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Does any one know what Edward really Wants?

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Maggie Hasn't anyone noticed Edward really really wants something but is becoming disapointed because he is getting it and is get frustrated with bella and getting pushy?

Maggie Because since when has gentkeman,edward been pushy and frustrated?

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what are you talking about?...

Maggie it seems like there is something edward wants thats he is not getting

Lori Have no idea what you are talking about. Elaborate.
Do you mean something from Bella?

Ashley Maggie:

I think I know what you mean. He wants Bella to do the impossible and leave him because he says that he is dangerous... and also thinks that he shouldve died a long time ago and shouldnt even ne here so that whats happening, shouldnt be.

Maggie More or lees bu since when has edward been pushy he was geeing really really pushy ABOU MARRIAGE. it just there is something idk

Ashley Maggie:

He is being pushy about the marriage because Bella is being pushy about being converted into a vampire. And he wants her to have as many human experiences as she can before that happens such as a "human" marriage. See what I am saying?

Lori Edward wants Bella and he to get married because he wants it to be official - "that you belong to me and no one else". (pg. 456, Eclipse)

Sounds like he is afraid something or someone may come between them if they don't get married.

Maggie Lori you have a good point it just What Is that SOMEONE?

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Kate Maybe he's worried that Bella will decide that it's better being human and decide to be with Jacob, who is slightly more human?

He may also want her to commit to him through marriage because he worries that her aversion to blood will make her regret becoming a vampire after she is turned.

Ashley Katie:

I dont think he is worrying about that... sorry but she doesnt see Jacob in that sort of way.

And I dont think Bella is going to regret it either. Thats truely what she wants. But if Edward doesnt change her, then she might regret that part, but not being converted over all.

Maggie but does any one get that feeling that there IS something or someone he is worrying and needs something?

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Day Curtiss Do you think it has to do something with the Denali clan and Tanya? Maybe it's not Bella that he's worried about. I wonder what Tanya's special gift is. Maybe she can enchant HIM?

Rebecca He probably is worrying that somthing will happen and he won't be a ble to save her. He probably whants to marry her so he has a reason to be with her all the time.

Maggie day:
You have a good point because edward was a little off telling the story and all i gues....

Maggie Redbecca i would need to disagree because idk... it just doesn't fit

Rebecca But, he still loves her. Even if Tanya was enchanting him, he would be fighting it. He has saved Bella before and if Tanya was enchanting him, he probably wouldnt have.
But why would she whant to anyway?
Maybe he is worried about one of his family members. Maybe somthing is wrong with one, but they arn't showing it.

But really, I have no idea. Just guessing here.

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Ruby ok first off:

Maggie: i think u may b rite about someone or "something" bugging edward...i personally think that something is the Volturi...SM has said that they play a huge role in BD sooo...thats my theroy.

Rebecca: ok fisrt off tanya was the one who showed interest in Edward in the first place so it could just be that she still "fancies" him or watever but what i want to kno is what happened back in twilight wen he left and went to denali??
and second..idk "enchanting" just doesnt seem to fit as far as a vamp power u kno wat i mean? it just seems a little me anyway.

Rebecca Day was the one who said "Enchanting."

Im not sure, I really have nothing. Maybe nothing is going on at all. Maybe there is somthing and we will find out in the fourth book.

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Day Curtiss I just remember reading on a Twilight board that, Tanya and the other 2 females are the "original succubus'". That's why they are veggie vampires. They fell for the men they seduced.
Also, SM said that BD was influenced some by Midsummer Nights Dream. Wasn't there a potion or some magic involved with the lovers in that book?
I don't think Tanya could enchant him when she's away from him, just maybe when they are close.

Maggie Ruby point taken

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Ruby ok, i can c y ur guys theroies r based off of a Midsummer Nights Dream but i dont think it will relate in a major way, b/c that could be like copying the story line u know? anyway thats just wat i think.

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Lori It seems that this message board and the Breaking Dawn board are going in the same direction. Yes?


I kind of like your theory. I just have a weird feeling that the 'ladies' in Denali (Tanya, in particular) will have a larger part in BD. And I also think Tanya has some, for lack of a better term, 'love power'. I don't think Edward has feelings for her. But if she has a power like that and still likes him, I don't think she will like it too much if Edward is going to marry an 'ordinary' human girl. They seem to be like every other female in that they hold grudges. (Laurent)

On the theory of them being succubus', I don't know. I mean, where are the men they seduced? Did they change them into vampires? If that's the case, why would Tanya even bother with Edward. Or did they let them live? Because if they seduced them, would they have killed them - that is what Edward keeps telling Bella about why he won't give in.

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Lori Okay, I just read the Q&A board on Twilight Lexicon and it was Stephenie herself that talked about the Denali clan and them being the original succubus. I still have the same questions, however.

Maggie YOu know why is edward being pushy about marriage?

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Lori I thought we already covered this. He wants it to be official. For Bella to belong only to him. He says this in Eclipse.

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Ruby exactly.

Maggie Welll out of all the stuff that "could" be offical i mean all of how he is acting ang the veggie groups and stuff don't all fit because edward wasn't pushy about anything being "offical" and now he is all.....idk

Maggie what is succubus?

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Lori Here is the dictionary definition of succubus. 'a demon in female form, said to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep'.
Google succubus and choose the wikipedia. Read more about it there.

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Lori *Christie*, if you're out there.



luv ya

Rebekah In Eclipse, he tells Bella that he was always "that guy". He was ready to find one with whom he could share everything. (In the early 1900's, marriage was very expected and looked forward to.) He has always wanted to have that for himself, and now that he has found the right person, he wants the picture to be perfect. Well, as near as he can have it considering. He also is pushing marriage before the 'change' because he knows it will delay the 'change'. He knows Bella well enough to know she loves him, but is in no hurry to get hitched and is stalling her. At least that is what I got.. :)

-barefoot banter

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Lori barefoot banter:

Cool name, by the way.

You have got it right-on. Not to mention the fact that Bella's hormones are kicking into over-drive and he wants to do things in the right order.

Maggie Laughs* You guys do have a point!

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Maggie well then u probally don't know what were talking abiut right? but new moon is my least fav eclispe is my fav

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Ruby same here maggie. NM just ticked me off.

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Lori Ruby:

I know how much you hate Jacob, but the things that happen in NM, I think, were necessary. Bella and Edward needed to be apart from each other in order to really grasp the fact that they cannot live w/o each other. Kind of like how you could never be truly happy if you have never experienced being truly sad.

Maggie Yeah but really u could do with out it but if u think about this book sorta told you that edward HAD a soul right? But i hated how it was all about jacob and that it was so so so boring FOr ME to read maybe not u but for me it was

Rachael I thought Edward wanted to get married as a condition because he knew that was one thing that would back Bella off since she was soo pushy about sex and being changed.

I bet later on that was what he wanted but at first I thought it was to stall

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