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American Born Chinese

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message 1: by Zach (new)

Zach | 4 comments American Born Chinese- By Gene Luen Yang

My overall impression of the book is that it’s main characters deal with problems, like Jin Wang deals with bullies at school, The Monkey King deals with his enemies, and Chin-Kee deals with his cousin Danny. There is suspense, drama, and adventure.
The reason I like the characters is that they show different attitudes of the character’s perspective of a problem they are dealing with. I like the plot because one story ends in suspense and moves to another story then returns to the character’s problem that they were left in. I like the message of the story because it fits perfectly into the story’s style and some messages aren’t really told but you could probably still figure them out. The reason that I also like the style is that it moves like a TV show, like Chin-Kee’s story acts like a little comedy show, which makes you laugh; Jin’s story is like a drama show, and The Monkey King’s story is a superhero story. I also like the ending of this story, Jin Wang had stopped being friends with Wei-Chen in high school and then they meet again some years later. They start talking about what has been going on in their lives.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes comic books, graphic novels and if you are a fan of drama. Also those who like to actually see by pictures, what the characters look like and the environments they are in.
I do not have any questions about the book at this time.

message 2: by Anna (last edited Jul 26, 2010 01:52PM) (new)

Anna (cupcake_ninja_gangsta) | 4 comments My overall impression of this book is that all of the characters have a problem they are dealing with, partly because of their own problems in some cases. For instance, The Monkey King is full of himself, Danny isn't always very nice (and never questions where cousin Chin-Kee came from...),and Jin Wang isn't very nice to his friend.
I enjoyed how the plot started out with three seemingly separate stories and merged them all with a surprise ending. The messages this story gives are pretty good. Be true to your friends and yourself, and treat others with kindness and respect. The style of this book was quite interesting, and I liked it. It was part comedy, part drama, and part something that seemed to be out of a really messed up Chinese legend. Some parts were pretty random, like how the Monkey King couldn't enter the god's dinner party because of his lack of shoes or how Chin-Kee was eating some sort of fried cat noodles for lunch. I liked how the characters were developed too. Chin-Kee was a negatively stereotyped Chinese person, The Monkey King couldn't accept that he was just a monkey, and Jin Wang couldn't quite figure out what he was doing. The ending was okay, though I found it kind of creepy that the Chin-Kee was really the Monkey King. I did not expect that.
I would recommend this book to those who like comic books and graphic novels.
I have no questions about this book at this time.

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