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Bella looked at herself in the mirror, unable to believe that the last day of the school year was finally over and she had finally gotten her high school diploma; she stripped out of her school clothes, and threw on a tank top and skirt before sitting on her bed and cutting into her clothes.

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((i dont understand 'free' rp.))

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((it's free to do whatever. it's kinda like a "general" RP))

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Elle clocked out of her job as an assistant music teacher to go see her cousins graduation. As soon as she was in the woods with her bag, she turned into her wolf form and ran to the school. When she was there, she went into the bathroom and changed.

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((k, thx))

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((mhm. and brb Chickee, then I'll rp with you. I'm packing))

Bella heard her mom yell at her to hurry or she'd be late for graduation, so she dropped the mangled clothes and scissors then ran out of the house, hoping into her car and zipping to school. Her cap and gown lay neatly pressed in the passenger side of the car, not touched since she got it at senior breakfast a few days ago.

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Elle went outside and saw her cousin Bella in her car. She ran towards her and said "Hey. What's up?"

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Bella shifted into park, smiling at Elle, "Hey Elle!" she got out of the car and hugged her tightly, then grabbed her cap and gown.

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"So this is it. You're big day. It feels good doesn't it?" Elle asked Bella

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((so I'll be off and on))

"Yeah, kinda... will feel better when I'm done sitting next to them for an hour or two." she laughed, then looked Elle over, "You been doing okay?"

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((oh, also, does she know Elle's a werewolf?))

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((Ya. And Elle knows about Bella))
"Ya. Dad's still sick but other than that, good."

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"Any problems with the dog?"

((let's just say that's how they discuss the werewolf thing in public))

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"No. Actually been really good. How 'bout Midnight?"

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"Same, no problems, nothing, and that little issue Midnight had is gone too." she smiled and put on her gown, then her cap. "Well, I have to go, but I'll see you after the ceremony." she hugged her cousin again before running off.

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Elle hugged back and said "You look great." And took a seat in the front row.

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((uh.. skip ahead to after this bull?))

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