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history ( Y they are gay ):

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Misa (srnetroegmailcom) | 1 comments Kiss me, I'm Deadly wrote: "Name: Dauson
Age: 18
Looks: Tall, he's over 6 feet tall, with piercing blue eyes, and a eyebrow ring above his left eye. His hair is a mixture of red and black, because his mother had dark auburn..."

looks:Black hair,bangs swished to the right side of hes head.snake bites,and tounge periced.
other:He liked guys since middle school and Hes parents found out so they kicked him out of the house and so he was left to defend for him self. On top of which he is a host for a company thats called "romanticaclub".
Personality:Forward,and dosnt let hes pray go. hes also very protetive,likes to do it a lot and on top of that He perfers more then one.

HELP::::i have never done a Rp online before so if someone can help me out just a little:)I know how to rp I just dont get how to get started.

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I'm with Lane charrie

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Damien Dare (xxdamien_darexx) | 5 comments Name: Damien Dare
Age: 18
Looks: Damien has honey brown eyes. Neck-length jet black hair. A perfect smile. One piercing on his lip. Is petite but slightly masculint. Has a great butt.
Personality: Damien is very sweet. He is the type of guy you walk all over but he doesn't care. He is willing to do anything for actual love.
history ( Y they are gay ): He is gay because every since he tried to have sex with one of his best friends...the female part of her scared him. Then he just found himself more and more attracted to men than females. He just doesn't admitt to it.
Crush: Open
Other: His half vampire. So he's a hybrid.

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Yay! You got it

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Damien Dare (xxdamien_darexx) | 5 comments Got what?

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nevermind, I was being werid sorry :)

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Damien Dare (xxdamien_darexx) | 5 comments Does that Zach fellow have to accept my character?

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No, your good as far as I'm concerned. I'm mod to so I haven't been told they had to be accepted

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Damien Dare (xxdamien_darexx) | 5 comments So could I rp?

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yeah Go ahead.....you want to rp with me or you can wait. Either works

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Damien Dare (xxdamien_darexx) | 5 comments Sure. We could.

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Okay if you want to

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Name: Alex
Age: 19
Looks: http://hairandmakeupblog.files.wordpr...
Personality: Loyal, trusting, shy, brave,
history: His fisrt girlfriend never really intrested him but guys seemed too...

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Shorτγ Lολεs γου (αιmεε ιs mγ ηαmε) Name: Kyle
Age: 19
Personality: Trusting, loyal, a major flirt
history ( Y they are gay ): He never really was attracted to girls. He has always liked guys, and has gone on dates with them. He just has never had a real boyfriend.
Crush: Peter.
Other: TBA

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Isis Anyone need a crush?

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Amber Name: Brandon
Age: 20
Looks: http://i43.tinypic.com/bewqpl.jpg
Personality: Bradon's not afraid show afection in public. He likes to joke and smiles a lot, when he's mad he treats you will a simple silent treatment instead of ever raising his voice or becoming violent.
history ( Y they are gay ): He was always gay and he knew it since he could understand that he was.
Crush: Karson
Other: Loves classical music


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Isis I'll make someone for him?

message 19: by Amber (new)

Amber Okay

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Isis Alrighty I will gimme some time

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Isis Name:Karson
Personality:Karson has a little trouble with showing his emotions unless he is with just the right person but he can be extremely sweet and understanding when he needs to be. He is a little short tempered and not afraid of anything though so that causes him trouble at times.
history ( Y they are gay ):He has always known he was gay though he didn't come out and tell everyone until he was out of school and it still isn't very obvious.
Other:None right now

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Amber Do you want to post first in the rp?

message 23: by Isis (new)

Isis I'll let you :P

message 24: by Amber (new)

Amber Ok!

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Name:Kendle Victorian
Personality:Kendle is very slow but extremely smart at the same time, it just takes him a while to process things going in around him. He is very quiet an casual, barely ever raising his voice to anyone.
History:He had his heart broken one day and soon became so desperate he had had sex with one of the teachers, finding that he was much more attracted to men than women.

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Caspen is sweet and always tries to take care of everyone. He is very shy and gets scared easily by many things.

Jared Leto :)

Caspen's mother was a hooker, who had him at 16. She would whore him around to men and women both. When he was 7, his mother was killed and raped in front of him while he was tied up. The man who did it took him and kept him locked in the basement.


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•Natalie Sohinki• ~Right Now, I wish you were here with Me~  Name: Blaine Jakobz
Age: 20
Personality: Blaine is a kind sweet guy, who is very protective and cares about his boyfriend.
History: Blaine was raped by his mother when he was young, and he knew he would never love women again after that.
Crush: Karson, big time.

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anyone want Caspen as a crush? :)

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OHH okay, cool beans! You wanna make the thread or me?

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Onyxia The Dragon | 7 comments Name:Xavier Cross
Bio:When he was ten,his mother sexually abused him.She was caught and put into jail,but the incident scarred him.He dislikes women entirely now.This is why he's gay.
Other:He has a pet panther named Jazz.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments Oooo I love jazz shes adorable

Onyxia The Dragon | 7 comments I <3 panthers :)

message 38: by Hanna- (new)

Hanna-   | 219 comments So do I and tigers and leoperds to

Onyxia The Dragon | 7 comments And pandas! :D

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Hanna-   | 219 comments Ohhh yes pandas and penguins. But most of all jackel penguin hehehe http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&am...

Onyxia The Dragon | 7 comments LOL XD

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Hanna-   | 219 comments :( what they are bad ass thanks to Andrew biersack

Onyxia The Dragon | 7 comments I know. I just think it's a little funny :)

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Hanna-   | 219 comments :)

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Yazid (Ciel) (plue) Name:Jeremy Harwick
Looks: [image error]
Personality: Cold, demanding.
Bio: He knew he was gay even when he was a child. But he kept it as a secret.
Crush: All hot guys.
Other: He dreams to be a writer.

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soo could he like caspen?

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Yazid (Ciel) (plue) For now, sure.

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do you want me to make the thread?

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Yazid (Ciel) (plue) Fine by me. But I'll off in 30 minutes, it's late here.

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Madeline | 2 comments I noticed someone had Darren as their charrie and um I'm absolutely obsessed with him

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