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Maggie (maggie-swift) | 1674 comments Mod
Apparent age:
Reason for joining the Hunters:
Other (like year she joined):

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Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 34142 comments Mod
Name: Madeline
Looks: http://www.hiddendeathvillage.zoomsha...
Personality: TBRP'd
Apparent age: 13
Reason for joining the Hunters: She joined because she didn't want to lose someone close to her once again.
History: She was left with her dad, who did care for her, but didn't have time for her. Madeline ran away to Camp Half-Blood when her father died in a car crash. For more explicide details, go find my nightmare posts in the Infirmary or the Cabin RP
Other: Joined in 1982 (randum year~)

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Maggie (maggie-swift) | 1674 comments Mod
Name: Georgiana


Personality: Georgiana is very loyal to Artemis, tolerates boys, and would fight with her life to save the Hunters. She spends her time at the archery range, honing her skills, and isn't too quick to make friends. Mostly, though, she is a fair person--though don't get on her bad side. And for a girl who's spent so much time with the Hunters, she misses every single one of her sisters that she's lost in battle.

Apparent age: 16

History: Georgiana is a daughter of Apollo, so she was already very good with a bow and arrows. Her mother died the first summer she was at Camp Half-Blood, killed in a car accident (under mysterious circumstances). She turned to Artemis in her time of need, and was welcomed into the ranks of the Hunters. She still thinks her father is arrogant and foolish, but is more tolerant once she saw how sad he was at her mother's death. She still doesn't like to speak of him, and would rather forget she is his daughter, and shares the Lady Artemis's views of Apollo wholeheartedly.

Other: She is very partial to a certain white wolf in Artemis's band, Keila. She gets along with all of the Hunters quite well.
She joined the Hunters in 1935.

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(S) Name: Soyala Tedwi
Personality: Quiet, strong in archery, speaks only if she had too
Apparent age: 15
Reason for joining the Hunters:to get out of her marridge
History:formally a part of a native maerican tribe, daughter of Hades, Artemis welcomed her the day before she would be married
Other: none

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) Name: Maria Silverdew

Apparent Age: 16

Looks: Maria is tall and thin. Her lithe muscle is the reason for her quick reflexes and inhuman ability of balance. Her dark skin, which was once a point of teasing, now seems to glow with an etherial light. Her unusual, dark blue eyes are shrewd and calculating, never letting an emotion show. Wavy, lucious, black hair frame her pretty face. Maria's full lips are usually frozen into a slight frown.

Personality: Maria is quiet and reserved. She thinks of emotions as things that get in the way of serving Lady Artemis. Love is overrated. The boy never stays or will become to clingy. Maria values her freedom, tending to spend the night in the forest. Her strong-willed, stubborn personality tends to get her into fights. The only time you will see her smile is when she stands over the body of a conquered enemy. Her sharp eyes could pick up movement many feet away and her ears are tuned to the sounds of night.

Reason: Her step-father abandoned her as a toddler to live with another woman. Her anger has burned inside for a while. Then, she and her best friend Sherry (more explained in History) were at a party, accidentally getting wasted. They asked Sherry's boyfriend to drive them home. On the way back, they got in a carwreck that killed Sherry. Maria blames the boyfriend for the incident. When she finally met up with Artemis, her answer was a definate "YES".

History: Maria was given to the local orphanage by her drunk step-father. There, she grew strong with the help of a friend, Sherry. They were best friends from the start, having so much in common and able to relate. She arrived at Camp Half-Blood when she was 16, wildy running from the orphanage. She had no desire to make friends; only to run from her past life. No one knows about her history. As she found out more about the gods, her knowledge grew and she is as shrewd as most Athena children.

Other: Maria was never claimed by her godly parent. Since her step-father was the one to desert her, her mom or dad would be a god. To this day, she has no idea who her real parents are.

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Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments Name: Amber
Looks: Amber has long mouse brown hair and blue eyes because she is a Pegae (spring nymph). Freckles and pale-ish skin.
Personality: Very poetic and inspired, creative, devious, careful and positive. She has a talent for finding water in deserts and is known for her addictiveness to popcorn.
Apparent age: 13. Apparently.
Year she joined: 1794
Reason for joining the Hunters: The French kings changed her home, and in grief she joined with Artemis.
History: Amber was a poet and painter in the forest behind the Versalles Palace when the kings almost destroyed her fountain.
Other (like year she joined): She keeps a cat, Silk.

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Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Rosa Kimberly Alvar
Looks: Rosa has long, flowing reddish-brown hair (tied into braids) and green-blue eyes. She has pale skin and naturally wine-colored lips. Her cheeks are lightly blushed and she has a soft, willowy form.
Apparent Age: 14
Personality: She is carefree and worryless (is that a word?). She refuses to let anything get to her and is not afraid to voice her opinion.
Reason: Rosa is a daughter of Aphrodite- although she hates her mother's guts. She joined originally to spite her mother, then honestly fell in love with the hunt.
History: She arrived at Camp Half-Blood at age 10, running from something she has never revealed. She lived in the Aphrodite cabin for four whole years before she was recruited.
Year Joined: 2000- only been here for 10 years.
Other: She was the most beautiful of the Aphrodite daughters, told by her mother herself. Her sisters became jealous and exiled her. THe people she thought loved her only liked her for her looks. She realized this and left.

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*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Name: Emilee Slater
Looks: From her looks, Emilee can only guess that she is Italian. Her olive tone skin screams the theory, as does her amazingly thick, black curls. While her skin is pale for her during the winter, Emilee has very pale skin and tans up to almost as dark as Maria when she's out in the sun. Emilee never cut her hair since the day she turned twelve, so her silky black-brown curls cascade down her back easily. Emilee's eyes are a unique color: the nearly identical color of rich, healthy moss flecked with the darkest of browns. Her build is small and slender, with an unbelievable amount of muscle.
Apparent Age: 15
Personality: Emilee tends to keep to herself, curling into a ball away from the other Hunters while they socialize and giggle. She's quiet and reserved, never a bother to anyone really. Though she's frantically timid, around campers, and even her own sisters. In truth, while most other Hunters detest boys, Emilee is petrified of them. A wild boar is less of a scare to her than a male. Even though Emilee tends to keep to herself, there are times when, like any other girl, giggle fits seiz her and she's shiny and bright for the whole day. Once she grows out of her shell, her sisters can see what a sweetheart she really is.
Reason: Emilee was brutally raped in 2007 by a boy in the orphanage she lived in. She wasn't used to talking to males and when he threatened to take her life if she told anyone, Emilee assumed all men were that way. She ran from him out of fear.
History: Emilee never knew who her parents were. Her memory only remembers the peeling paper on the walls of the unisex orphanage. Even then, emille was a sort of outcast. On most terms, boys and girls weren't allowed to share a room. But when a whole pack of boys came in from an all boys orphanage that had been burned to the ground, the girls had no choice but to share their living space with their new "friends".

Emilee was roomed with one boy, two years older than her and almost about to leave the orphanage and become an adult. He took an instant fancy to Emilee that she never noticed. One night, weeks after the boy's arrival, Emilee couldn't sleep. She didn't say a word, just lay in bed, eyes open, trying to fight off the feeling of dread in her stomach. That's the night it happened. That's the might her roommate climbed out if his bed and into hers.

Emilee was no match against the boy, but she still tried her damndest to fight him off. In the end, it was to no avail. Not wanting to go to jail, the boy threatened Emilee with her life if she told a soul. Two days later, Emilee was gone. She had fled the orphanage. Tears still fresh on her cheeks when Artemis appeared to her rescue.
Year Joined: 2007
Other: I got nothing.

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Name: Ino "Itzy"
Looks: Long waist length brownish-black hair.Large pale lavendar eyes, freckles.Athletic figure.About 5'6
Personality: Loud, fiesty, untrusting, girly-ish
Apparent age:15
Reason for joining the Hunters:She was kidnapped when she was 4.In 1990, when Ino was 10,she escaped her kidnapper and was on the run for about a year when she was found by Atremits.
History:^ That IS her history.
Other (like year she joined): joined in the late 90's.Prefers to fight with shriken(ninja stars), swords and a 4 and a half foot blade.

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Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 34142 comments Mod
Name: Eleanor Choi
Looks: Eleanor has long black hair that is usually tied into a braid using a silver ribbon. Her almond-shaped eyes are a dark brown that highlight the girl's pretty features. She is short for her age, scarcely reaching 5'.
Personality: She has a serious nature and tends not to speak often. She does not speak of her past often as it stirs up a storm of emotion. Eleanor can, however, be a sweet soul when necessary. She doesn't think highly of herself and often times has a pessimistic outlook on life.
Apparent age: 14
Reason for joining the Hunters/History: Eleanor's mother either died or walked put when she was a child. She never had any desire to meet her mother. Her father was constantly drunk and brought over friends. She was physically abused until she was about six. Eleanor still has scars from all the years before
Other (like year she joined): joined 1830. Emotionally/mentally scarred due to the curse.

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Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments Name: Silk
Apparent age: 200 years or so.
Appearance: Brilliant gold fur with gold eyes and black paws. He doesn't glare at anyone.

[image error]

Personality: Playful, industrious, a bit stupid when he tries to grab the cat food in the top shelf (and it falls down always--but he never quits!), but very loyal. Never fights with dogs.
Reason for joining: Silk was the cat of a late Huntress, Amber. She left to France. When Amber initially joined, she begged Artemis to accept Silk too. The cat is 200 years old with a 6-month-old body.
Other: Also eats caviar, bread, popcorn, but mostly prefers cheeese.

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Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Avery Aaliyah Fovós

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Avery has dark blonde hair that is slightly lightened by the sunlight. She has cold, rutheless green eyes that are often mistaken for trustworthy. She has pale skin and a small, mocking smile on her face almost always. She doesn't stand very tall, but she can make herself frightening when she chooses. Her eyes stand out on her pale skin and they always seem to be finding the next way to torture you.



Personality: Avery has changed. Quite a bit.
With her brothers, she was cold, ruthless and quick to torture. She didn't have any second thoughts in her head, and she refused to let anything get to her.
Now? Avery is broken, almost. Her eyes are dull. Her voice is rarely used and comes out in croaks when she speaks. Her expression is almost always solemn, none of the smirk left in it. She almost never uses her powers of torture, so they- along with her desire to torture- are leaving, slowly and surely. Avery tends to stay out of the past and hates talking about her brothers. She refuses to speak of Metus or Jen or Bennett and Jasmine, as those were the people she was closest too.

Other: The weapon she prefers to use, besides her bow and arrows, is a sword her mother gave her for the first day of her seventh Hanukah. Yes, Avery is Jewish. The sword has a gold hilt with swirly designs and emeralds embedded into the blade. She holds it dear to her, as it is the only thing that reminds her of her mother.

Reason for Joining: Well, need I say more than Evander was her brother? She just... snapped one day, I guess. She couldn't deal with their uncaringness and doucheyness so she left- in tears, very uncharacteristic of her- and joined. Not yet, but she's coming. Soon. ^-^

Year she Joined: Like, yesterday.

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Eve (emusings) Name: Ada

•hair: Darker brown than in photo
•eyes: Light blue
•build: Tall and slender

Personality: Has a short temper. loyal. headstrong. will do anything to please Artemis. Will take offense if you so much as mention that women could be less then men. when angry takes it out using fighting and is very dangerous. works well under pressure. fatal flaw: she can't control herself when she is angry

Apparent age: 14/15

Reason for joining the Hunters: Was promised in marriage, resented being treated as an object, hated 'women's chores'

History: Born a lord's daughter, was looked upon with disgust for her adventures ways, her family tried to get her to marry asap

Other (like year she joined): joined in the middle ages (somewhere in there)

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Name: Sabira
Personality: Sly girl, makes her words useful. If she is to talk it will always mean something.
Apparent age: 15
Reason for joining the Hunters: she always wanted to be a warrior with her brothers, and when she snuk into war and was found to be a girl, Artemis rescued her from a horried death. Then she met Soyala, when she saved her from some men doing bad things. She repaided her back by doing the same a decade later. She is skilled in many forms of fighting.
History: friends with Soyala, switching places with her.
Other (like year she joined): SOYALA WILL BE BACK!!

Other Other: She is half korean, her mother was stolen from a raid near Egypt and she was stolen before that and so one, and so she is half korean. She is also a child of Hades.

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Zoe (LadyArtemisRocks) | 10 comments Name: Amarynthia
Age: 15
Looks: Long red gold hair to her waist, brown eyes, slender form, fair skin, athletic.
reason for joining: Amarynthia is a daughter of Apollo. Since her father is god of music and the arts, Amarynthia is a talented musician and artist. She plays the piano very well, sings beautifully and she loves sketching in her free time. Aside from the arts, she loves reading literature, poetry, and she adores archery like her aunt Artemis. Amarynthia HATES men to death...She cannot stand the whole "women are inferior to men" rubbish any longer and decides to join the hunters of Artemis to champion women's rights, be a part of the sisterhood and be a feminist. She had no voice at all at home..
Her brothers got more say than her. She grew tired of it and she decides to join.
personality: Intelligent, musical, artistic, athletic, loyal, has a violent temper when challenged or betrayed, passionate, loving, kind heart, RELENTLESSLY DEVOTED TO ARTEMIS.

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Kat (sugaraddict) | 11750 comments Mod
• Name: Leilani Stewart
Looks: Leilani has curls and curls of soft dark almond hair that is usually pulled up into a ponytail with wisps hanging down to frame her soft plump cheeks. She has a earthy skin tone, not dark like her hair but one that echoes her Hawaiian background. She has soft, noticeable curves especially in her legs. To go with the image she has a soft chocolate brown color in her eyes that are framed by dark lashes and full, dark lips. Leilani is not very tall, standing at 5’3 but she definitely makes an impression. [image error] Personality: Lelani is a outmost giggler, she loves to tell jokes and hear them. She also loves to flaunt her girlish attitude to the extreme, skipping and spinning. But she hates it when boys objectify women, and she doesn’t stand for much of it. Stupidity annoys her, and her mood can change from anger to giggles in a split second. She’s rash and impulsive, solitude but social, sometimes she’s like two different people, but she's always prominent and protective of her fellow Hunters and she's still attached to some of her Eros siblings.
Apparent age: 15
Reason for joining the Hunters: When she was 14, the attack on Pearl Harbor shook her world. She got sent to Camp Half Blood as an Eros camper, but soon she joined the Huntresses. Since then her attitude has changed from solemn, secretive and silent to herself now.
History: Well, I said it up there. Some of her big family got killed in the attack, and she hates to talk about it. If you did the math (Pearl Harbor was in 1941) then you know she’s actually like 84 years old. (Lol)
Other (like year she joined): Leilani likes to use a Penobscot bow, or a cable backed bow One thing she hates about the Hunters is that all her siblings grow up without her, and die off. She still has a small attachment to the Eros cabin and tries to visit when she comes back to camp to say hello to the new campers.

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Sydney (sydeli) Name: Illiana
Looks:She is five foot seven, with a thin, slightly curvy figure. She has fair skin, framed by long, wavy, dark brown hair that is usually worn in a French braid. She has dark,chocolaty brown eyes.
Personality:Contrary to most of Aphrodite's children's personalities, she is very shy, quiet and collected. She is also generous, kind, mature, and classy, being born during the Renaissance. She cares very much for the Hunters of Artemis, and becomes fierce when anyone or anything tries to harm them.
Apparent age:16
Reason for joining the Hunters:After most of her family died when her mother,Aphrodite, angered Medusa by refusing to reverse the curse put onto her by Athena, causing Medusa to turn her father,whom Aphrodite was still dating at the time, brothers, and sisters into stone, and then destroying the statues, she ran to Artemis for protection.
History: Stated above
Other: Joined during the Renaissance, however the exact year is hazy, being that it was so long ago.

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Valentina | 81 comments Name: Katerina

Looks: Katerina is quite tall, slim but slightly curvy. She has long black curly hair till her waist which she usually pulls up in a messy bun or plaits it up. Katerina has dark blue eyes, like denim. She is deathly pale with sharp features and a scar running down from her shoulder to her elbow.

Personality: Katerina is aggressive and sarcastic, with the sort of character who wouldn't hesitate to punch your nose in if you say something wrong to her. Because of her Ares nature, she thinks love is a waste of time and she doesn't get attached to people easily but if you're lucky enough to earn her friendship she can be immensely loyal and nice. She hates sexist people, especially guys who think girls are just there for fun

Apparent age: 15

Reason for joining the Hunters: She is a daughter of Ares, but prefered the way of the Hunters to the way her siblings fought.

History: At the age of 8, her mother left town and abandoned her. She spent the next 2 years working in a local tavern as a waitress to earn her keep. One day, a drunk man tried to touch her up and her temper easily got the best of her. Her Ares nature kicked in and she was thrown out of the tavern after nearly beating the drunk man to a pulp. Wandering in the streets, she met two Ares boys and a Huntress. After a few years with the Ares at the Half blood Camp, she decided she wanted to be one of the Hunters, so she called upon Artemis, who granted her wish.

Other: She still keeps in touch and has no hard feelings towards her siblings. Her favourite weapons are a pair of daggers Ares had given her, and after that the bows and arrows.

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Lydian (DaughterofHadesGoddessofFear) | 7 comments Name: Olivia Feather
Looks: Olivia is a very tall at about 6 feet tall, and has piercing amber eyes and long pitch black hair that is a always in a ponytail. She has almost pure white skin and very sharp features, like her father Hades. She also has about 100 scars or so from fighting monsters.
Personality: Very fierce and aggressive in a fight. When someone gets hurt, she knows what to do and can be very caring. She really enjoys learning everything possible , and is constantly reading.
Apparent age: 14
Reason for joining the Hunters: Enjoyed working with other girls her age and fighting with a bow and arrow.
History: When Olivia was 11, her mother died and she was left all alone with her stepfather, who called her names on a daily basis.
Olivia always knew she was different, but she thought that it was just because she was tall and smart that she was abnormal. Soon enough though she came to Camp Half Blood around the age of thirteen, and about 2 days after she came into the camp, she was claimed as a daughter of Hades.
Other: Apart from a bow and arrow, Olivia likes to fight with a dagger or knife. Joined 1 year ago.

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Vivien (lefrozenyogurtgoddess) | 33 comments Name: Aurielle (AW-ree-ell)

Looks: Aurielle has straight auburn hair and sideswept bangs that reaches a bit past her shoulder blades and always has her hair down. She has unique bright green eyes that seem to sparkle in daylight and clash with her hair color. Aurielle is about 5'9 and a bit slim. She's fair-skinned, despite the Hunters' activities outdoors. A thin white scar is barely visible on her left cheek.

Personality: Aurielle is outgoing most of the time, but is serious when Artemis is present. Though, she shows her happy-go-lucky side time to time in front of the goddess when it's appropriate in the scenario. She likes to be independent, but at the same time, she wants someone to depend on. A natural born leader, but doesn't like to take control without consult of the group. Aurielle is very bright, always thinking. She dislikes it when people interrupt her thoughts. Sometimes, she might even lash out, though not brutally, as she is a little moody.

Apparent age: 15

Reason for joining the Hunters: Her love of excitement and adventure convinced her to join the Hunters. Camp Half-Blood was fine for her, but she preferred to wander around, fighting monsters.

History: Aurielle was an orphan before being taken into camp and joining the Hunters. On demands of wanting to know her father, the caretakers of the orphanage told Aurielle that her father died in a car crash. She was too young at the time, so she didn't know they were lying. The truth? Aurielle's father abandoned her because he despised her. In fear that Aurielle would change from her bubbly personality and learned to hate if she had learned the truth, her mother, Athena, supported the fact that he had died in a car crash.

Other: Nicknames- Aura, Oreo (Well, her name sounds like it. :P Though I doubt the Hunters would call her that.)
She prefers to be called Aura because it's shorter, but doesn't complain when referred to Aurielle.
A silver owl pendant hangs from her neck, given by her mother, Athena, when she decided to join the Hunters after her first week at camp.
Aurielle's favorite weapon, like most of the Hunters of Artemis, is a bow and arrow. She can use any type of bow, but her favorite is the recurve. (I think that's the name. Correct me if I'm wrong.)

Year Joined: 1997

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Maggie (maggie-swift) | 1674 comments Mod
Kevin wrote: "Name: leona
Looks: brunet, tall, slender, prim
Personality: stuck up, jealous, zesty
Apparent age: 15
Reason for joining the Hunters: great with a bow
History: parents murdered by Ares
other: always carries a 3 inch dagger at her waist. "

Please fix her, or I'll delete her. If her whole profile fits on a 'reply,' then it's WAY too short.

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Annie Name • Avery Aaliyah Fovós

Age • 18
Apparent Age • 17

Appearance • 
Rebellious and loving it;)


The famous glare...

A body of perfection-- one there but rarely noticed-- accompanies this young girl's charming physique. Not many get to know this side of Avery, and consequentially not many notice her true beauty.

This legendary, piercing green eyes are a focal point on Avery's pallid face. Rimmed with pale lashes that add a look of innocence, her eyes are always one of the first things anyone notices about Avery. Often hiding eyes the colour of spearmint are long bangs that hang thick and straight down Avery's forehead. Accompanied by wavy blonde locks that imitate the sunset and her pale, flawless complexion, the daughter of Phobos is quite a sight to behold.

Cheeks are absent of unnatural blush, and pale lips are nearly always bitten and torn. The baby bump is minor at the moment, and growing slowly. Immortality-- full or half-- does that to a girl.

Personality/History • Avery was never really a tough child. Born and raised a dancer, Avery always had that lithe form and "yes ma'am" attitude.

Her mother, McKenna, married a preacher whom Avery does not remember much of. Both Avery and her mother being Jewish provided a slight hindrance to the family aspect Avery always dreamed for.

At the age of seven, Avery awoke one morning to find both parents dead. She snapped that day, calmly gathering her belongings and coldly leaving the house without a word. She didn't know where she was going, only that it would be a better home than this. Instinct led her to camp, and she has not seen another home since.

Camp has housed many memories for Avery, the strongest of which coming from Carter and her siblings. Tortured by her brothers, and tortured by her lack-of-trues in herself with Carter, Avery finally broke entirely and joined the Hunters last year. Not before a little fling with the son of Aphrodite-in-question, though. 

Avery is the kind of girl you don't want to mess with. She won't hesitate to make your life a living hell and isn't one to let a grudge go. All anger and frustrations set aside, however, Avery is truly a sweet girl. Breaking through the brick walls surrounding her heart is difficult, but can be done. If accomplished, one will earn a friend for life and an ally that can whoop some ass for you.

Relationships •

*Carter: The father of her unborn child. The son of Aphrodite doesn't know very much; Avery is very secretive around him, if she had to be near him at all. Of course, it's only a matter of time before he finds out, but Avery would rather put it off and deal with it later rather than sooner.

*Bennett: A good friend. Nothing more, the son of Hermes has often been a subject of ridicule towards Avery by her fellow sisters. She does not despise him, as her sisters expect, but is not in love with the boy either.

*Jen: The one sibling Avery was ever close to. Viewed as a daughter of her own, Avery cherishes the relationship with her sister the most. Sure, they have their ups and downs, but they always stick together through thick and thin.

*Her other siblings: Hatred. Thanks to years of torture and despair, Avery has grown to have no compassion towards her remaining siblings. It is doubtful that she will ever forgive them for what they did.

Other • Avery was sent back to camp the minute Artemis found out about her pregnancy. Both a privilege and a punishment, Avery's immortality has been temporarily revoked so that she can deliver the child. She will not be allowed to raise the child, however, and must return to the Hunt the minute she is recovered.

Avery lacks in time for fighting, buy that that she has she prefers archery. The daughter of Phobos isn't afraid of much, and has a knack for finding others' fears. Control, however? Out of the question.

Year she Joined • 2010

Reason for Joining • Tortured and tormented by her brothers for years, Avery realized she couldn't take it anymore and decided to abandon all memories she had made at camp to join the Hunters.

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Maggie (maggie-swift) | 1674 comments Mod
Rudyards wrote: "You still need to describe the picture, but otherwise it looks pretty good. Just wait for a mod and add a bit more detail."

You had it right, she needs to add more detail. More meat and potatoes, y'know?

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Kevin | 84 comments Name: leona
Looks: brunet, tall, slender, prim
Personality: stuck up, jealous, zesty, friends with only those that she thinks are worthy
Apparent age: 15
Reason for joining the Hunters: great with a bow but hates boys
History: parents murdered by Ares when he got mad at Artemis.
other: always carries a 3 inch dagger at her waist.

(is this better? I haven't been on in a while, sorry.)

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Rudy | 1179 comments Kevin, your charrie got deleted because it didn't have enough information last time. Don't make that happen again. The standards for this group are high. This is about the minimum:

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Name: Sabrina Holt

Appearance: Sabrina has blonde hair down to her shoulders, she has piercing blue eyes that sometimes creep people out. She is not the tallest person for her age and she has earrings the sparkle under the moonlight.

Personality: Outgoing, funny, has lots of friends. When she gets mad she can be very destructive, loves dogs because she grew up with lots of dogs. When she was younger her family struggled to have enough money every year, so now she is very grateful for all the things she gets. She loves art, she draws whenever she can.

Apparent age:14

Reason for joining the Hunters:When she was a little girl she heard myths about Artemis
and her hunters. She was so obsessed with them she even said the pledge without thinking, apparently Artemis was watching so when Sabrina said the pledge she was
made a huntress.

History: She grew up on a farm with her 3 sisters and her mom, she never really knew boys so it was easy giving up boys forever.

Other (like year she joined): She is very good with a bow and arrow, but she will only use
her sliver bow she made out of silver. She joined in 1990.

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. (onawhim) | 17465 comments Mod
Every single description is a run-on sentence - could you change that? Other than that she seems nice. I'd like it if you added another 2 lines to her personality.

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Okay! Thanks.

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Maggie (maggie-swift) | 1674 comments Mod
Kevin wrote: "Name: leona
Looks: brunet, tall, slender, prim
Personality: stuck up, jealous, zesty, friends with only those that she thinks are worthy
Apparent age: 15
Reason for joining the Hunters: great with ..."

Echoing the last two before me, it needs work. A lot. For starters, flesh her out. Add some pizzazz, some finesse. Spell things right, make full sentences. Instead of 'brunet, tall, slender, prim," write something like "Leona is a tall brunette, stereotypically slender. She loves to be prim and proper, preferring a more Aphrodite-style outfit than an Ares-style one. Nonetheless, she is ruthless in combat, hates men and boys all, and will risk her life to save those she loves."

Do you see how much better that is? Details, details, details. And don't use my example as a substitute, please. Come up with your own.

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Name:Malia Rodgriguez
Appearance:Malia has dark brown hair that reaches her lower back.Her eyes are a bright green with flecks of gold.She has freckles across the bridge of her nose and small dimples.She stands about 5'4 and is skinny
Personality:Malia is nice,outgoing,and loves to laugh,well to girls that is.She is mean,rude,and sarcastic to men.She hates them with a burning passion due to what happened to her when she was 10.She is very stratigic in battle and paitent
Apparent age:15
Reason for joining the Hunters:She ran away when she 11 and found by a stayr.When she arrived at Camp Half Blood Artemis met her and asked her to join her.She said yes almost right away
History:Malia grew up in Texas with her dad.She was a good student and played on the school soccer team.When she was ten she was raped by her father and a year later she ran away
Other (like year she joined):She joined in 1997

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Kaley (shardae5676) | 39 comments Name: Danica(yes one of my nicknames) Anne Arlington (Special thanks to flame for helping me with the name!)

Appearance: She takes on fiery red hair from her father and in the back is 1 blonde streak that she somehow got from her mother. On the lower part of her hair are dark brown highlights. Her hair stays straight all the way to the bottom. From her father were a pair of blue eyes that could stare down some one coldly or welcome them with kindness, but her skin is a smooth cream color with no blemishes.

Personality: She is a spirited, outgoing girl. She wants no harm to come to anyone of her friends but will do anything to survive. Her heart has been broken once and is not looking for a mend anytime soon. She keeps her pride intact and she never lets anyone bring her down. She will do anything to protect her friends and family. She does not like to get in a fight over words, but if you say anything about her past, her fury flares and you will probably get a few bruises. Don’t get me wrong, she is very nice but she has just had A LOT of painful memories, both sad and infuriating.

Apparent age: 14

Reason for joining the Hunters: She has a passion for hunting, especially with bows. Her father taught her how to hunt since she was a little girl and when he died, her passion grew. Her mother abused her and ran away when she was 10. She just happened to find a satyr in the woods and she quickly said yes.
History:She was born in a small town on January 12th , 1998. She had 2 sisters, a brother, and 2 parents. When she was 4, she was taught to hunt with any weapon, by her father. When her mother learned of this, she was infuriated. Her mother kept those lessons from happening, but still, her father taught her in private. After she turned 7, her father taught her how to defend herself in many ways. When Dani was 9, her father died of Typhus, they don’t know how that happened though… After the death of father, Dani was abused by her mother. She tried to keep it from her little brother, but the bruises were too hard to hide. 2 months of that torture went by, and mother found out that she was carrying twin daughters. Through those times, mothe’rs fury was greatly brought high and hurt Dani a lot worse. When she was 10 she ran away, just months after the twins were born. She loved her sisters and brother, but she couldn’t handle the pain. When Dani left, she lived anywhere. She never went back, though she missed her family. One day while hunting, Dani found a satyr in the woods. She introduced herself to him and showed him some of her hunting. The satyr told her about camp half blood and offered her to the hunters group. She instantly said yes.
Other: She has a tattoo on her upper back of angel wings that look like this: (Sorry it wont let me put the pic or link)
And on her shoulder is a tattoo of a horse that under it says: “Ride with Grace”

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Kaley (shardae5676) | 39 comments is that better?

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Kat (sugaraddict) | 11750 comments Mod

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Kaley (shardae5676) | 39 comments thank you for helping!

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Kat (sugaraddict) | 11750 comments Mod
Don't mention it.

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Leilani | 3 comments Leilani ( Layla )
Brown hair brown eyes Usually wears anything blue the color of the sky to represent her dad Zeus

Would do anything to help her half sister Artemis loves to go hunting with her bow and arrow at her side has always hated idiotic boys

At age 11 she decided to find her half sister artemis after her mother died to save her from a house fire she had always known about the gods and believed that they existed her father Zeus showed himself on her 10th birthday During her childhood she got teased a lot for being Hawaiian American she was born in New York City and has been to Olympus accidentally looking for the bathroom on a school felid trip and met the annoying god Apollo

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Add in the format. Use complete sentences.

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Rudy | 1179 comments First off, please use the format and proper grammar. You seem to be missing your periods. Hawaii is part of America, last I checked, so it would just be Hawaiian, not Hawaiian American. Fix those things, and maybe the mod who sees the charrie won't nom it as much.

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Fariza Mahadi (peachanoate) | 5 comments Name: Jude Auguste

Appearance: She is a plain simple girl and doesn't fuss about her looks most of the time. But what attracts people's attention was her big blue eyes, beautiful but cold, with her dark-coloured hair sharpening the colour of her eyes, making her appear wiser and mature.

Personality: She started off as a bubbly, happy little girl. But time passed and one particular event left her scarred forever, making her quiet, distant and always full of remorse. She only talks when her opinion is needed, other than that, she hardly talk. She also preferred to keep her problems to herself, learning the hard way that the more you open up to people, the more bitter the taste of their betrayal will be. But seeing Artemis as her saviour, she opens up to her sometimes.

Apparent age: 16

Reason for joining the Hunters: After she found out she was betrayed in the most horrifying way by the foreign boy she grew close with, Jude was scarred mentally. They were planning to run away, nowadays she would've scoffed at the memory, but that didn't mean it doesn't hurt anymore. But the boy didn't come, she returned home to find her parents dead. Her loving, warm parents that she didn't appreciate when they were alive. Her so called lover tried to shoot her, thankfully stopped in time by a silver arrow that bursted the bullet into dust. But it was too late to stop the village from burning, and nothing was left there for her. Artemis offered her to pledge, and she accepted. Taking the offer because it seemed like the right thing to do, it was the only thing that was left for her and she sees it as some kind of atonement for what she had done.

History: She wasn't anything special, just a mere mortal. But the fates were especially harsh on her. It was World War 2, she was safe, their village was safe, until one day... Her usual morning routine was to go to the river to wash up. But that one particular day, she found her usual space was taken, by an asian boy, about 18 years old. She waited for him to finish. It started from there. The boy could speak english, so they talked often, almost every morning, about everything, she did most of the talking but she didn't mind and he didn't mind too. Of course she wasn't aware who he was, didn't bother asking for his name, because for her, having someone foreign to talk to was special enough for her boring life.

The inevitable came, they fell in love, or so she thought. One day they decided to run away, a very idiotic decision, and that was how she thinks of the situation now, but not then. He promised he'd come to get her tomorrow, bring her to a safe place where there's no war. The next day she waited by the river, he wasn't there. But she waited, ...and waited, until it was noon. She decided to go home, feeling frustrated and disappointed.

But the scene she saw when she arrived at her house was unexplainable, there was no exact word to explain her emotions. Her parents lying on the ground, bloody. She became aware of the situation and realised the enemy had invaded their village, and one familiar face loomed into her view, standing by the door, gun loaded. She demanded explanation, but he just chuckled and thanked her. The village was on fire, and the sound of guns shooting were everywhere. He pointed his revolver at her, smiled and pulled the trigger, looked at her right in the eye as he did it.

She was too shocked to move, but a silver arrow came shooting and bursted the bullet into dust. Another came and hit the boy right through the heart. She was still too shocked, unable to think that this kind of betrayal existed. She trusted him. She couldn't even cry. A girl came into her view, this time she was too shocked by her beauty. It was quick, the girl, which she found out, was the Goddess Artemis asked her if she'd join her hunters, and the rest was history. Literally.

Other (like year she joined): joined around 1942.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Nice charry! I like her.

You might want to put her history into paragraphs. Other than that I think you're good, but let's be safe and wait for a mod. :)

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Fariza Mahadi (peachanoate) | 5 comments okay, i'll edit them into paragraphs :D

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You need to have complete sentences.

Expand on the history. Who killed her sister? Also, "man" and "boy" are words.

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Kk sorry i don't like typing long stuff.

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soleil (solxilx) Name: Aura


Personality: Quiet, and shy. Aura doesn't talk to many people much. She only has a select friend group, and won't trust boys whatsoever. The only person she can really talk to is Artemis and sometimes she just talks to the wolves.

Apparent age: 13

Reason for joining the Hunters: explained in history

History: Aura lived in the lake at Camp Half-Blood. She was always tired of her boring life. She set out to find somewhere she was accepted. She somehow stumbled across a group of girls on a quest from the camp. When they saw her, they were angry at her, for several of them had boyfriends who couldn't take them to the lake without stairing at her. She said sorry. The girls realized that a line of their prophecy; A aqua spirit will apoilogise/without her help, air will die, meant unless she helped, the daughter of Zeus on the quest would die. So Aura helped them, being especially useful. But still, one girl wouldn't forgive her. Near the end of the quest, this girl drove Aura away, telling her she most likely wasn't the one who was spoke of in the prophecy. Aura still sneakily followed. Sure enough, the Zeus girl got injured, and when they faced an fire using enemy, she couldn't help, so Aura did. Zeus found out, and after much pleading from his daughter, who was forever greatful, reluctantly gave her one wish. She chose to have the wings of an angel. After that, remembering the demigod's rage at her because of her beauty, she sought after the Hunters, and joined immediatly after finding them.

Other (like year she joined): She joined in 1870.

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. (onawhim) | 17465 comments Mod
Hi Abby! Great start on your character. I'd like a little bit more of depth because you have something you can really work with here, so try elaborating a little bit, please :) For example, elaborate on her appearance by writing a few lines as well as including a picture (it's not showing, by the way, you might want to check your HTML). Think on some aspects (like a beautiful physical appearance) and how they would affect your character, negatively and positively.

It is highly unlikely that Aphrodite would bless someone like that! As we've seen in the books, the characters are not really rewarded what they truly deserve as the gods can be a bit miserly. Maybe Aphrodite fixed something on her appearance - like her hair, or her nose, or something?

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Amanda | 3 comments Name: Alyssa

Appearance: Medium length brown hair, that appears black in the dark, and dark brown with red undertones in the light. She has an athletic type body, with lean arms and legs built for short distance sprints. She also has a face thats pretty, with her hatred of any product, hair or face, she has simple features, with a small nose, light pink lips that were perfectly proportioned for her face, and calculating brown eyes, that could somehow portray any emotion, but most of the time looked warm and welcoming.

Apparent age: 14

Reason for joining the hunters: she used to like boys left and right, despite her always trying to prove that girls were just as good as boys, until one boy came that she fell in love with, the boy started dating her, and gave her false hope, until she found him cheating on her with her sister, Bella. She was heartbroken and left the town her family lived in and sought out the goddess Artemis, the goddess was reluctant at first, seeing she had fallen in love before, but then realized she would stay true to her pledge and accepted her.

History: As a young child her mother (mortal) said love was useless and spit in the temple of Aphrodite, causing the goddess to bewitch her daughter (Alyssa) To fall in love with a boy who would break her heart, because of the mothers narrow mindedness. Alyssa's godly father is un-known but she has expressed that she can at times control the wind, leading people to think she may be a child of Zeus. She joined in 2000.

Personality: after the love disaster, she is un-willing to trust boys unless they have proven to be worthy of trust, but with girls she tries her very best to get along, or at the very least not enemies, so she can be friends with the shiest of people. She is also an experienced and believable actress, so she can be very persuasive to get things she wants, good or bad. She is also very smart and quick witted, so she can always win a fight.

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Avery Castellan | 2 comments Name: Lena Katya Morales (goes leagally by Katya

Appearance: She's tall and built and her legs seem to go on forever. She has long, wavy redish brown hair that falls just bellow her shoulders. Her eyes are a bright green that almost look like a cats. She tends to wear graphic t-shirts under a plaid shirt, jeans, her clip is always in her hair and her pin cliped to her shirt (they turn into her bow and arrow), and has a slight addiction to converse (she has 20 pairs)

Personality: She is very, very sarcastic. She does get annoyed quite frequently, but has gotten better about keeping it under control. She can get pretty quirky at times and has a weird sense of humor that sometimes the older hunters may not get. She has been told that she is extremely hyper, and klutzy at times.

Apparent age: 15
(birthday: 4/13/95)

Reason for joining the Hunters:explained in history

History: Katya was born to a single mother after her godly father, who she didn't know was godly, abondoned the two of them. Her mother, a fomer Hunter (she left the posittion when her eighteenth birthday came, Artemis noted that she had learned all she could), raised her on stories of the gods and of her hunting years, but Katya didn't quite understand them. Katya was given a stepfather at the age of 8. and life was picture perfect until her stepfather lost his job and started drinking. As he became an alcholic, he started to beat the girls until he would pass out. When Katya was 15, she met a girl named Lena, they became best friends and Lena would let Katya sleep at her house when things got bad which they did frequently. One night as the two girls walked back from school, Lena told Katya that she was being bullied, so bad that she couldn't think about them with out crying. Katya thought about this until she got home when her stepfather was in the middle of beating her mother. She grabbed the only wepon available, a nine iron, and swung as hard as she could. causing him to go into an unconsious state. Her mother fainted and Katya carried
her to the hospital. The next day, Katya managed to see her mother who said if she didn't make it, open the secret compartment in her closet and run far away and pray Artemis finds her. Katya understood and with that, her mother died of intenal bleeding. Katya ran out of the hospital, she then got a text from Lena saying, "I'm sorry it has to end this way but don't let this stop u. I'm proud to have you as my BFF. Good Luck and Goodbye." then she heard a faint bang in the distance and noticed Lena was dead. She ran to open the compartment and found a moon hair clip and a quiver pin. She cried for Artemis to help her and she did. discovered her godly parent was Hermes when he claimed her a few days later

Wepons:her bow and arrows, a sword that was made for her by Hephastus by favor from her father,and her hunting knives

Other (like year she joined): she joined in 2012, her father gave her a necklace that turns into a pair of flying sneakers, and her favorite wolf of the pack is named Kanzi. She calls herself Lena Katya after remembering a tale about Athena who had a friend named Pallas and they did everything together, until one day Athena accidentally killed Pallas. In her honor, Athena was then known as Pallas Athena.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Her appearance and personality need to be in complete sentences.


How could her mother have been with a god if she was a Hunter? They have to swear off men.

How could an eleven-year-old carry her adult mother all the way to a hospital? Not likely, and pretty much impossible.

Her mother died of exhaustion? She didn't physically do anything. Internal bleeding I could see, but bot exhaustion.

What was in the red compartment?

She got a text message from her friend then heard a bang? Last time I checked, you couldn't hear what a person is doing from their text.

What happened to her stepfather?

Why did she call herself Lena if her name is Katya?

Who's Leo?

You might want to go over your history and make it more believable with more detail. If you could add detail to her personality and history too that would be great.

message 50: by Avery (new)

Avery Castellan | 2 comments *~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) wrote: "Her appearance and personality need to be in complete sentences.


How could her mother have been with a god if she was a Hunter? They have to swear off men.

How could an eleven-year-ol..."

thanks for the suggesstions I'm really new to this whole thing and I wasn't exactly sure what I needed to do.

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