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((can we just use the same charries in here? or do we make new ones))

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((same charries))

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Carson T (carsont) idk wat's going on)

Sarah pet her panther kitten, Sam. He had just adopted her. The same day she had run away from home and her stifling parents. She stretched and shifted to panther and cleaned Sam, he mewed and tried to suckle. She laughed in her panther way. She wasn't lactating so Sam didn't get any milk. But he was weaned so it didn't really upset him.

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Lena ran through the trees, gasping for air

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She finally stopped and pressed herself against a tree, trying to calm down her breathing

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Kimathy Luna walked along the trail, kicking rocks out of the way.

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Kimathy Luna envisioned the trees around her taller, the leaves falling in a twirl around her. she smiled.

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Kimathy the boy broke her illusion and she stopped, looking at him like she was embarrassed.

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Kimathy "um" she stuttered she was very shy. "hi"

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Kimathy Luna looked at the ground. "um" "bye" she brushed past him to continue on her way.

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Kimathy Luna glanced back and then looked away quickly. had he seen the illusion? she wondered.

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((lol, my charrie is Lena too. gonna be confusing...))

Lena squeezed her eyes shut and hoped that she was safe

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Kimathy (seriously? >.< oops, i changed her name randomly :P I'll change it back!))

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((that's not as confusing :P))

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Lena held still for a few minutes, then climbed the tree and sat on a branch far enough from the ground not to be seen easily, but could still see the path pretty well

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Kimathy Luna let her guard down again and made the trees appear to grow bigger and drop their leaves.

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Carson T (carsont) Sarah heard a twig snap and snapped her jade green gaze to a man. She lifted her lip in a feral snarl, warning the man not to come closer. Then she licked Sam and told him to stay, he hiccuped and rested in a long abandoned nest. Then she jumped down and stood in front of the man. She bristled and her tail was straight as she stalked closer.

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Carson T (carsont) Sarah's muscles tensed when she moved. But she heard his words and stepped closer, he didn't smell like he meant them harm. She padded closer and licked the artery on his neck and then pressed her mouth close and opened it. She breathed in, then stepped back and stared into his eyes. He meant no harm. She relaxed and bounded back to Sam and grabbed him by the neck and brought him back to the man. She nudged Sam in the man's hands then bounded away and found a spot behind a tree. She shifted and put on the extra clothes she'd stashed there. Then she walked back to the man and asked, "Who are you?"

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Carson T (carsont) "My name is Sarah, and that is Sam. How did you find him?" She asked, pretending to be confused.

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Carson T (carsont) Sarah cocked her head to the side, "Um, Kohl. I've been looking for Sam for ages. I'm pretty sure I didn't give him to you." She giggled at the absurdity of it.

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Carson T (carsont) Sarah's voice became lighter, "I'm not a shape-shifter, Kohl. I believe you might be crazy. So if you don't mind, I'd like Sam back." She made sure to step on every twig and leaf that she could as she stepped over to Kohl, and even tripped into him. She took Sam and turned away, "Nice meeting you, Kohl. Good-bye." She began walking away, her back to him.

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Carson T (carsont) Sarah narrowed her eyes at him and snarled, whatever the hell he was..she wasn't sticking around to find out! She grabbed Sam by the neck and turned tail and began to run. She bounded easily through her territory, trying to put space between Kohl and herself.

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Carson T (carsont) Sarah heard Kohl in the distance and stretched her legs out further until she was bounding into a very hot city. She shifted and ran with Sam in her hands, not caring that she was running stark naked to her home. People gawked at her as she dashed by them. Her breathing became labored but she pushed all the harder.

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Carson T (carsont) Sarah opened her apartment's door and ran in. Closing the door and hoped he wouldn't find her.

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Carson T (carsont) Sarah hid behind her couch and trembled.

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Lena cautiously climbed down the tree and walked down the path

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Lena heard a rustling. She pressed her back against a tree, looking around for the source. Then she saw a girl in a tree, sleeping. She watched silently, tring to decide what to do

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"Lena" she said suspiciously, ready to run. "Who are you?"

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"Running away" she said, her face expressionless. She shifted her weight so that she could jump into a run in the opposite direction as Jenn. "What are you doing out here?"

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Lena raised her eyebrow at the critter. She looked at the woods out of the corner of her eye. She wished she hadn't lost her sword in the trees. She could summon it if she had to, but it would take time.

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"Nowhere in particular" she shrugged. "I don't suppose you'd answer if I asked you the same question?"

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She must work for him, Lena thought. She shrugged nonchalontly ((sry, dunno how to spell that)), trying to look indifferent, and then suddenly she bolted to her side through the trees.

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She gasped and staggered into a tree and fell at its base, clutching her head

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Trembling, she tried to stand, but couldn't move. She closed her eyes, and activated the lightning in her sword, bringing it to her

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Lena caught the sword and pointed it at Jenn, lighting crackling along the blade. "What do you want?" she said through gritted teeth. It took all of her strength to hold the sword straight

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"How do I know if I can trust you?" she asked, the sword slipping a little

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Kimathy Luna hummed a tune, enjoying her illusion.

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Kimathy Luna heard voices and dropped the illusion. She listened carefully.

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The lightning vanished as she dropped her sword. "Alright," Lena moaned. "But no more of that pain-vibe thing"

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Kimathy Luna heard them leaving and watched them run.

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Lena glared in Jenn's direction and struggled to stand up. She used her sword for support as she hobbled after her, not really caring if she kept up or not

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Kimathy Luna watched them until they were gone. Then she put up her illusion of trees again.

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Lena hobbled into view, scowling. She leaned against a tree to catch her breath

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"I wonder why" she muttered under her breath. "Yeah" she said louder. "You got something to drive?"

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Lena sighed and slumped down against a tree and closed her eyes.

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Lena struggled to stand up. "Do I want to know how?" she grumbled, following Jenn

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Carson T (carsont) Sarah shrieked, then realized her clothes had hit her head. "HEY!" she screamed, pulling them on and running after him.

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Lena sighed. "What'd you do?"

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Lena looked at him, discusted. "Are we going to leave him in there?"

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