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off topic...vanity plates

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message 1: by Nichele (new)

Nichele | 4 comments I need help...I like having vanity plates on my Tahoe and I'm looking for new ideas. I would like it to be about vamps, but weres are okay too. It can only have 7 letters/characters. Ideas anyone??

message 2: by Jael ~ *~ Syhren ~* ~ (last edited Jul 12, 2010 10:22AM) (new)

Jael ~ *~ Syhren ~* ~ (wwwgoodreadscomprofilejael) I am drawing a blank. 7 letters hmm let me get back to you .

message 3: by new_user (new)

new_user LOL. I think you got a lot of suggestions in the other thread, but is "BITE ME" taken? xD

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