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Omen:A bit of flattened fur on a piece of prey

Meaning:Thought to be a sign that WindClan is going to attack them, because it looked like the forest was flattened by wind.

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Omen:Rusty's collar is torn off in a fight with Longtail

Meaning:Rusty left his kittypet life behind, and will be accepted in ThunderClan as Firepaw

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Omen:Red clouds

Meaning:The day will bring an unnecessary death. Later, when Fireheart and Graystripe were returning to their home in ThunderClan, they were attacked by a RiverClan patrol, and in the confusion of the fight, Whiteclaw, a RiverClan warrior, fell to his death.

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Omen:Clouds covering the full moon during a Gathering

Meaning:Gatherings are a time of peace, and if there is any violence, StarClan sends clouds to cover the moon signifying their displeasure. This occurs at several Gatherings.

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Omen:A magpie in the fresh-kill pile that was intended for Bluestar turns out to be crowfood

Meaning:Bluestar's leadership of ThunderClan will slowly rot away until it is nothing more.

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Omen:A vision of a giant tiger leaping from flames

Meaning:Brambleclaw (Tigerstar's son) and Squirrelpaw (Firestar's daughter) would find a new home for the Clans, and unite them for the journey. Cinderpelt first misinterprets it, thinking it meant that the two cats presented a danger to the Clan, or to each other

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Omen:A moth's wing found outside of the medicine cat's den

Meaning: Mothwing, the former rogue, was fit to become a medicine cat apprentice. It was later revealed that Hawkfrost left the moth's wing outside of Mudfur's den so he could use Mothwing's medicine cat status to help him gain power.

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Omen:A vision of two sets of pawprints merging into a single path

Meaning:Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight would always be together, and nothing could separate their paths. This turned out to be untrue, as they later separated in Sunrise

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Omen:A vision of the ThunderClan camp surrounded by high walls of bramble, with claws instead of thorns

Meaning:Brambleclaw keeps the Clan safe, and he is fit to be deputy

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Omen:A total solar eclipse takes place

Meaning:It was thought by many cats to be an omen that they were doing something wrong or that they didn't belong by the lake. Sol predicted it would happen but StarClan gave no warning of it, which makes many of the Clan cats afraid and uncertain of the future

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