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Sora sat in the host room and sighed lightly. His costumers came in and he sat in his chair cooly as they blushed and sat down with him.

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Lirit wandered the halls of the building looking for the right room.

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☠Kai☠ ☠Shun☠ (dark_wolf-xxkaixx) | 1464 comments Mod
Sora smiled to them and winked lightly. "so im new here...could you ladies give me some pointers about the place?" he asked flirtily even though in his mind he hated acting like this.

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Lirit opened the door to the room Sora and the others were in "hi..umm Im a little lost...can you help me?" she asked shyly.

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Sora looked at her, "ill help ya out...where ya looking for?" he asked. The girls at his table getting jealous of her as he smiled gently to her.

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She pulled out the crumpled piece of paper in her pocket. " 223" she said softly. looking up at him.

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Sora nodded, "ill take you there now" he said. "ill be back in a bit guys" he waved to the rest of the host club and swiftly took her back out of the room and sighed, "god im so glad im out of there" he said. "come on the rooms this way" he said looking like a completely different person.

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She smiled slightly and nodded following him "If you don't like it why were you in there in the first place?' she asked softly.

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Sora shrugged, "there's nothing better to do...and cause im looking for someone...and i heard she went to this school and that she liked me cause i signed up for the host trying to find out who she is....cause if someone likes me i wanna know who they are" he said. "and i just thought the host club would be the best way to find who she was" he said.

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"oh..." she said softyl blushing a little. She looked at the ground still following him. She hoped he didn't know it was her even though she liked him so much. ((sorry for the late reply I thought I did rp and then my computer flipped out on me and it didn't post))

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Lirit say Rasca and rolled her eyes a little at the girls.

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Lirit looked at Sora with a slight smile "How far are we from the room?" she asked softly.

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Amber walked around.Agh! she hated being lost. And on her first day to.

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"Oh!" She said and almost smashed into him. "i-im sorry!"

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((oh wow tuff life))
" ok?" she asked as she looked at him with worried eyes.

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She smiled at him."Good.""im Amber by the way." She put her hand out.

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Strang she thought. "Im a girl...what did you think i was?!"

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She gaped at him. "you dont know what a GIRL is??"

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She was getting mad. " If you are lieing.."

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She stampered "um a human."

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"a..."she blushed."a lifeform simmiler to a man?"

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"ah I gess that depends on the girl..." She hated this tipic.

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"So wats your name cluless."

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She looked at him."...I like it."

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"Y-ya." she turned around. no one ever blushed at her before.

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her face glowed red."t-thanks."

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"the hosts! Im looking for one." haha funny she though.

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she thought about it,then said "what is it you guys do?"

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"well i realy dont know,no ones ever tried." she sighed.

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She kissed his cheek. "im pretty sure your not useless and never give up."

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she kissed his other cheek."well clueless, since you dont know what a girl is." She gently brushed her lips over his."I'll have to show you."

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"what,does the cat got your toungh?"

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"ya sure? cause you might want to teach the cat a lesson?"

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"yes? how?" She flutered her eye lashes.

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She smiled."i have to go home.I will be back." She kissed him and started walking.

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She went home and layed on her bed.

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Amber thought about Rasca intill she fell asleep.

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When her alarm clock went off, she rushed to get for school.

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Amber walked up to her school and sighed. Dang! she forgot when and were to meet him.

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She stamped her foot. Dang! -the first boy she ever liked and kissed!- She blew it!

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She sniffed.

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"GAH!" She turned around and looked at Rasca.she sighed."Im glad it was you."she hugged him.

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she grined"anytime."

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She blushed "uh..s-sc-school?"

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Ya the hardest thing she had to do."ya sorry...Can I see you again?..."

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She giggled."when."

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She laughed "anyone you know whos good?" She smiled

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"I was kidding, i only like you.." She blushed

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The bell rang." to" She kissed him."b-bye." she said as she ran inside.

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