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Wendy Price I am always sad to finish an Irving book. Its like leaving a family weekend a day early. The men were the main characters- the women in their lives were like a car, jewel or rare painting:important but not alot about personal interactions.Food and landscape wonderful.

Adri I also hate finishing his books. And some I read again and again, like a Prayer for Owen Meany.

Richard i couldn't finsih this one, it was just a labour whereas his others have been a pleasure. started well but became nothing - to me anyway

Kenny Chaffin Loved it!

Glenn You know when I read this book about a year ago I was thinking it wasn't one of my favorite John Irving books. But here - a year later - the characters and images are still in my mind. It seems for me even my 4 star Irving books are memorable and lasting.

Clark I agree with Glenn. This story really stays with me. One of the best books I have read.

Linda I'm a big John Irving fan. The first book of his I read was the World According to Garp, still my favourite. I think the wonderful thing about his books, Last Night on Twisted River and the much maligned Until I Find You included, is that you get pulled into the story. You care about the characters and what happens to them so much so that you are able to get through some of the slower, sometimes unnecessary scenes,in the case of this book the whole part involving 9/11 I could have done without. On the whole Irving is an amazing writer and I always look forward to his next work.

Ellen I haven't read a John Irving book in a long time. Last Night in Twisted River left me a little flat. I really thought some of the characters (especially Ketchum) were a bit over the top. I thought the ending was a bit contrived and not sure why we cared so much about Lady Sky - all in all I gave this just a 3, although I hovered over the 2.

Louise I wouldnt say I am a huge fan of John Irving, I read all his books, but dont love them all , though Owen Meany is one of my favourite books ever.
this one was a slow starter , but by then end really loved it.
the title character (cook?? chef?? sorry, I have awful memory) was great, and brought a tear to my eye towards the end of the story.....
rated this one highly

message 10: by Alec (last edited Feb 19, 2012 09:59AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Alec I'm a big fan of John Irving's books and I seem to have gotten into the same pace with them, starting with Prayer for Owen Meany. it took me almost 150 pages to get into the story but at the end I wish the stories would not stop. It's always hard to let the characters go even if (perhaps because) some characters are over the top.

Judy I adore this book ...the time period is a summary of my life. He does an amazing job of taking you through the decades while including all of his "quirks" --- bears, auto accidents while having sex, et al.

message 12: by Anni (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anni Took me 6 months to finish it, but at the end, it was worth every effort. In my view, Irving is the best storyteller amongst the contemporary authors. I had a strong flashback from Hotel New Hampshire: all his signature elements are here in addition to the very quirky plot.

Kenny Chaffin And he has a new one out - In One Person. I'm waiting to hopefully get it from the library...
In One Person

They say there are no Bears in it. :(

Richard Sutton Anyone who had issues finishing Last Night, needs to try A Son of the Circus! Not an easy read, but one that really has stayed with me for years afterwards. Sometimes a book is worth a little effort for what it reveals. Another Irving Jewel I highly recommend is "Until I Find You", which will teach you things you never thought you needed to know.

Kenny Chaffin Thanks Richard. I'll give it a go soon.

message 16: by Anni (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anni I totally agree with you, Richard. I'd also like to point out my unsurmountable favourite: A Prayer for Owen Meany.

message 17: by Richard (last edited Aug 20, 2012 05:51AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Richard Sutton Me, too. My wife and I still tear up just thinking about it. We lost a little male tabby around the same time, so Irving's writing was the leitmotif that eased our grief.

message 18: by Mark (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mark Kenny wrote: "And he has a new one out - In One Person. I'm waiting to hopefully get it from the library...
In One Person

They say there are no Bears in it. :("

Yes there are but a whole different bear as you are expecting.

Nannette this fell LONG for me, and i am a long time irving advocate, simply too much repetition, liked the characters but could have easily cut 100 pages and still have a good story.

Kevin Did not enjoy this book as much as other Irving stories. I just finished 'In One Person' and found it amazing.

Melinda I agree with Glenn that when I first read Twisted River I thought it was good not great (Irving has not written anything that wasn't worth reading). But a couple of years later there are passages and characters that have stuck with my memory. The image of the river and the loggers, in and of itself,
is a lovely metaphor for life. He is the modern Dickens. His characters, like Dickens', are so perfectly named and crafted. They are the unforgettable elements long after you've forgotten the book's plot. The characters, my favorite being Dr. Larch from Cider House, are so vivid you miss and revere them like people you've loved who are no longer of this earth.

Richard Sutton I think that is a great comparison.

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