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Name: Jack
Age: 15 Birthday is November 15
Personality: Jack is very protective of his family and friends, he grew up with a single mom who was very succsessful in business. He lived in a 3 story house and his mom remarried another succsessful business man. He has one half-sister Keira who thinks he's in boarding school/summer camp. He has a short temper and will only be your friend if he finds soemthing in you. he's very passionate but didn't really pay attention in class. He's good with children and animals. He's quite a flirt if he's interested in you, but if not forget it. He likes to read in his free time and dislikes being underestimated. He will prove you wrong if has to.
He has one pet and his name is Sparks and he is a hawk. He looks like;

Sparks usually rides on his shoulder and goes eveywhere with him. Sparks is a loyal pet who will always be there for him.

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*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Name: Xeena Zaria Proeliator
looks: Xeena has bright blonde hair that seems impossible to tame. Her hair hits her shoulders and then stops just at the collarbone. Xeena has bright blue eyes that are surrounded by bushes of thick, healthy eyelashes. On her face just under her straight nose are a set of light pink, soft, full lips. They're usual pulled up into a smirk or teasing smile of some kind. Her figure is slender, but athletic. She's always fighting and keeping herself in shape. To her happiness, it shows how much she works out.
age: 18
personality: Xeena has absolutely no temper and is childish at times. She snaps very easily, and seems to know just how to get others to snap wether she is aware of it or not. Xeena doesn't like being helped by anyone. She'd rather fight through it and end up failing terribly than have someone help her and be succesful. To her, it's like cheating. Xeena doesn't talk much about her feelings or what bothers her, but when she is ready to talk, there are only two people in the entire world who she'd let in. Narcyz, son of Hypnos and her half-brother, Matt. They're the only two people she's ever confided in, and it seems to be going good. They're both great listeners, and she loves them for it. As you can see, Xeena dies have a heart after all. She's just like any other girl sometimes, nervous around guys, bashful, emberassed easily, and joyful. There's pretty much only one person who brings all that out in her, and I'll give you a hint who; he's the only person she trusts who isn't her brother.
Xeena grew up with her mother in New York City. Xeena mostly lived by herself or hung out on the streets because her mother was busier with other things than raising her only daughter. Xeena learned about being street smart fast, and was a natural at living on the streets. She was welcomed by the local gang that hung out in the alley under her window in case her mother came home really drunk and angry. One day, the electricity went out and Xeena's mother went all out screaming insults at Zeus and asking why he'd left her with their horrible daughter. As her mother ranted, she saw a card on the table. It was daytime, so she could see. The card read the address for camp half-blood. As soon as she read that, Xeena was in her room packing away her clothes and precious items. She jumped out the window, using the tied bed sheets ladder her and her gang had made months back. They were waiting for her when she landed to say goodbye. The leader of the hang took a rusty old sword out of the dumpster. He gave it to Xeena teling her it would have been her early birthday present. She was off after that. When she finally reached camp, she explained all she could to the security. They didn't believe her, but at that moment, Zeus claimed her. They let her in and she's been here ever since. She lives her crappy, piece of shit sword, but she really wants a new one. This summer, Matt and her are going to the forge so Vicky can make her a sword that will kill humans and monsters.
Xeena's sword;
Xeena's sword transforms into a bracelet.
*Matt- Xeena's younger brother by four years, and by far her favorite. He is almost the only sibling she interacts with
*Narcyz- Narcyz is the son of Hypnos, and Xeena's best friend. Her brother thinks that she wants a deeper relationship with him. but she denies it.

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) Name: Matthew (goes by Matt) Russo

Age: 14

Looks: Matt has a large build. Not only is he about 6'4", but he also is very muscular. Cropped, brown hair and olive skin hint to his tropical living style. His angular face makes him a bit more noticable, but he is often wearing a simple smile on his thin, pink lips. Matt's grey eyes, which turn stormy during battle, are often the color of water-logged clouds.

Personality: Despite his frightening aura, Matt is an easy-going guy. He is nice and caring, most often looking out for friends and cabin-mates. He always loves to laugh, even if the joke's on him. Matt isn't afraid of a challenge, commonly relishing physical challenges. His favorite activity is playing "Capture the Flag". His fast and lean body help him defeat most other campers.
A side rarely seen to campers is his unwelcoming, kick-A attitude. This inner rouge only shows itself to annoying, unwelcome, and/or villinous beings (human or not). Matt plan of action to people with this persona is to deal with them as soon as possible before they can continue to irk him.
Also beware of the protective brother/friend. To the lucky few that have earned his loyalty, Matt is willingn to fight to the death.

History: Matt grew up with his mother in a shady part of his city. Gangs were common and killings were not unheard of. He soon learned to fend for himself and even became an honorary ally to a few of the groups. At school, Matt was not unpopular, but prefered to keep to himself. Part of the reason he got involved with gangs was to add some protection to his mother, the only living relative he knew of, and he was prepared to do anything to help her.
Soon, Matt's popularity grew as he became one of the star players on his school's football team. After one successful win, Matt decided to go with out with his friends, just goofing around in town.
A few hours later, he returned home to find the house charred and billowing smoke. Matt hurried inside, screaming for his mother. He found her on the kitchen floor, her body covered in large burn marks. Later, he was to figure out that the beast had come for him, but instead killed his mother.
Devestated with the loss, he was about to end his own life when a kid stopped him (later, he discovered, was actually a satyr) and brought him to Camp Half-Blood.

Other: His muscular exterior is a factor of his preperation to destroy the monster that killed his mother: a Hydra.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) | 4139 comments Name: Rai Lee Kent
Gender: M
Looks: [image error]
He is about 5'8". He has hair is a deep acorn brown hair. His eye color matches his hair, but they are a bit lighter.
Personality: Rai usually acts depressed. He has a negetive attitude on the world. Hyper people tend to get on his nerves. He HATES normals. He has a negative perspective on most things. He ends to think things through. He gets annoyed at suggestions. He thinks only his opion matters. He is down right depressed and carnivoreous. He growls(yes, growls) at everything. He is a sky don't mess with him. It takes alot to get through his prtective shell.
Age: 17
Other: Rai means Lightning in Japenese.

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Character deleted because member is no longer in the group.

Alyssa wrote: "Name: Jamie
Looks: long, waist-length black hair with red highlights; 5'7; has long legs and arms and is pale and very lanky
Age: 13
Other: She is the daughter of Zeus and her mother is the daughter of Aphrodite, so she is very beautiful and can beauty-charm people.
She has a very beautiful midnight-black Pegasus. She has 3 younger half-siblings that are 1/4 a demi-god, so they don't attract monsters. And a twin sister that she is Zeus' daughter too.
She has never been to Camp Half Blood before,her mother just dropped her off."

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Cloudy Storms (cloudstrife) | 938 comments Name:Tidus
Looks:He has brown hair that's parted to the right and the reaches(on the back of his head) to the back of his neck. He always wears blue jeans with a white shirt underneath a light gray jacket that says soccer on it. He's 5'9 and is well-built for a 13 year old teenager.
Personality:Kind, humourous and curious, he always cherishes his friends and family, and will do whatever to protect them. He's not quiet, and he's not loud-mouthed either. He considers himself to be equal to the other campers, and will never step down from a challenge, even if it risks his reputation. He treats everone equal, and seems like the right kind of person you'd want to hang out with, until you've heard his story. His past is vastly troubled, and he does his best to hide it, but, it sometimes shows.
Weapon:A light blade(no, not the element.) called, Fulgar Gladius (At least, that's Lightning and Bladee combined...)
Other:He has the ability to fly, and glide, and he can shoot lightning from his blade.

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments Name: Deon Weaver
Age: 18 as of 2011
Misty blue-grey eyes tint with a circle of gold whenever Deon uses his demigod powers; they flash like a lightning storm over crashing waves or instantly like fireworks - there a second and gone the next. His whispy dark chocolate bangs brush across his brow and nearly manage to tickle the bridge of his nose. His All-American crew cut and slightly full-lipped smile typically endears others and has been known to calm the most nervous of wallflowers. Two small gold hoops are worn on the left ear, sometimes hooked by a thin chain. Polo shirts and denim jeans reflect his preference for Abercrombie & Fitch.

A 40% chance of cloudy skies...

Deon's described by his teachers as the Model Student. Good grades, athletic, and a volunteer, on paper he seems perfect.

Since discovering his father is Zeus, Deon has steered away from "The Plan" that his folks designed. No more was he required to make 4.0, get into an Ivy League school and be quarterback. At camp, he chases adventure and often has ignored the dangers involved; skydiving on pegasi is among his top adventure choices.

When he isn't busy racing ahead into Capture the Flag and forgetting his helmet, Deon's out with the younger campers making their time easier. His diplomatic spirit and genuine affection to make his campers feel at home has made him know as the local counselor -- the go-to guy to tell about your troubles. Likely, there hasn't been a camper he hasn't carried on his back to the infirmary, read a bedtime story or played his guitar to lead a sing-a-long.

It's difficult to rile Deon but the times he has, the dryads have bitterly complained since the trees bore the brunt of his lightning storm. Deon's learned to control this outburst but from time to time...SIZZLE-ZAP!

He's a natural when airborne, whether by skydiving off a pegasi or riding one. He's able to sizzle-zap people lighting with an electric shock. Amusing enough, he can emit a low-level zap (doesn't hurt) but the target will get static shock (aka socks cling, hair raises).

Based off Zeus being a god of scales, Deon typically tries to balance a situation and has been known to be fair but that's dependent on his mood. If Deon's pissed, fairness flew out the window with most reason.

* Airlia - This Eros girl caused the majority of girls and guys to chase after him when Deon first arrived at camp. But not only were people lusting for him, he lusted after Airlia. The powerful spell stuck even after she was finally able to revoke the accidental-lust spark. Being so laid back, he found humor in the situation and became life-long friends with Airlia. Recent revelations finally brought the two together and now they're official bf/gf.
* Holly - Deon shall never forget this Athenian's puppy love expression when Holly went under Airlia's accidental spell. The comedic moment, initially, pissed off Holly but they managed to develop a platonic friendship. Chances are if Airlia doesn't know something about him, Holly does.
* Sam - Deon met her while practicing a Glee routine for Dorothy, his Zeus sister. A romantic flicker sparked but was soon snuffed following Airlia's revelation. They've agreed to remain friends but the future is unknown if things become tricky for them.
* Varying Camp Girls - Deon wasn't much of a player as he was a good guy going on dates with girls. He never double dated and kept the relationships very casual. No girl seemed able to capture his heart until Airlia's revelation.
* Zeus Bros/Sis - Deon has a chance at becoming the next Zeus counselor. He sticks up for his siblings and goes out of his way to make them welcome. And he's the guy who'll listen to their troubles and keep those secrets without making a big fuss.

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Krizzia (krizziasis527) | 41 comments Name: Taylor Skye
Looks: She's tall. She has freckles and dimples. She's likes adding a tinge of black in her outfit but not too much though. She has those curly-in-the-bottom hair. She's brunette with those crystal blue eyes with the mixture of silver. She carries with her a sling bag-- inside would be her fave. book, her large headphones with black ipod, a handful of ambrosia and her ring shaped like wings and when in battle, shoots out thunder bolts. She wears her silver-tinted chucks. She has a british accent too.
Personality: She's shy, daring, she does not talk often but she has a strong outlook in life. She knows how to give advice to her friends, she accepts her quests freely and she would probably want to do Capture the Flag than play cards with Dionysus. She loves puppies and she loves her mom. She likes to hide her true feelings too.
Age: 13
Other: She can create cyclones, typhoons, tornadoes. She can summon gales. She can control lightning and make the loudest thunder.

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Catie | 8 comments Name: Jill Gris

Looks: Jill has long blonde hair that goes down to about her ribs. Most of the time her hair is up in some sort of fashion. She always has one streak of hair died, a different color every week. Because she loves the outdoors, her skin is very tan. She is tall with a curvy thin body. Although she is thin, she is very strong. Her eyes are the blue color of the sky on a clear day. She always has a silver necklace with a thunderbolt on it but, it is usually tucked under her shirt. As for clothing, she usually wears army pants, or sweat pants, and a tanktop.

Personality- Jill is very out going, friendly and often hyper. She will always be jumping around and ready to do some sort of activity. Jill is not afraid to go up to a random person,and say the first thing that comes to her mind. Also, aswell as being full of energy Jill is very strong on the inside and out. She hardly cries because she trained herself not to when she was young because she has a very difficult past. She trains hard and always tries her best. She never speaks about her past and if you bring it up she will either change the subject or walk away.

Age- 15

History/other- Jill's family includes her mother, her step father and her sister and brother. Her brother and sister were all human, so this made Jill feel like an outcast. She has lived at camp halfblooded since she was 7. When she was 7 monsters had already discovered her and her mother was worried so, she had decided it would be safest if she were at camp halfblood. Her family had all came along to say good bye, but on there way there they had stopped at a rest stop so Jill could use the bathroom. Jill and her older sister left and when they came back the car was crushed and no one was left. Jill was devastated! Her older sister brought her to camp halfblood and then, in front of Jills eyes got killed by a blood hound who was scouting the camp borders for stragglers. So although Jill seems happy and joyful on the outside, she has had a horrible past

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Chloe (ABreezyDove) | 1 comments Name: Adeline Moore (Goes by Aline)
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Image result for brown hair and green eyes girl
Personality: Brave, cunning, intelligent, powerful?
History: Aline's mom gave her up for adoption so she became an orphan, not knowing who her father was. She grew up in the orphanage and when she was 12, was taken away by a creature and ended up in Camp Half-Blood
Other: It is hard for Aline to trust people and to be social. She likes staying away from crowds and doing her own thing.

Rey [Happy Pride Everyone!!!] (detectingeagle310) | 3 comments Name: Diana Williams

Age: 15

Godly Parent: Zeus/Jupiter ( yes, both. Don't ask me how that works ) (( unclaimed ))

Years at Camp: 11

Preferred Weapon (no guns guys): A lightning bolt pendant which transforms into a sword. ( Which she will receive when she is claimed ) and a celestial bronze sword


Personality: She's friendly and welcoming, almost like a big/little sister. She's always there to help you. She knows almost everyone at camp, except for some newcomers and summer campers. She is happy most of the time but when she is sad, she is extremely sad, when she is angry, she is kinda passive aggressive. But there is also the fact that she is good at hiding it when something or someone hurts her. Physically or emotionally. Truth to be told, her happy personality is just a mask to hide her tiredness and hurt.

History: She was dropped here when she was just 4. A small envelope with just her name on it was there with her. She had been sleeping when she arrived. No one knows how she arrived or who her parents ( yes, I said parents and not parent ) are. She doesn't remember them. Or anything before she arrived. A completely clean slate. She sometimes has nightmares. Screams of a woman. And sometimes dreams. A soft singing, in the voice of the same woman, it sounds Greek and/or Latin. The song gives her sort of comfort. She hums it under her breathe at times but hasn't been able to figure out what it is. She was basically raised by the other campers and Chiron. She is considered as the little sister of all the Camp Counselors and they are extremely protective of her. Her powers are locked but she doesn't know that. They were locked because she was a powerful demigod, being a child of both Greece and Rome.

Family (Outside the gods): All the older campers.

Crush/Bf/Gf: None yet

Strongest Skill: Sword Fighting, Patience and is light on her feet.

Weakest Skill: Underestimates herself too much. Has confidence issues.

Rey [Happy Pride Everyone!!!] (detectingeagle310) | 3 comments Pls tell me if any changes are to be made.

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