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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((what do u want our theme to be??))

message 2: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments ((idc realli like im into the romance thing if thtz ok wit u))

message 3: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) ((OMG! thank god u like romance! Cause i love having romance in my rps. It brings a depth, specially if there is a probly with them being together. Do u go far??))

message 4: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments ((yea i go far do u?))

message 5: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) ((yes i go really far and do u do detail?? btw i like ur story! =D))

message 6: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments ((detail um ok yea i do and thankz i still need to finish those))

message 7: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) ((ok and np. sozz but i couldnt get on for the last two days sozz))

message 8: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments ((oh ok aight so i start or you start?))

message 9: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) ((idc u can if ya want))

message 10: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments ((um ok))

Personality: sweet but sour at timez

Kel waited outside

message 11: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) ((ok))

Name: Lilly
Personality: Kind, caring, sweet, is confident

Lilly walked into a small botique

message 12: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments Kel walked down the street towardz the botique

message 13: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) Lilly looked at this cute vintage dress, wondering wether she should buy it

message 14: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) ((u on??))

message 15: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments ((i am but idk i would alwayz get on late. i never seem to catch anyone))

Kel walked past the botique but turned back as he saw that familiar face

message 16: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) ((its ok))

Lilly decided to buy it and went to pay

message 17: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments Kel just left and went to get something to eat across the street

message 18: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) lilly rexited the shop

message 19: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments ((this is kinda boring. lets like put a twist to this or something))

Kel just stared her down

message 20: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) ((ok))

Lilly loked over at him

message 21: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments Kel looked away quickly as she caught his glimpse

message 22: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) lilly walked down the street towards him

message 23: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments Kel thought to himself "oh no please dont let this be another one" as he saw her through the corner of his eye

message 24: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) lilly walked pasted him and into the bakery

message 25: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) ((hello???))

message 26: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments ((not 2 be rude its just ive been busy. Really sorry))

message 27: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) ((its fine really lolz.))

message 28: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments ((ok. Well mind if i continue where we left off?))

kel walked inside the bakery to see if she was in there

message 29: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) ((nope not at all =D))

Lilly decided to grab a coffee scrowl and a chia latte

message 30: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments Kel decided to order a hot chocolate and wait

message 31: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) Lilly took her latte and scrowl and left the bakery to go run some errands

message 32: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments ((wow how boring. Here is a twist for you))

kel tries to meet up wit her and right when he about to say hi he gets ran over by the taxi

message 33: by girlpower12121 (last edited Oct 20, 2010 01:30AM) (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) ((lolz i kinda thinking of more twists to add....sorry ima having writer block atm))

Lilly screams, she drops all her things and runs over to him. She cheacked his pulse and vitals then tried to see if she could find internal bledding without looking inside of him

((mind you she knows alot of stuff about surgery...lolz like me! lolz))

message 34: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments ((writers block atm? And are they teens or old?))

kel wakes up and finally realized what happened. He saw that girl and wanted to say hi but he didn't want her to know he was not only uninjured but awoke.

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((teens))

Lilly was frantic to make sure he was okay

message 36: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments ((ok. And btw anyone can learn medical stuff....If they watch house))

kel realized the commotion he was causing so he wakes up and says “thanks for the help but im ok" three steps later and all he sees is pitch black. he passes out

message 37: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) ((lolz i know....but i dont watch alot of house. i leanr it all form reading books))

lilly gasped again snd grabbed his body, stopping his fall. She held his body close to hers so she could carry him easily. She carried him away from the site and over to a qiter spot.

message 38: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments ((wow you must really like doing medical work or have a passion for it.))
kel wakes up and realized that girl was close.... Maybe too close for comfort because even though he didn't want his bodi 2 he was gettin excited. He tried his best to hide it. When it finally hit him he asks “jee thanks for the help. I really appreciate the gesture”

message 39: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) Lilly smiled down at him "your awake" she said softly. Her hands were on his back cheaking for broke ribs or even swollen kidneys.

((Yeah i love medical stuff. I wanna be a surgeon))

message 40: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments Kel is getting warm well his body is because she is so close. He didn't say anything until she was done.

((that's real cool im serious. It takes a lot for that so its really envious that you wanna take such occupation))

message 41: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) Lilly cheaked his legs next making her way from his thigh down to his feet. She then cheaked his chest. She cheaked his vitals and his pulse

((Thanks =D yeah well i need to be in college for 8 yeasr and then 4 years of internship))

message 42: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments Kel knew the procedure for being checked for injuries but he was closer than ever to having her see that he was getting excited. He tried his best to conceal it hoping that the would be over soon because he still wants to make a good 1st impression....

((wow all those years. Im very patient but an extra twelve years right after high school....Naw not me. So i give you props for going out for something like that.))

((oh 1 more thing. Ask athena if we still r p for me please?))

message 43: by girlpower12121 (last edited Oct 22, 2010 10:38PM) (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) Lilly smiled at him and then once hshe cheaked his vitals sighed happily "your good. You have no internal bleeding or any big injuries"

((lolz thanks and sure thing =D))

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T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments Kel went speechless stunned by not only the miracle she pulled on him but by her beauty. After a long minute of having his mouth drop if caught his words and finally said “your amazing"

((my occupation wont really require all that much so like it feels like your the higher superior))

message 45: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) ((dont be to har on urself))

Lilly blushed "thanks" she ulled his shirt back over his stomach, cheaked his pulse again and smiled at ihm

message 46: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments Still stunned kel realizes he doesn't know that much about so he says “im very sorry that you had to take the burden for me. My name is kel by the way'

((its kinda true. Its cuz i wanna be a music producer))

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((so that is sooooo kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

Lilly chuckled "im lilly and its not a burden. Im happy to help"

((btw ath will but not atm she is busy sozz))

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((hey brb i g2g have a shower. bbs))

message 49: by T. Kalani (new)

T. Kalani (Kalani3) | 48 comments ((well we both have passion its just that our passion serves different purposes. I make music for the future you save lives so they have a future))
“oh well that's great. Nice to meet you lilly. Look there must be some way i can repay you"

((being busy isn't resuming to r p with others so she basically in a nice way said im not worth it. Don't tell her i said that though))

message 50: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) ((lolz true true))

Lilly shook her head "oh dont be silly"

((well she isnt even rping with me....i think she left.....lolz anywho i g2g have that shower i said i was gonna tkae. Cya soon))

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