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Vampire Authors wanted

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Nicholas Reardon (nicholasreardon) WANTED brand new never published authors do you have a book in you? Can you write a YA vampire novel?

Calling All Vampire Lovers would you like to take part in a Competition to write a vampire novel? Do you have an original idea can you write about undead blood sucking denizen of the night.

We are looking to publish a new range of books next year for the young adult market and we want to discover new writers that know the subject.


High school vampires, but he/she could be a lone vampire or part of a group of vampires.

Is she/he good or evil? Or just a normal student who happens to be a vampire?

What problems would a vampire have at school?

Could be funny or/and perhaps Romanic but it must be well written and original as the judges will have read the same books you have so if you pinch anything from what you have read they will notice.

If you are interested please email me Nicholas Reardon at for more details


Would you like to be a judge in helping choose a new vampire book?

We are looking for a team of judges to help pick a vampire novel that will be published next year.

Must like vampire books.

Must be willing to read and comment on the scripts you are sent.

You can not be a judge and also enter the competition

Must keep readings confidential (no showing to other entrants so they can see what the competition is writing)

Will have a signed copy of the winning entry when it is published along with their name in the book listing them as one of the judges, may even have a character in the book named after them (but not if your name real is Buffy or Dracula)

For more details please contact me at

Eating Burrito's O.o ... I'm not into vampires...sorry.

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