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In this story the world has gone through a major disaster that has torn the world apart. There are ruins everywhere and the sky is always overcast. Strange monsters made from this disaster roam the earth. Some humanoid. . .and some completely ravenous animal. Their worst enemies are The Changed, people who have developed powers from the disaster. The story begins 10 years after the disaster happened. No one can remember what exactly happened at that time or what life was like before it happened, all they know now is that survival is everything.

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Evee | 891 comments Mod
Jestera watched the overcast skies, breathing in slowly. It would rain soon, she could tell because the skies grew more dark by the minute. She drew her hood over her face, and with the darkness came the Siren and even worse, the Gorgons. The fiendish smile she always wore appeared. Maybe staying out would be more fun than she had expected. After all she had to practice some more with her cords and arriving here at this time would be a perfect opportunity to further her experience. Silently she stepped into the rain, letting her cloak fall to the ground behind her.

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