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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Hmm, " Lexi pindered, looking at the menu, "Can I have a raspberry lemonade please?" she said polielty.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- ((back))
"Yep," she smiled, "I'll have chicken alfredo with borcolli." a perminent smile was glued to her face.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Lexi lashed a smile at him, "It's really nice here, thanks for bringing me. My parents usually made me eat in at home...this is actually the first Olive Garden I've been to." she said, embaressed.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Yep, an honer to be hear with you." Lexi beemed.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Mmmhmm." Lexi agreed, as she ate the noodles. A bit of the sauce was left on her cheek.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Hmm, you deicide, I could go with either." Lexi shrugged.
((g2g, srry))

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((should we just randomly meet Lessie?))

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((No, just wait for Angie and I at a table and i'll come in.))

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((but who knows when angie will come on))

Jake sat at the table waiting for the girls.

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((We can just wait I guess))
Leesie arrived shortly after. She looked around for Jake.

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((dang,i am bored))

He texted Lessie."Im inside."

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She got the text and saw him at the table. She sat down. "So I take it that Angie isn't here yet?" She smiled. "Oh, I almost forgot." She gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

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He smiled."Yea,she wont be here for a little while.She texted me saying she will be like an hour late."

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"Ah, I see. Well until then, we can call this a date." She smiled back at him and looked at the menu.

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He smiled back."Awesome." He checked the menu.A waiter arrived."Hello,Im Bob,and ill be you server for tonight.Can I start you off with some drinks?"

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((Bob? Wow. Your really creative. :) ))
"Is it okay if I start with some rootbeer?" She looked at Jake for approval.
((Brb for about 12 minutes. Will you still be on then?))

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((lol its saturday i dont feel like being creative))
"Yes.Ill have some rootbeer too." The waiter smiled and wrote that down."Alright,I'll be right back."

((heck ya i will))

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((Sorry...that took longer than expected))
Leesie looked at her menu again. "Hmmm....the original lasagna sounds good. What about you?"

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((its ok))

"Chicken alfredo."

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"Hmmm...I was looking at that but-" The waitor suddenly showed up again.

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He smiled and slid the drinks to Lessie then Jake."Are we ready to order?" Jake looked at Lessie.

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She looked back at him then the waitor. "I'll have the lasagna, thank you."

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"Lasagna,nice choice.And you sir with awesome hair?" Jake smiled."Ill be hhaving the chicken alfredo." He handed him a 10."Thanks for the compliment."

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((Haha. Wow.))
She laughed quietly then gave the waitor her menu back. She took a small sip of her rootbeer.

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((i just had to))
The waiter left.Jake smiled."I had to tip the dude,after the compliment.I mean if he did,you wouldve done the same!"

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She laughed again. "Maybe..." She took another sip of rootbeer and suddenly began to get a bit hyper. Her talking sped up. "So what should our band name be?"

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He took a big sip."Not sure."

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She took a bigger sip than looked in alarm at Jake. "Uh oh...this isn't caffienated is it?" Her foot began tapping up and down rappidly.

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He chuckled."Ya it is."

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She suddenly couldn't stop herself and chugged the whole thing. "I better get out of here before..." She got up to leave.

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"Wait where are you going?" He looked at his root beer and chugged it down.

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"I just have to leave before I get craz-" Her ringtone suddenly went off. She lost all her cares in the world and started dancing.

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He looked at her curiosuly.


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((That's just my personality. Haha))
When her ringtone stopped, she pressed a button to make it play again. "I love this song!" She stood up on her chair and began to dance the thriller.

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((lol cool,then i love your personality))
"Uhhmmm ok."

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She began to run around the restaurant singing. Even when she was going crazy her voice still sounded good.

((Thank you! :) ))

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((np :) ))He smiled and stood on a table watching\ her.

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She brought some random person up to dance with her. She suddenly atarted laughing hysterically. She was on the verge of going unconsious.
((I'll have to go soon. It's getting really late here.))

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He laughed.

((aww dang))

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((I'll be on most of tomorrow though. What about you?))
She went over to Jake and stopped laughing. She took his face in her hands and kissed him pashionately. Once the kiss was over, she fainted into his arms.

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He held her and smiled.

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((I gtg now. TTY tomorrow))
*remains unconcious*

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((aww ok bye.cyas))

He smiled.He put her in a seat.

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((Should you just take me back to the dorm or should I wake up?))

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((wake up.....or whatever you want))

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Leesie's eyes suddenly sprang open. "Wow....what happened?" She sat up in her chair.

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"Well you drank a lot of rootbeer,went crazy,kissed me,then passed out."

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Her face imediantly turned red. "I did?" She asked, not wanting to believe it.

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He smiled."You did....and I loved it."

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