. Four boys advancing on a girl in the dark... he hoped he wasn't jumping to conclusions when he jumped off his Harley and walked towards them shouting, "Hey boys! What'cha think you're doin'?"

Dan Dan Dan DAN Dan Dan Dan. (dan_nlolz) Magnum had one-quarter regenerated by now, and he was still in the remains of the last Battle.

A figure emerged from the cave in the desert, and started walking towards perdito. after some time it decided that this was getting boring (although it had no concept of the word), and melted into the ground in a writhing blur of darkness. it emerged in the shadow of a building in perdito. Good, it thought. then it noticed five other people in the shadow, four boys and one girl, and another boy advancing on them all. it took a second to think about it's master's orders; "Kill anyone who might pose a threat to my continued existence" it had no idea what constituted a threat to it's master's existence, but these boys were being threatening to someone...

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Phoebe (phoebeandj) | 3438 comments While trouble was brewing on that side of town, Penelope introduced her brother to Max. "This is Paul, he's my brother."
"Hi!" He waved frantically at Max.
"So, basically when this all started I noticed some... changes." Penelope began. "I didn't know what was going on at first, then one day it just clicked. I'm another Freak, just like the rest of them. I turn into and talk to animals. What do you do?" At Max's surprised look, Penelope said, "I heard your nails growing. Tiger's have excellent hearing, you know."

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Rin Akasuna Tora was so close to Perdido beach. She was walking slowly. She had bairly managed to escape from caine alive but some how she had. "Almost there", she said to herself. She kept going. And after maybe after 20 minutes of her walking slowy in pain towards perdido beach she finnally entered the town. but she didn't see anyone so she kpet walking and then she saw someone that person was walking towards her she looked at the person in fear...

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Rex  Duchess Farren Cordelia Beatrix Sutton A.K.A Farny wrote: "While trouble was brewing on that side of town, Penelope introduced her brother to Max. "This is Paul, he's my brother."
"Hi!" He waved frantically at Max.
"So, basically when this all started I no..."

Max froze unsure of what too do. She had never been in a situation where she'd be caught using her powers. Even when she used them out in the field, she wore sunglasses to hide her eyes, which went totally black when she used her powers.

"I--" she began, but cut off when she saw someone in the distance. Being caught before sunrise in the FAYZ was nearly an invitation to be beaten, not something she usually worried about, but...Max's eyes slid to Paul. Shit, he doesn't need to see any fighting.

Quickly she turned back to the figure, and moved forward until she realized that it was just a girl. A girl that she knew from school, before the FAYZ, in fact, but she didn't know her name. Max relaxed a bit, put didn't totally let her guard down.

"Hey, who are you?" she called.

((ROOOSE! She's talking to your character.))

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Rin Akasuna (( Do you mean me or someone else))

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Rex  ((Rose's character Roya, she's been waiting to be noticed since last night.))

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Rin Akasuna ((oh okay))

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Phoebe (phoebeandj) | 3438 comments ((Sorry I was gone last night haha, my mom was like GET OFF THAT GODDAMNED COMPUTER!))

Penelope shifted Paul to her shoulders so she could hold the bag easier. She hoped it wouldn't spoil before they got it to the food market. At Max's call to the figure coming closer and closer, she whipped her head around to see it.
"Hi girlie!" Paulie yelled, flapping his arms like a bird.

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((8 posts! Gah! Well at least I know we're kicking it off well. Haha.))

"Er.." Roya squirmed mentally, unsure of what to say. Tonight wasn't the night to get into anymore fights, and even though she slept for a good five hours or so, her practice from powers yesterday still seemed to drain out her energy.

((Is Max's powers up? Like her bone off her skin?))

Roya squinted harder in the dark, and noticed thankfully that it was two girls, and a squawking child. Roya silently tried to get a clue of who the extremely tall girl was--she knew she was from school, had seen her around a few times, but her name wasn't coming to mind. Roya looked to the other girl, a bit shorter with a little boy upon her shoulders.
"Hi girlie!" The young boy squeaked out, smiling broadly and flapping his arms around like insane.

Seizure? Roya pondered, arching an eyebrow and debating another step backwards.
No, she needed food, she needed news about what was happening, and she really needed company of the sort. Months in almost total silence was extremely boring to Roya.

"I'm Roya. You guys are...?" Roya spoke up, when she assured herself she could take a run for if they tried anything.

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Rex  ((No, she's not powered up. Also, Max isn't really tall, she's just 5'7". Well, I guess if you're short then she's tall, but I'm 5'8" so, it's not tall to me. Anyways....))

"Max," Max answered, relaxing more when Roya became friendly. She felt the tension from her powers drain away and relaxed. Maybe not a good idea to tell Nel about my powers, at least not with this girl around...

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((Sorry! must ignore my stupidity at times. But Roya's like short. I guess. Idk.))

"Hi Max." Roya said, giving a slight shake of her hand. Roya glanced to the girl struggling with the small boy on her shoulders, feeling like she interrupted something.
Maybe she should just go, they seemed busy anyways. Or something.
Roya let out a mental sigh of frustration. People were difficult.

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Lunabell  (lunabell) | 2327 comments ((Nevaeh's medium height. Like 5'4" or 5'5".))

Nevaeh stretched while walking along the beach- not that she really needed to stretch, but it felt good anyway. She loved sunrise, so much more than sunset, and while she stunk at fishing, she loved watching the boats depart from the shore. There was something about the way they glided smoothly through the water without making a disturbance that was calming. It reminded her of herself- of trying not to draw attention. Because of that Nevaeh kind of wandered. She didn't want to be too strongly in any group or on any side. She leaned towards Sam of course, but she didn't want to be in his army, or front lines.

Nevaeh entered the town, and relaxed at the sight of the usual lack of people after the fishers had taken off. But then she turned a corner, and saw a rather large group of people. She quickly backed up.

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Phoebe (phoebeandj) | 3438 comments ((Max would seem really tall next to Penelope since shes 5''2'...))

"Hey, Roya. I'm Penelope and this is Paul." Penelope swung Paulie off her shoulders with a strength that didn't match her body type. At the other girls' raised eyebrows she simply said, "I've been working out."

After a beat of silence -save for Paulie's little kid noises- Penelope finally sighed and said, "I can feel the tension in you guys. Roya can come with us to the market and we can talk." She emphasized the word, letting them know that it wasn't just girl talk or whatever kids their age did before the FAYZ.

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Lunabell  (lunabell) | 2327 comments ((Penelope's short. Yup.))

They could talk? This sounded interesting for sure. Nevaeh stretched out the pinna of her ear, to catch more of the conversation.

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Roya felt a small warmth of relief spread course through her blood. No fighting tonight, no arguing, screaming, taunting, thank god.

"Thanks." She murmured, unsure of what exactly to do now.

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Rex  Max felt the last of her tension drain away and let out a small laugh. She felt in line next to Penelope and Roya, walking slowly. Catching sight of Penelope's bloody bad again, her interest spiked.

"What's in the bag, Nel? "

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Phoebe (phoebeandj) | 3438 comments "Dead deer leg." She said, not bothering to cover Paul's ears. He knew what she was, and what she had to do to keep them alive. He understood.

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Rex  Max's eyebrow shot up. She hadn't eaten any meat other than fish in weeks. She was about to ask how Nel got it, but then realized she must have used her powers. She had no idea if Nel was willing to tell other about her powers....

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Lunabell  (lunabell) | 2327 comments Dead dear leg? That sounded delicious. Nevaeh could, in theory, wait until they set it down then reach over and snatch it, but that was probably stupid. Instead she followed, trying to hear more of the conversation.

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Phoebe (phoebeandj) | 3438 comments Penelope could hear the person standing back aways, but she didn't want to scare Paul in case it wasn't a threat. She decided to keep tabs on the person, anyhow.

Since her first Change, Penelope could hear, smell, and see differently. Even in human form, but it wasn't as pronounced.

"Yeah, I know you probably want to say something about it Max. Everyone will find out within the next day or two anyways, so I guess I'll tell Roya now." Penelope said, looking to the third girl with a smile on her face. She must be feeling good, since the only person she'd been smiling at since weeks before the FAYZ walls came down was Paulie.

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Roya gave a slight smile back. Trust given, trust earned. Roya decided she'd try this more often, or at least try to.
"Well, er, I suppose I have my own powers too I might as well share." Roya said, murmuring softly so only Max and Nel could hear it.

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Lunabell  (lunabell) | 2327 comments Nevaeh stretched out her pinna just a little bit bit more. She really wanted to hear this. Okay, it was eavesdropping, and this would go terribly wrong if one of them could mind read.

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Rex  Max heard Roya's confession and for a moment there was silence....then she started laughing, she couldn't help it. It was such a strange coincidence that a bunch of secret freaks would meet hear. She saw the other were looking at her and she cleared her throat.

"Yeah, guess what? I'll just come out and say it, I have powers too."

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Phoebe (phoebeandj) | 3438 comments "Don't we all?" Penelope asked sarcastically. "I know you grow something Max, because I heard it -animal hearing is a big plus- but what do you do, Roya?" She asked, taking Paul's hand. A few streets away she heard people speaking -two people, she judged- and a door shut.

Penelope learned by now to ignore the thoughts of animals around her, since they were pretty stupid. Birds thinking Fly, fly, fly. Nest, nest, nest. Home, home,home. There weren't many animals around anymore, all the dogs and cats have been dead and eaten for weeks now.

"Oh right, I forgot Roya didn't see me before." Penelope said as an afterthought. "I turn into and can speak to animals." She said, holding out her hand -which was now a hoof of a horse- and smiled as Paul squealed with joy.

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Rex  Max's eyes widened at Nel's sudden limb transformation and shook her head. Wordlessly she let her bone mask slip onto her face.....forgoing the sharp teeth she usually formed, or any mouth at all. She wasn't in the mood to scare anyone.

((Right now her mask looks like this (without red lines):

Usually it'd look like this (without red lines):

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Phoebe (phoebeandj) | 3438 comments ((That is so awesome))

message 48: by Rex (new)

Rex  ((Lol, thanks. It's actually from an anime. I didn't give her the power thinking of it, but it occurred to me later and I was like "Perfect!"))

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Phoebe (phoebeandj) | 3438 comments ((This is hard to do when Rose isn't here! I'm like *waiting...waiting...waiting* Heh))

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Peroxide Blond  (twits500) | 671 comments The quad bike roared over the desert sand and the boy soon found the main road. He hit the road at over 50 and started to accelerate faster, shadows streaming out behind him like a long, dark tail.
Twenty minutes later he was almost at the town Perdido beach. The last time he had been there was 7 years ago, and that was before his old master had killed his grandfather and taught him and his brother it's secrets. Unlike his brother, he couldn't teleport as far or for as long but he was a much better fighter and better at camouflaging himself.
As he reached the town he slowed down and hid the Quad near an abandoned house. He tapped into the shadows and teleported into the main streets of the town and saw a collection of kids talking. He started to walk over when he saw a kid's hand morph into a horse's hoof. wow he thought, they are pretty well off, I wonder what else she can do... like it would matter it won't be good enough when my old master comes back.
He walked over, the coat's hood still covering his face. Shadows swirling around his feet, he couldn't do much to hide that but hope they didn't notice.
"Hey!" he shouted, "Whats going on here?"

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