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message 1: by ♥Hannah♥ (new)

♥Hannah♥ ♥Roxie♥ (rox-ie) | 41 comments I Absolutely loved it i think its better than the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe....anybody else agree???

message 2: by Kate (new)

Kate | 10 comments I totally agree!!!

message 3: by Soumya (last edited Jun 19, 2008 02:12PM) (new)

Soumya oh, i liked it too. I thought both were good.

The weird thing is that i watched the Lion, The witch and the wardrobe after Prince Caspian. I never got a chance to watch it before.

message 4: by ♥Hannah♥ (new)

♥Hannah♥ ♥Roxie♥ (rox-ie) | 41 comments realyy??????wow....that is kinda wierd but cool atleast ya got to see it!!!!!

message 5: by ♥Hannah♥ (new)

♥Hannah♥ ♥Roxie♥ (rox-ie) | 41 comments of course its better!!!!!!

message 6: by Kira (new)

Kira Yah! it rocked, but they definately changed it from the book a bit, but, of course, movies always do that :-)

message 7: by ♥Hannah♥ (new)

♥Hannah♥ ♥Roxie♥ (rox-ie) | 41 comments i love the susan/caspian was great..if u took it out it just wouldnt be the same!!!!

message 8: by Snoopy (new)

Snoopy | 3 comments I hated the Prince Caspian movie. It was an insult to the book. And William Moseley stank as Peter. And Anna Popplewell too....

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

the lion the witch and the wardrobe was way better

message 10: by Kate (new)

Kate | 10 comments I haven't read the Prince Caspian book but i saw the movie

message 11: by Abi (new)

Abi (crazedmusician) | 2 comments Loved the movie the romance was a bit cheesy. William and Anna did not stink. Edmund should have gotten a bigger part in the movie it seemed all he did was stand there at times. Loved the fact that we got to see susan fight! Caspians accent was annoying! LWW was better.

message 12: by ♥Hannah♥ (new)

♥Hannah♥ ♥Roxie♥ (rox-ie) | 41 comments i think its better too!!!

message 13: by Kate (new)

Kate | 10 comments I think PC is like way better than TLTWATW (simplify it by saying LWW)

message 14: by Kate (new)

Kate | 10 comments Wait Sarah I think that the Harry Potter roleplay dance is at the same time as Prince Caspian's coronation ball...

message 15: by Snoopy (new)

Snoopy | 3 comments uh oh! it is!!!!

message 16: by Madisen (new)

Madisen edmund is my distant cousin............................................. Well Not edmund, but Skandar Keynes

message 17: by Madisen (new)

Madisen Yeah, I know!!!!

message 18: by Madisen (new)

Madisen what movie?

message 19: by Sella (last edited Jun 22, 2008 05:53PM) (new)

Sella Malin OMG I loved Prince Caspian, the movie!! I thought it was better than the first one. It was so action packed and suspenseful and sad...the only thing is, I don't remember Susan and Prince Caspian falling in love in the book...either I forgot that part (I read the books a long time ago) or the movie people added that part.

p.s. I love Prince Caspian's accent!! It's awesome!! I am Prince Caspian. Teehee.

Oh and I loved "You killed my father. Prepare too die." Lol

He's actually kinda hot, the guy who played Prince Caspian. And Edmund is cute.

message 20: by ♥Hannah♥ (new)

♥Hannah♥ ♥Roxie♥ (rox-ie) | 41 comments i love edmund!!! and i agree he is cute!!

message 21: by ♥Hannah♥ (new)

♥Hannah♥ ♥Roxie♥ (rox-ie) | 41 comments yeah it would!!!

message 22: by Madisen (new)

Madisen No.. He is my 3rd cousin like twice removed. His great great great grandfather is the brother of my great great great grandmother.

message 23: by Lind-Z (new)

Lind-Z | 1 comments PC definently was as good as LWW. Didnt like that Caspian and Susan had a thing for each other, I thought that it was a little distracting....

message 24: by Madisen (new)

Madisen i have never actually talked to him

message 25: by Madisen (new)

Madisen Skandar keynes

message 26: by Madisen (new)

Madisen noooooooooooooooooooooooo............................. we are VERY distant cousins

message 27: by Madisen (new)

Madisen nope

message 28: by Madisen (new)

Madisen I know...............

message 29: by Madisen (new)

Madisen yeah.. But for some odd reason he never came....

message 30: by Madisen (new)

Madisen no. We have a family reunion every 2 years

message 31: by Madisen (new)

Madisen So did I

message 32: by Madisen (new)

Madisen that's SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 33: by Madisen (new)

Madisen nice...............

message 34: by Starlight (last edited Jun 25, 2008 04:09PM) (new)

Starlight | 1 comments I saw it!!! I didn't like the thing between Susan and Caspian. It got kind of annoying. I thought that the guy who played Peter did a better job of his role than he did the last time. I liked it better than the first.

message 35: by Kira (new)

Kira i liked it better than lww (lion, witch, wardrobe) and i liked how they added susan and caspian liking each other. it added depth and reality to the movie.

message 36: by ♥Hannah♥ (new)

♥Hannah♥ ♥Roxie♥ (rox-ie) | 41 comments i agree!!

message 37: by Madisen (new)

Madisen ???

message 38: by Lali (new)

Lali | 2 comments I liked the movie but the Caspian-and-Susan romance was not expected. You cannot expect a Queen and a Prince to do that in front of everyone. It was too modern. But I agree that Ed did not do anything and I do feel that in the book had more parts for him.

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

LWW was still better................

message 40: by Call me Random (new)

Call me Random I haven't seen the movie yet, but my older sister says it's a good movie! ^^

message 41: by Call me Random (new)

Call me Random oh.

message 42: by *JayJay* (new)

*JayJay* the only thing to make it better would b if I was susan & got to kiss ben barnes/prince caspian. but i think edmund should hv done more cuz he was like the good guy at times compared to peter

message 43: by *JayJay* (new)

*JayJay* hes got the accent & he aint tht bad lookin so hes alrite n my book.


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message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

I hated the movie the first time around as well. But when I went to see it with my older brother, he pointed out that if you just looked at the movie as a movie by itself (not based on the book) then it wasn't so bad. So I saw it again, and even though I don't LOVE it, I still can't wait to buy it, and I'm counting the days until the next one!

(I too was disappointed in Edmund's small role. He's my favorite. They gave so many of his lines away too!)

message 45: by Yue (new)

Yue | 1 comments agreeeeeee. cool berat

message 46: by Karina (new)

Karina i personally liked PC it was pretty good. I have to admit though that I did like Caspian/Susan for a while, but I'm over it.

I have no idea who they're going to make VDD, it was such a boring book and it was mostly on a ship. I hope the movie dosn't suck though.

message 47: by Beth (new)

Beth Personally, I hated the movie. I have so many fond memories of reading these books as a child (they were the first “chapter books” I ever read to myself) so I’m a bit of a purist.

I thought the beginning was rushed over and the romance between Susan and Caspian made me want to hurl.

But that’s just me. :P

message 48: by Karina (new)

Karina yeah. i myself thought VDT was a bit boring to read so I don't think i'd be happy much if it stuck to the book completly....

message 49: by [deleted user] (last edited Nov 26, 2008 09:17AM) (new)

I kinda agree with Beth. I have very fond memories of the books. (my dad used to read them aloud to us kids every night) So like I said before, I really disliked the movies the first time I saw them, but I've come to enjoy them on the whole.

message 50: by Sreekanth (new)

Sreekanth | 1 comments It is awesom with all the fighting and all

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