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message 1: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (last edited Jul 04, 2010 03:47PM) (new)

Tiffany (Vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod

She is supposed to get back to the basics with this one! Jean Claude, Richard.......we'll c! ;-)

Bullet (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #19) by Laurell K. Hamilton......The music came back up and the next group of little girls, slightly older, came out. There was a lot of that in the next hour and change. I liked dance, and it was no reflection on the kids, but my will to live began to seep away on about the fifth group of sequined children...

Anita Blake is back in St. Louis and trying to live a normal life-as normal as possible for someone who is a legal vampire executioner and a U. S. Marshal. There are lovers, friends and their children, school programs to attend. In the midst of all the ordinary happiness a vampire from Anita's past reaches out. She was supposed to be dead, killed in an explosion, but the Mother of All Darkness is the first vampire, their dark creator. It's hard to kill a god. This dark goddess has reached out to her here-in St. Louis, home of everyone Anita loves most. The Mother of All Darkness has decided she has to act now or never, to control Anita, and all the vampires in America.

The Mother of All Darkness believes that the triumvirate created by master vampire Jean-Claude with Anita and the werewolf Richard Zeeman has enough power for her to regain a body and to immigrate to the New World. But the body she wants to possess is already taken. Anita is about to learn a whole new meaning to sharing her body, one that has nothing to do with the bedroom. And if the Mother of All Darkness can't succeed in taking over Anita's body for herself, she means to see that no one else has the use of it, ever again. Even Belle Morte, not always a friend to Anita, has sent word: "Run if you can..."


message 2: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Ruffin (poetic_mother) | 62 comments I read it. Something was off about this book. I can't quite put my finger on it. I am going to read it again but I really need her to come out with the next book to make this book make more sense.

message 3: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (new)

Tiffany (Vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
SAY IT ISN'T SO!!!! I have been waiting AGES for her to bring Jean Claude back to the forefront!

Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson (wickedshizuku) | 21 comments I'm still trying to find all of them at my local second hand book shop. So sorry can't make it this time. Maybe I'll just dl the ebooks.

message 5: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (new)

Tiffany (Vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
Yeah, do the ebooks. This series is TRULY worth it.

message 6: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments i cant this time......there is no way i can start this series and be finished by month end! But Tiff i will put it on my to read and soon you'll have to give us all your vast knowledge on this series as i am at a loss :( - next time ;)

message 7: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (new)

Tiffany (Vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
Well, there is sex, sex and more sex!!!!!!! lmfao

U have to read this series, and for those of u who have, u WILL NOT be disappointed with this latest addition to the series!!!!! She has FINALLY gotten back to the basics. Everyone we know and love in the series is involved, not just mentioned! And Asher is finally a happy man! I think I read the entire book in like a day, couldn't bare to put it down!!!!! Lol.

message 8: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments its going to have to wait for the darn busy atm...but i WILL read it...oh i will!

message 9: by Tiffany, *nIGHT mISTRESS* on a MisSiOn! (new)

Tiffany (Vampoholic) | 3255 comments Mod
U'd damn well better. lol

message 10: by Rayna (new)

Rayna  | 1785 comments heck im just keeping my head above water here....between work and work and work....reading is making me stay up really really late!

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