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message 1: by Laika, Head mod!! (last edited Jul 12, 2010 12:39PM) (new)

Laika | 914 comments Mod
You can have up to 10 cats, and one important position cat at a time (so other people get the chance to be one)

message 2: by Sephiroth, And your voice was all I heard, that I get what I deserve... (last edited Jul 12, 2010 12:18PM) (new)

Sephiroth (Cinderbolt) | 171 comments Mod
A warriors group starts with an intro topic, some basic info about the group, and characters topics.

You're trying to start in the middle, with the important cats and the ceremonies. No one starts there. Once the characters topics are made, THEN you say what Important cats are available, preferably in an "important Posotions' topic.

People generally make characters as they go or as they need them. Important positions are normally first come, frist serve to the first person who asks for them.

When a leader dies and the deputy is made leader, generally the new leader RPer ASKS who would like to be deputy, rather than just appointing someone randomly, as random appointment could lead to an unwanted position or someone who's not ready for it.

Moonstone meetings and Gatherings should not be established until the RP is successfully underway and all the necessary positions filled.

Character and roleplay topics should be kept clean and free of spam and chat. Spam and chat clog up these topics and make it that much more difficult for people to see the character profiles and such. For that matter, ANY important topics should be kept clean and free of spam and chat.

All important topics should be placed above the character and roleplay folders. This way, people read the important things FIRST because that's the first thing they see.

Character limits are only necessary when the group gets so large that it's hard for everyone to keep track of their characters.

Important positions should be limited to xnumber per roleplayer. In this group, the limit is one, but I propose that if the positions are not filled quickly enough to match the pace of the roleplay we expand it to no more than two per roleplayer; until then, one is most like more than sufficient.

Mods should be appointed according to the reasons you see fit. Normally mods are appointed to do various things, such as help create, help organize, or delete spam. In many groups mods do all of the above, or more, in the case the head mod is absent or inactive.

May add more later, keep checking this post

message 3: by Sephiroth, And your voice was all I heard, that I get what I deserve... (new)

Sephiroth (Cinderbolt) | 171 comments Mod
I make characters lightly if I need a new one, then I try to go back and flesh them out, but that doesn't always work. o.o

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