The Vanishings: Four Kids Face Earth's Last Days Together  (Left Behind: The Kids, #1) The Vanishings discussion

End times for dummies...

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Shannon This book is amazing! It talks about the end times and really puts it into perspective. I am Christian, but you don't have to be to read this book. It could really change your mind about your religion.

Atarah Poling Honestly I enjoyed this series more than the adult version. Really great read. And I agree you don't have to be a Christian to read it, even though I am. Glad you liked it.

MizziQ I liked that it had correct refrences but it still was a good book on it's own without even adding the Christian element. I love this series!

Cnidarian I never read the adult series, but I really enjoy the kids version. It drew me into reading the book of Revelation. The books are just so hard to put down once I start reading them!

MizziQ I was so upset when my mom told me we only had that one. :)

Bianca I thought it was really good.
But really, theres like 40 very short books, why couldnt they just make 5 long ones?? :/

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