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message 1: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie RM (mackenzierm) This game is pretty simple. Someone will give you a choice between two things and you must choose one and then give a choice for the next person.

Which do you like the most: vampires or werewolves?
Answer: vampires
: what type of music do you prefer: country or rap?

And so on.

I'll start:

Which team are you on: Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?

message 2: by Elysse (new)

Elysse (readyforthemorgue) Jacob Black

Which would you rather be: too cold or too hot?

message 3: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie RM (mackenzierm) too hot.

Which series of books would you prefer: Twilight or the Mortal Instruments?

message 4: by Catherine (new)

Catherine | 476 comments Mortal Instruments.

Which would you rather be: a man or a woman?

message 5: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie RM (mackenzierm) woman :P

Which would you rather listen to: audiobook or music?

message 6: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) music

classical music or heavy metal

message 7: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie RM (mackenzierm) heavy metal.

rap or country?

message 8: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Paige (authorlindsaypaige) Country

Pasta or Meat?

message 9: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie RM (mackenzierm) pasta.

Seafood or Er..Normal Meat XD?

message 10: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Paige (authorlindsaypaige) haha, Normal Meat

Hardcover or Paperback?

message 11: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie RM (mackenzierm) Paperback.

Fruit or Vegetable?

message 12: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Paige (authorlindsaypaige) Hm. Fruit.

Day or Night?

message 13: by Elysse (new)

Elysse (readyforthemorgue) eh, Fruit

Cat or Dog?

message 14: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie RM (mackenzierm) Elysse wrote: "eh, Fruit

Cat or Dog?"


Lindsay (: wrote: "Hm. Fruit.

Day or Night?"


Summer or Winter?

message 15: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Paige (authorlindsaypaige) Summer!

Laptop or Desktop?

message 16: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie RM (mackenzierm) Laptop.

Ipod or Zune?

message 17: by Elysse (new)

Elysse (readyforthemorgue) ipod

iphone or blackberry?

message 18: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie RM (mackenzierm) blackberry.

PC or TV?

message 19: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Paige (authorlindsaypaige) Blackberry.

tv shows or movies?

message 20: by Elysse (new)

Elysse (readyforthemorgue) Lindsay (: wrote: "Blackberry.

tv shows or movies?"


Mackenzie wrote: "blackberry.

PC or TV?"


text or call?

message 21: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Paige (authorlindsaypaige) text

IM or email

message 22: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie RM (mackenzierm) IM

E-book or Real book?

message 23: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Paige (authorlindsaypaige) Real book.

New book or used?

message 24: by ♥Lisa♥ (new)

♥Lisa♥ new books

Summer or Winter

message 25: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) summer

red or blue

message 26: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Paige (authorlindsaypaige) Red

Cherries or Strawberries

message 27: by Elysse (new)

Elysse (readyforthemorgue) strawberries

Good boy or Bad boy?

message 28: by Andrez (last edited Jul 15, 2010 08:33AM) (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) good boy

whole bread or plain bread

message 29: by ♥Lisa♥ (new)

♥Lisa♥ plain bread

red or white

message 30: by Elysse (new)

Elysse (readyforthemorgue) red

skirt or dress?

message 31: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) dress

jeans or shorts

message 32: by Bree, you can :) (new)

Bree (breej6434) | 612 comments Mod

Crayola or roseart?

message 33: by Elysse (new)

Elysse (readyforthemorgue) crayola

blonde or brunette?

message 34: by ♥Lisa♥ (new)

♥Lisa♥ brunette

black or brown

message 35: by Bree, you can :) (new)

Bree (breej6434) | 612 comments Mod

long or short?

message 36: by ♥Lisa♥ (new)

♥Lisa♥ long

Curly hair or straight hair

message 37: by Bree, you can :) (new)

Bree (breej6434) | 612 comments Mod

orange or blue?

message 38: by ♥Lisa♥ (new)

♥Lisa♥ blue

ice skating or rollerskating

message 39: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) never tried ice skating, so...rollerskating


message 40: by Bree, you can :) (new)

Bree (breej6434) | 612 comments Mod
rollerskating, though I'm bad at both

pens or pencils?

message 41: by ♥Lisa♥ (new)

♥Lisa♥ pens

apples or oranges

message 42: by Bree, you can :) (new)

Bree (breej6434) | 612 comments Mod
apples (depends though)

soda or juice?

message 43: by Kathy Anne (new)

Kathy Anne (kathyanne) juice

car or plane?

message 44: by ♥Lisa♥ (new)

♥Lisa♥ car

pink or purple

message 45: by Bree, you can :) (new)

Bree (breej6434) | 612 comments Mod

Blue or Green?

message 46: by ♥Lisa♥ (new)

♥Lisa♥ Blue

Yellow or Orange

message 47: by Bree, you can :) (new)

Bree (breej6434) | 612 comments Mod

Sweet or Sour?

message 48: by ♥Lisa♥ (new)

♥Lisa♥ sweet

Morning or evening

message 49: by ♥Lisa♥ (new)

♥Lisa♥ cherry

reality tv or sports tv

message 50: by Bree, you can :) (new)

Bree (breej6434) | 612 comments Mod

Fact or Fiction?

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