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*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Name: Emma Cassie Ronaldo

Looks; At a glance, Emma looks like the kind of girl you'd see in the back of some guy's band van, a bundle of weed on her lap. She's thin due to past experiences with a slight form of anorexia, with pale skin that will burn, but never wants to tan. Slowly but curely, Emma is getting her muscle back.

Fiery red hair resembling coals long after the fire goes out, but the heat still remains cascades down her back in an unruly tangle of red curls like molten lava straight from the valcano. And when she smiles, which is often, her wide ivy green eyes light up, crinkling around the edges and forcing her thick eyelashes to nearly touch her eyebrows.
[image error]



[image error]

Personality: Emma truly tries to be sweet and charming to people, but sometimes, she's just too stubborn. She can get along with someone just fine, until there comes time for a debate. Then Emma's blood boils, and she turns the debate into an argument. Sometimes, she merely blames her temper on Hades, when in truth, she knows it's her own fault. These are the same problems that cause her to brawl with her cabinmates.

Emma enjoys pulling tricks on her siblings, especially her older brothers. She's quite mischevious, with a mind like the devil. She pulls the tricks, but they usually fail because Emma will laugh and give the whole plan away. Keeping secrets ism't one of her strong suits, and neither is controlling herself.

Age: Fourteen
DOB* June 28th

Other: Emma used to live in the wet town of Forks, where she was a waitress at her family's diner. Her mother had before helped out at the morgue, then quit after having Emma, claiming that she didn't want her dauhgter to be around such things.

Emma's mother was a very cautious, yet loving women. The summer Emma turned twelve, her mother drove her to Rhode Island, and dropped her off at Camp, saying that she couldn't esplain, but the man at the Big House would be able to. In fact, Chiron did explain Emma's situation to her, then set her on her way to meet her new roommates. She's been here since, though leaves to see her mom during the year.

Emma's weapon of choice is nohting out of the ordinary. A simple sword will get her through battles, training, and hopefully a fight well enough.

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) Name: Anna Forrest
Age: 15
Apperance: Anna is slightly short, but very skinny. Her pitch black hair stands out against her pale, pasty skin. Her eyes are a quiet midnight blue.
Personality: Anna is reserved and quiet. She hates when more then a few people are around her. Many people seem to fear a "Hades kid", but that's just because she's cold and hard. Her eyes seem to peirce those who look at her. She hates her power of the dead and only respects Persophone, Hades's wife.
Weapon: She carries around a black/silver sword that's about as long as her arm. Tiny inscriptions are carved into the blade, but they're too small for a normal human to read. Only those with the power of the dead may understand.

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Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Edwin Richard Claridge

Age: 15

Appearance: [image error]
[image error]
He has dark brown, almost black, hair that hangs loosely in small ringlets around his face. His eyes are a bright clear blue that express his mood all too well. His skin, once incredibly tanned from hours outside, is now a pale tan, thanks to his year in the infirmary. He has a lanky form that he tends not to slouch and always has his hands in his pocket.

Personality: Edwin is a general kind-hearted soul. Before his coma, he was cold and ungrateful. Now he's learned to appreciate what he has while it lasts. If you get him to trust you, he'll watch your every move to make sure you don't do anything stupid. He's very easy-going and bonds quickly. It's easy to get him to smile and he trusts to easily. He is common of the Freudian Slip, so often that he has to monitor everything he says to he safe.

Other: Edwin speaks fluent French and Vietnamese. His favored weapon is a sword made entirely of obsidion, which he almost always carries around with him.

Edwin has a little co-hero-ship going on with Nat, daughter of Poseidon. They are the Vengeurs Bourdon (Bumblebee Avengers), so this is his costume:
[image error]

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) | 4139 comments Name: Lydia Rhodes Shane
Age: 15
Gender: F
Personality: Lydia is very secretive. She hates those who spill their guts out trying to apologize. She is dark and sinister. Sh has a reputation for scaring younger kids. She looks goth, but can be sweet if you can coax it out of her. She loves to play with others feelings. She usually keeps to herself. She alomost never smiles and hates most of her half siblings.
History: She was abused as a child by her step-faher, who was an achaholic. She vowed then and there never to drink. Her mother moved away with her brother to England, abandoning Lydia. Lydia was taken in by an orphanage and oneday a Camp Half-Blood authority adopted her and took her to this camp, knowing she was a demi-god.
Other: She's been her since she was 11.

She has a cat named Scarlet.
[image error]

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Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Cori Capri Cail

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Cori's hair is cut short in a pixie cut. It's color is, wait for it, purple. All purple.It's like this because of an accident with grape juice. Not an ounce of the original black, other than her eyebrows. Her eyes are a warm brown that just looks like melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. She has pasty, pale skin that seems hallow and sickly. She is relatively tall, though she doesn't tower over others. She has a filled out form that she seems to know exists and is generally found in a v-neck or scoop neck black t-shirt. Her features are pixie-ish and elfin. Add pointed ears and she's an elf.

Personality: Cori tends not to give a damn about anything. She's always been a rulebreaker and doesn't care if she gets jn trouble, so long as she accomplishes her task. She loves messing with people and screwing up their lives, though she doesn't do so ruthlessly. She generally has a reason behind what she does. It's rather easy for her to laugh and she smile often, though it isn't always a good thing to see her smile becaus of her well known devious smile that she has right before screwing something up. You don't want to piss her off, though, because she'll mess up your life before you can say 'sh*t'.

Other: Her favored weapon is a mace. (the spiky ball on the chain on a stick.) She has been at camp since she was 4 and doesn't return home over summer.

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Maddy (painfullyreading) (realityortruth) | 7 comments Name: Carley Cinder
Age: 15
Looks: Carley is shorter,around 5"4, but what she lacks in height she makes up in beauty. She has perfectly round Hazel eyes, and when you look in them you can feel the death around her. Carley has beautiful long Black hair with the slightest hint of Grey,which sticks out against her pasty pale skin. She is usually found wearing dark Baggy sweaters, Jeans, and black Converse with black skulls.
Personality: Carley doesn't act like she cares about what people think of her, but in reality she does care. When she has a goal set in her mind nothing/no one can get in her way of completing it. Carley isn't the happiest person in the world and she doesn't smile often because her famiy died in a tragic fire. Even if she is shy and quiet, if you even think about getting in her way or messing with her you might not live to see tommorow.
Other: Her Favorite weapon is a small sword that is about the same size as her forearm. She just arrived At Camp a year ago and doesn't go home over the Summer because she has no home to return to.

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Bridgett Wayshire | 7 comments Name: Velveta Stone

Personality: She is quite outgoing and loves to make friends. If you are her friend, Velveta will be extremely loyal to you. However, if you are one of the rare individuals who is not her friend but her enemy, she will hate you and do everything she can to make your life miserable. She's mostly cheerful and kind, but if something is bothering her, she will let you know. Her fatal flaw is hastiness. She is quick to make decisions and often doesn't give as much thought as she should to them. One day, that could cause her demise.
Age: 17
Other: She can shadow travel, but that's pretty much it as for powers. Velveta is very good with a sword, but her aim is quite sad with javelins, archery, etc.

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Name: Acton Tobery
Age: 18
Personality: Acton teases a lot of people, he is near to a fail for his marks, but he is wise and logical. Acton has a funny personality, and is slightly flirty. Acton is rebellious, and mischievous. He is considerately cheerful, and is usually thoughtless. He is scattered and immature. He’s pessimistic, ad allows imperfection. He’s not exactly the most reliable guy, and is slightly irresponsible. Acton shows his wisdom in times of need, otherwise acting completely disorganised. He is combative and candid.
[image error]

[image error]

Weapons: Acton uses a morningstar.

[image error]

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments Name: Dante Chevalier
Age: 17 as of 2011
Smoldering blue eyes scorch like fire and an eerie foggy glow surrounds Dante when the touch of his demigod powers activates. There's an unsettling mystery when regarding his facial expression and mannerisms as if there's more to Dante than meets the eye. His chocolate brown hair styles range from a military buzz cut to a shaggy jagged cut. Usually a slab of moose or gel is all that he requires to make himself presentable. Everything about his style and hygiene has a certain OCD quality, that there must be order and cleanliness. His lean body typically is underestimated on the battlefield, a fact he enjoys.

The power of Hades smolders around Dante.

Dante once was a normal. Some described him as minister's son - polite, kind and religious. Those who know Dante now would never believe it. The lone wolf shows his fangs to a toothy grin when others cry in pain. Some days, he'll put on his sheep's clothing and appear normal.

And it's hard for some campers not to let him in after hearing him play the piano. Dante's true soul manifests when he plays; a collective inner strife of violatile emotions echoes in the harmonies but neatly is held in check once the music ends.

Dante's new religion is communicating with the dead nightly and assisting certain spirits with unfinished business. He shows more affection for the dead than the living.

Born on the border between France and Italy, Dante is fluent in the two languages as well as Latin, Greek and Roman. When he was a baby, the Vatican took a special interest and placed him in foster care with the brotherhood in order to protect Dante from his father, Hades. His powers manifested early but the brotherhood was able to teach him control and over time, Dante forgot he ever had those powers; their training had "sealed" away that part of his memory.

It wasn't until he was 14 when a statue of a reaper in the plaza awoke and began to talk to Dante. Gradually, he saw a reddish glow around people who would die within the day. And afterwards was able to communicate with their spirits. Disturbed by this horrorific turn in his life, Dante admitted the truth to the brotherhood and when they were about to conduct another sealing ritual, Hades appeared.

The rest was history. Dante was ordered to Camp Half-Blood. As he used his powers more often, he became more reserved, distant and emotionless. The Aphrodite girl, Susanna, that he was dating became scared of those changes. No longer was he the attentive boyfriend who empathized. He was replaced with a cold hearted robot who would smile at people's pain and misery. Dante walked away from their love match and never looked back.

Any sharp implements satisfies Dante. But on the battlefield, typically he'll raise zombie-like spirits to assist him.

Good Dante

Bad Dante

* Susanna - She is his only known girlfriend at camp. They broke up after his powers distanced him from being "human." More about their relationship is revealed in his diary entry.
* Aureline - Susanna's best friend at camp and a girl of ice. She blames Dante for Susanna's death.

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Sophie of Doom (sophie-of-doom) | 25 comments Name: Bryssa ‘Ryssa’ Edwards

Age: 13

Appearance: [image error]

Ryssa’s short, curly hair is a brighter red than it appears, and it usually has a black streak or two from her (failed) attempts to dye her hair black. Her eyes can appear dark hazel, brown, or, occasionally, nearly black. She is relatively short, only reaching about five feet, and resents that greatly. Ryssa is also very skinny. If she is breathing heavily, you would probably be able to see her rib cage, even through her shirt. She usually wears black skinny jeans and black converse high tops with some sort of tee shirt, regardless of how hot or cold it is.

Personality: Snarky and sarcastic, Ryssa makes up for her small stature with her... interesting personality. She makes people laugh easily, but often doesn’t understand what, exactly, she did. She also likes to crack snarky one-liners. In a slight change of pace, Ryssa is often fascinated by sharp, pointy objects, though not to the point of childishness, although she does usually gin widely and her eyes get slightly bigger when in the presence of a ‘rocking’ (her words) weapon. As such, she loves fighting, and often carries small knives or daggers on her person simply because she likes them.

Most people who meet her are initially a little scared by her, mainly because she tends to say bad words a lot, and her fascination with sharp things usually doesn’t help much. The few that do stick around to meet her get to know her funny ‘side’ and usually end up sticking with her through thick and thin, even though she tends to be very irrational. Ryssa also tends to talk a lot to fill any gaps in conversation. She hates to read, and not just because she has dyslexia. She complains that it is too much work. In fact, she complains that a lot of things are too much work, instead opting for hacking straw dummies into bits.

Originally, her goal was to do something big, like saving the world, but eventually she settled for surviving being a demigod. She got to Camp Half Blood by running away from her home, not particularly caring what would happen to her mother. Not long after she reached Camp Half Blood, she found out that her house had burned down with her mother inside not an hour after she left. After that, Ryssa wouldn’t talk to anybody for the good part of a month, but one day, she started chattering again. Nobody knows exactly what happened that made her change her mind about speaking, but if pressed, Ryssa won’t respond.

Weapon: Usually a long celestial bronze sword (about half the length of her body, so approximately 2.5 feet long) that she spray-painted silver, but Ryssa can use pretty much any sharp object as a weapon. Or at least try to.

Other: She can speak Italian fairly well, and can translate it easily. She apparently taught herself, as nobody in her mother’s family or anybody she knew closely was even remotely Italian. Ryssa also tends to have little or no respect for any authority.

{Well...I sure hope I did this right. xD AND WHY DO I KEEP EDITING THIS? xD}

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Name:Dusk Bronte
Age: 16 ( B-day: December 13)

Appearence:Dusk has round amythest eyes, long black and blue striped hair, rectangular shaped blue eyeglasses and weighs 115lb and is 5'5". She has a black rose tattoo near her ankle, always wears a crescent moon necklace and has a scar shaped like a star on her left hand.Dusk always wears purple and black. She wears either converse, combt boots, or stilleto's ( only on special occasions). She has tan skin and always wears eyeliner, eyeshadow and lip gloss. You will NEVER SEE HER WEARING THE COLOR ORANGE AND LIGHT PINK. She will sometimes wear Hot Pink, but that's it.

Personality: Dusk is bad tempered, loyal, tough and very protective of friends. She never backs down form a fight and has a hard time doin what she's told. She can be very sweet and simpathetic at times.

Weapon: Bow and arrow. Bow is white and encristed with bluE sapphire jems.

Other:Dusk speaks fluent spanish,sings, dances, draws, and love's the color purple. She scares most mortals when they see her.

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Name: Iluna Noir, usually go by Luna or Lune (Iluna means dark in Basque, and Noir means black in French :D )

Age: 15 and a half

Appearance: Luna has a smooth and shoulder-length blond hair, with some brown streaks. Her eyebrows are fine and curvy. Luna's eye color is greyish blue. She is tall enough and a little bit skinny, with pale skin and strong arms. Like a Hades's daughter should be, she really likes to wear black and navy blue. But unlike many others, she doesn't like punk style, and prefer elegance in her daily style. Well, you got the picture:

[image error]

Personality: Luna is cold to everyone, and sometimes when a stranger ask her something, she won't respond at all. But once you become her friend, she will be very loyal and sweet to you, and she will always keep your back. However, sometimes she can be really sensitive, and she's really hard to forgive someone if he/she betrays her. She often fights with her father, but she's nice to her brothers and sisters in CHB. Just don't even try to mess with her, or you will wake up in the morning with a messy cabin and everyone will blame you for that.

Weapon: A black sword, which she got from Hades himself for a birthday present when she was 13.

Other - History:
Luna has a long and dark history. Her mother was a famous assassin, and that what made Hades interested in her. Her mother's maiden name was Maya Dubois (Dubois means 'from the wood') and she never got married with anybody until she died in the jail.

After Ms. Dubois went to jail, Luna ran away from home because she felt betrayed. All this time she always thought that her mother was a good person. Due to her disappointment, she decided to change her surname from Dubois to Noir. A social worker found her and he put her into a little orphanage in Paris. Luna spent her childhood there, and one day a man adopted her and brought her to New York. Later Luna found out that the guy was a pedophilia, and she ran away again. She met a satyr when she just entered a fast food restaurant (she is a big fan of fast food), and the satyr found out that Luna is a Hades's daughter. He immediately told her and brought her to CHB, and she live there until now.

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Cloudy Storms (cloudstrife) | 938 comments Name: Allen
Personality:My more serious side. Allen is often depressing, and problay not that type of person you'd want to hang out with. He maintains a cool and collected personality, but inside, it feels as if he's a volcano about burst. Quiet around people he doesn't exactly know, but a loud mouth when around friends. Often protective, and looks back at his past and laughs, wondering why he ever did something. He likes to be friends instead of enemies, and would like to resolve things like that. However, expeirance has taught him otherwise.

Appearance:Black hair not a touch too short or a touch too long. When it hits sunlight, there's a slight tint of red amongst the black. He usually wears a blue shirt with gray lettering in jumbles that not even he can read. In summer, her wears simple jean shorts that are a darker shade of cobalt, and have zig-zag like patterns on the back pockets. During the winter, or anytime it's chilly, he wears a dark blue light jacket with a white and red number 75 on it, and long jeans. His shoes vary from black, to gray and blue, to black and forest green.

Weapon:A 3 foot sword, made of stygian iron with celestial bronze engravings on them, and an attachment that hooks onto the butt of the hilt, making it a double sword like weapon. When sheathed, it transforms to a mechanical pencil.

Other:Cracks very corny jokes...

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Oh, and Firestorm? Thanks again for completely stealing stuff from me. Really appreciate it.

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