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message 1: by annie (new)

annie (tellsnoemotion) | 147 comments I am looking for any non-fiction books out there that seem to be the most accurate as I am studying their lives in hopes to write a novel. Thank you!

message 2: by Colleen, Mod #3 (new)

Colleen (nightoleander) | 1106 comments The two best on KH are by far The Fifth Queen by Ford Madox Ford and A Tudor Tragedy: The Life and Times of Catherine Howard by Lacey Baldwin Smith.

Good luck with your novel Annie! Don't be afraid to use the group for any other questions you have. :)

message 3: by annie (last edited Jul 04, 2010 05:34PM) (new)

annie (tellsnoemotion) | 147 comments Thanks Collen! I will add those books to my list! The Tudor Tragedy one is no cheaper than $44 on Amazon! I'm going to have to try and find a secondhand book store!

message 4: by Colleen, Mod #3 (new)

Colleen (nightoleander) | 1106 comments You are more than welcome! Have you tried the uk site for amazon? That's where I got my copy and it was cheap since there are bound to be more copies in the uk than here across the pond!

message 5: by annie (new)

annie (tellsnoemotion) | 147 comments Great suggestion, Colleen, thanks. They have a lot of copies there for dirt cheap and I'm lucky to have a friend who lives in London. I've already sent her an email asking if she can get me a copy.

message 6: by Colleen, Mod #3 (new)

Colleen (nightoleander) | 1106 comments You are welcome! I get a lot of my Tudor books from that site as they tend to be way cheaper. :)

message 7: by annie (new)

annie (tellsnoemotion) | 147 comments How do you find the shipping is? I imagine a lot of the books will be cheaper, but I don't want to be constantly harassing my friend.

message 8: by Colleen, Mod #3 (new)

Colleen (nightoleander) | 1106 comments If you buy from amazon you can see what your total is including if the seller offers international shipping or not when you go to check out.

message 9: by annie (new)

annie (tellsnoemotion) | 147 comments Do you find majority of the shipping is reasonable? I shop from Amazon so I can see the shipping, I was just curious as to how you found it - if you consider it expensive or if it's reasonable.

message 10: by Colleen, Mod #3 (new)

Colleen (nightoleander) | 1106 comments I consider it pretty reasonable for being overseas shipping.

message 11: by annie (new)

annie (tellsnoemotion) | 147 comments Great, I will definitely take a look!

message 12: by Aly (new)

Aly (Alygator) | 854 comments I bought Alison Weir's newest non fiction about AB on Amazon UK before it came out here (I was very anxious to read it!) and the shipping was extremely comparable to Amazon US! I know it's not non fiction and normally I wouldn't recommend a PG novel, but The Boleyn Inheritance was a great way to show Katherine Howard. And of course, there are little blurbs about her and Jane Seymour in Weir, Starkey, and Fraser's Six Wives books (all of them are almost the same title!), but they don't go into the depth that I would have liked, especially about KH. I really want to read the Lacy Baldwin Smith book. I've heard it is pretty good.

message 13: by annie (new)

annie (tellsnoemotion) | 147 comments The Boleyn Inheritance is what made me first get interested in Katherine, now I want to read beyond that to read if what she wrote was accurate, since I know a lot of her writing isn't. Even if it's not though, she made her such a great and entertaining character.

message 14: by Pat (new)

Pat Annie, Check out bookdepository.com I just checked their site and they have The Fifth Queen by Ford for $13.09 and a book on Catherine Howard by Lacey Baldwin Smith for $15.06. They are a UK book store with free shipping to USA.

message 15: by annie (new)

annie (tellsnoemotion) | 147 comments Thanks so much Pat, I will definitely do that!

message 16: by Colleen, Mod #3 (new)

Colleen (nightoleander) | 1106 comments Good link Pat, thanks for posting that.

message 17: by Pat (new)

Pat You're welcome. It's a great place to find books by UK authors that are scarce and expensive in the US. Shipping is fast too, usually arrives within a week.

message 18: by Marylou (new)

Marylou (loulu) | 164 comments ABE and Alibi bought have good prices. The Tudor Tragedy was about $8 for a good copy.

message 19: by Aly (new)

Aly (Alygator) | 854 comments Annie, if you can read PDFs or download the free kindle app for your computer, Amazon has the Fifth Queen either for free or .99 cents. I can't remember which, but either way, it's cheaper than $13!

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