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message 1: by Reza (new)

Reza Aslan (reza-aslan) | 16 comments Mod
To go along with the latest book recommendation, The Unspoken Alliance, we would love to hear your opinions on this question:

Does Israel's past alliance with Apartheid South Africa, based on economic survival, show an ethical violation on the nation's part, or a necessity against outside pressures? What could be done in the future to avoid a similar situation?

message 2: by Sophia (new)

Sophia | 8 comments Great question, Reza. Perhaps Israel should undertake a period of self-examination. I think Israel has a number of ethical problems, and if they don't start to remedy their shortcomings (i.e. a siege of 1.5 million people in Gaza, an attack on non-combatants in international waters, assassinations in foreign states), they will end up being about as popular as apartheid-era South Africa. My sense is that sympathy for Israel's situation is fading.

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