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*sighs* *takes role of Thunderclan leader yet again*

Name: Lilystar

Gender: Female

Clan: Thunderclan

Rank: Leader

Appearance: Lilystar is a smokey gray cat. Her belly and chest fur are both a paler white color. Her eyes are also a smokey and haunting blue color. One of her ears are torn at the tip.

Lilystar is a wise and patient cat. She has fierce pride of her clan, and is usually unwilling to admit defeat in battle. She stubborn, and quite hard to convince. It's not likely that you can change her mind easily. Once she has a goal, her mind is set on it and nothing can through her off course. Her focus is sharp in battle and determined as well. She is terribly hostile to outsiders:loners, kittypets, and rogues. Lilystar always is threatening to other members from other clans around the lake/forest. She won't hesitate to rip off an intruder's ears. Although she is usually quick to fight, she thinks before she does something that requires injuries. Even though she's aggressive towards other outsiders, Lilystar is caring towards her own clan. She would never do anything to hurt them or put them in danger. Lilystar is playful with the younger cats-apprentices and kits, and gentle and understanding with elders. She treats her warriors equally and listens carefully to what they need to say.

Lilystar was really adventruous and willing to explore as a kit. Lilykit loved to bother the warriors to train her how to do the hunter's crouch. Like most kits, she longed to be a warrior quickly. She was inspiried to train hard as an apprentice when she saw the warriors coming back with fresh kill or battle wounds.

When Lilykit became Lilypaw, she trained hard with her mentor. She longed to gain respect as a warrior, and fight for her clan. Lilypaw never wanted to become a important rank; all she wanted was to protect her clan. She never really liked cleaning the elder's den, but knew that no one else would do it, only the apprentices. Lilypaw enjoyed practicing hunting and fighting with her fellow clanmates.

After Lilypaw trained as an apprentice for moons, she became a warrior. She was given the name, Lilyheart. Lilyheart loved hunting, and the trill of going on patrols to protect her clan. Her greatest joy was fighting to defend her clan in battle. She wears her battle wounds with pride. Her wish was fulfilled-to become a great warrior.

Lilyheart was both surprised and joyful when she was announced deputy after the old one died in battle. She vowed to serve her clan well, and protect Thunderclan as good as she could. Moons later, the leader died, losing all of their lives. Lilyheart traveled to the Moonpool/Moonrock to recieve her nine lives. Lilystar returned, promising to do her best to be a good leader.

Lilystar has lost three lives so far. One from greencough, one from an angry badger, and one from a bad battle wound.

Kin: Mother and father are deceased.





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SpazzyJazzy Angry badger... pshh. xD Accepted, Jenn da Henn.

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Lolz, I couldn't think of anything else

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