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July 2010 - Los Angeles: A Novel > Mid-point Impressions (NO SPOILERS)

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message 1: by Boden (new)

Boden Steiner (boden_steiner) | 41 comments We sort-of jumped by this, but just a thread to throw down any general thoughts you are having midway through the novel.

*If you are quitting, and why.

Otherwise, start a topic to discuss anything in more detail.

message 2: by Caleb (new)

Caleb Ross (calebjross) | 73 comments Mod
So far, and I am truly at the halfway point, I really like the read. it's quick, and there are a few more lazy devices than I am used to (the psychologist, for example, seems like a way to artificially implant some character development).

I like the subject matter a lot. Drug addicted melodramatics always work for me.

message 3: by Boden (new)

Boden Steiner (boden_steiner) | 41 comments The middle third strikes me as the more tedious part, like PMS was trying to sew together the beginning and end, and left the seams showing. However, I think this reaction is typical for me in a any sort of singular detective/quest story. I get a little bored by side trips.

Even so, a three day read for me, so I can't really fault the momentum. I was hooked plenty enough to get to the reveals and payoffs.

message 4: by Richard (new)

Richard Thomas (richardthomas) Was still intrigued at this point, a lot still going on, was keeping my interest.

message 5: by Chris (new)

Chris Deal | 13 comments I can't do it. I have no reason why, but there is nothing keeping me from putting the book down, nothing to get it back up in my hand. Now, again, once I finally get my damn hands on Transubstantiate, I'll contribute. Still, this new Jim Crace is something magical.

message 6: by Pela (last edited Jul 20, 2010 11:21PM) (new)

Pela Via (pelavia) | 7 comments It struck me that PMS mentions (in the early pages of this book) writing being hard. And incidentally, I can't shake the feeling he's forcing a story here, pulling along stubborn prose that doesn't want to go.

Is writing hard? I'm asking.

Even though I'm asking, I'm really just digging for someone else to agree that it shouldn't be that hard. I know it's an evil master at times, but dontcha feel like your best work wanted to almost write itself, with you as its typing dictionary monkey?

(I'm not really in the discussion yet, too early in the novel and trying to split my reading and writing time like a big girl. I'll read and post more soon. Just popping in to be difficult. :) )

message 7: by Caleb (new)

Caleb Ross (calebjross) | 73 comments Mod
I'm with you Pela. The best of my writing seems to come quickly. But, I will say that it takes a lot of sitting and waiting (which could be seen as difficult) until that easy stuff comes along.

message 8: by Gordon (new)

Gordon (gordonhighland) | 9 comments God, no. Anything that comes easily is always suspect, and whenever someone else says something came easily to them, I lose interest as well. Who wants to read that? This reply came easily, but it's nonfiction. I would give away half of my possessions to be blessed with the "typing dictionary monkey" syndrome others possess.

(I somehow never saw this book or its ensuing discussion, hence the timely response. Hope y'all enjoyed it.)

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