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The Story Behind Heart of a Cowboy by Margaret Daley

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Heart of a Cowboy (Steeple Hill Love Inspired (Large Print)) by Margaret Daley

When Steeple Hill asked me to write a series with home schooling as the backdrop, I began talking with friends who had home schooled their children. I asked on the American Christian Fiction Writers’ loop for anyone who had home schooled their children and wouldn’t mind answering some questions about it to email me. I got a ton of responses and feedback from people all over the United States.

I use this research coupled with my years of teaching to look at different learning situations for children. I wanted to show various reasons that would lead parents to home school their children. I also wanted to show problems and fears that arise when parents do teach their children outside the school system. Homeschooling doesn’t always take place at home.

In Heart of a Cowboy, Nicholas, a ten-year-old child who has a genius IQ, was being teased and made fun of at school. He isn’t being challenged and he doesn’t relate to the other kids in his class. He loves to learn, but he isn’t happy going to school. Jordan, his mother, decides to home school him, but she is concerned about whether she can challenge him enough. She researches to find the right books and resources for Nicholas to learn the best. With her son it isn’t if he is learning but keeping him challenged and interested in learning.

In this story I also wanted to do a secret baby story. Although Nicholas is no longer a baby, his father didn’t know he existed until Jordan comes home. I wanted to delve into the emotions and conflicts that would occur when a person discovers he is a father of a ten-year-old boy.

You can read an excerpt of Heart of a Cowboy on my web site at .

Margaret Daley
Heart of a Cowboy, July 2010, Love Inspired
Love Lessons, April 2010, Love Inspired

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Ausjenny | 517 comments Margaret I love the sound of this book the story sounds interesting. Will keep an eye out for it.

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Jennifer (texasaggieteacher) | 434 comments yea!! I can't wait to read it.

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Margaret Daley (margaretdaley) | 44 comments Thanks, Jennifer and Ausjenny.

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Eileen (evergreeneileen) | 5 comments I enjoy reading books that are done in a series. And, since I homeschool, I was really happy to see your first book, "Love Lessons". I really enjoyed it too. So, I am looking forward to this new one in this series! I will be downloading it to my Nook as soon as it is available.

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