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Wings (if any):
Family(includ what the mother and father were):

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Esther (essie7198) Name: Elektra
Age: 16
Gender: F
Looks: http://s.bebo.com/app-image/801397766...
Good/Evil: Pretty nueteral... she's starting to lean more to the demon side
Wings: black
Family: Mother angel, father crazy demon
Crush: OPEN
Personality: fiesty, energetic, but likes her lazy time sometimes, her personality leans more on the demon side
Other: She looks like the perfect description of an angel... until she opens her mouth and unfurls her wings, a lot of angel shun her because of her father, she's starting to go towards evil

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I found the brotherhood (I AM AN ASSASSIN) Name:Reno
Age: 17 1/2
Gender: male
Looks: anime angel guy Pictures, Images and Photos
Good/Evil:good, but his demon side tends to take control a lot.
Wings (if any):white, but streaked black
Family(includ what the mother and father were):Mother an angle, father the second hand man to the devil, brother was confused untill he joined his father then
Crush: ----
Personality: find out in rp thanks! :)

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oh i love the pic!! he's hotttt :P

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Esther (essie7198) nice!

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can my charrie have a crush on him???

I found the brotherhood (I AM AN ASSASSIN) sure!~ but he is a hard man to get through XD

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Esther (essie7198) haha...

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message 10: by Esther (new)

Esther (essie7198) ... do u have a character yet?

I found the brotherhood (I AM AN ASSASSIN) Make a charrie then Hannah and join us XD~

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i know i'm about to make one, its a bad habit of mine :p

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Esther (essie7198) haha...

hypocrite clams... Name: Andromeda
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Looks: http://www.elitemodel.com/largepic.as...
eyes- http://www.psychologytoday.com/files/...
Good/Evil: Neutral
Wings: http://www.supercheats.com/guides/fil...
(not the person… just the wings. You can only see them when she unfurls them. Otherwise, they're invisible)
Family: Lives on her own in an RV that she bought with the money her mother left her before her mom ran off with her boyfriend to New York.
Crush: Open
Personality: TBA
Other: TBA

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