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Emily, Sam, and Bella!

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I've started a few topics and no one's really gotten into them. This is something that not many people think about, I think. Does anyone else really get mad when bella felt uncomfertable with Sam and Emily acting like a couple?!

Yes, I know she missed Edward, but she acted like people weren't allowed to have a life when she thought she didn't! It really ticked me off! I mean, Sam is the complete opposite of Edward, he's a werewolf for crying out loud! And she still connected them! It was so dumb!

Aslo, does anyone else think that Sam had a good reason to be mad at Bella? I think he does! She forgave Edward right away when he came back and Sam saw how bad Edward hurt her. He was concerned, even though he didn't have to be. Also, he sees how much bella can hurt Jake and then acts like Edward is God or something! Sam has every right to be mad at bella! All the werewolfs do!...Anybody with me here?

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I know this hasn't been up very long, but if you read what I have to say, pleeeease leave a comment! Even if you totally disagree with me, even if you don't really care, even if you hate me for things I've said in other disscusions! Please. Just leave a comment! And I hope you disagree, so I can hear what you think and maybe see it diffrently. So, please. If you read this, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!!!♥

Ashley Hannah:

Well, they shouldnt really be mad at her; they should be happy for her since she's happy with him. In plus, thats what love is. Unconditional love no matter what the other person does.

And by the way, it takes time to get the topic going; I would know. Just be patient.

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Thanks, Ashley! I know I have no patience, but I just have nothing to,...I just want to talk to someone! Sorry, i'll try and be patient!♥

I know they should be happy for her, but Sam sees bella hurting Jacob, his friend, and I think has a right to be mad at her...But I do think that he should talk to her about it. I mean, he probably didn't tell Jake, "I'm mad at Bella because blah blah blah!" I'm sure he didn't do that, Jake probably heard his thoughts, but I think sam should talk to bella about it. I know he can't help what everyone else hears, and he has a right to have his own thougths, but it's almost like he's talking behind her back, which bugs me. But I still say they should be made at her...

Ashley Well if thats the case... Sam needs to decide who is more important to him and cut ties with the other...

And talking to her about it wont change her mind about anything, so what is the point?

And I still say they shouldnt. lol.

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What do you mean sam needs to decide who's more important to him?...Not trying to be rude, seriously not understanding!^^"

Lisa Bella wasn't comfortable around anything to do with love at the point when she was bugged by Emily and Sam (remember she went to the violent/horror movies instead of the romances).

I think Sam has every reason to be mad at Bella. At the very least she's willing to be around the very thing he's guarding against.

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Thank you! ^^

And yes, I know she was uncomfertable, but she acted like no one was allowed to have a life or a relationship just because she thought hers was ended! It just really made me mad! I mean, If if were Angela who got dumped, would bella stop hanging all over Edward just so Angela didn't feel uncomfertable? I doubt she would so why should she expect the same from Sam and Emily!? I mean, yes, I know she didn't actually say she wanted them to stop, which they might have if she asked, but she was very selfish to feel that way...although...feelings can't always be helped...I know that for a fact...but still she was selfish! Or atleast, that's how i see it!

And your right about the sam thing! ♥

Ashley Hannah:

He needs to pick between Bella and Jacob... thats what I meant...

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Ruby Hi Ashley! (lol)

Hannah: I agree with both of u...the way I c it is-

1) yes sam did have a rite to be mad at bella i mean i do the same thing. I can't stand it when someone who was friends with another person who treated them bad goes rite back to them after they "apologize", its just irritating and it makes that particular person seem naive. (does that make sense???) :0

2) that isnt the situation between Bella and Edward though. I mean (as Ashley said) it was unconditional love, neither of them wanted to leave the other one, so really that isnt naive-ness.

3) and as far as the whole Sam and Emily goes, u know what, when u love someone that deeply and then they just leave u yeah i think u'd be a little hesitant to hang out with couples too. i mean, i personally, after i broke up wit my bf i didn't want to b around my friends who were goin out cuz it just reminded me 'hey im alone'

4) {sorry i know this has drug on long enough} jacob just needs to get over bella, she's with EDWARD!! (sorry i dont like jacob very much)

Ashley Ruby:

I have to comment your third point:

I agree with you on being "single" and hanging out with couples, it does make you feel alone.

But I think the reason that Bella didnt feel comfortable was because she was afraid her emotions would become uncontrollable... something she doesnt really have that much control on as it is... agree?!?

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Ruby yeah i agree that was the a lot of it, but i was just stating about the feelings to begin with. i mean ur rite the fact that she thought she would start sobbing at any second didnt help very much, but she didn't feel very comfortable to begin with is what im tying to say.

Ashley yup yup, well I think we are both right in this case :-)

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Ruby i agree. agian lol. :)

Sarah Well Sam and Emily's relationship reminds Bella of her love of Edward and what that was like. I agree on the her emotions too, she was unstable during that time.

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Ruby, your right. I mean, I hate how bella's always like "Edward is always forgiven"! If he killed her, i swear she's still forgive him...if he said he hated her(even though we all know that's not going to happen) she would still forgive him...yeah, maybe it's "unconditional love" but it's really anoiying...

I do understand how seeing couples when you got dumped can remind you of how lonely you are, but it still just irritates can't stand that she "couldn't watch it"!...sorry...♥

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Ruby i c ur point. and ok i think there's a little bit of irony it what u said, "If he killed her, i swear she's still forgive him" well in a sense edward is gonna kill her. i mean its him (hopefully) who i gonna make her heart stop beating, in medical terms die.

and again in a sense he did tell her he hated her but he was lying (new moon.)

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Did he say he hated her?...I need to read that one again...I was a little

And, that is ironic...ha...Your right...he's gonna "kill" her and he's happy about
But, in a sense, he's also going to give her, now she'll live he's pretty much providing her immortalness(is that a word?) or life after death...kinda!

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Ruby lol i just thought that was kinda funny. i dont think he came rite out and said he hated her but that was what he was getting at. but ur rite hes taking her life away but giving her a dammed after-life. wow that sounds so wrong lol. but yeah i soooo get what u mean.

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lol. I'm so clueless...

Yeah, that's funny...♥

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Ruby lol its alrite it happens to the best of us. lol

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lol! ^_____^ Thanks!♥

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Bella doesn't "act like no one else can have a life" when she's uncomfortable seeing Sam and Emily hugging and being obviously in love with each other. She's feeling the way anyone feels when they're miserable and someone else is incredibly happy.

Is it selfish? Of course! But she doesn't start screaming about how they should be more considerate of her pain, or leave the room so she doesn't have to see it. She just looks away.

That's not expecting them to be miserable because she is. I never got the impression from the way Bella describes it that she wishes Emily was miserable and alone -- and I can think of several teenage romances where in a similar situation the main character would be thinking, "I'm prettier than she is, why does she get a boyfriend and I don't?" Bella's lonely and heart-broken but she's not some monster out to ruin everyone else's life.

I do agree that Sam has a good reason to be mad at Bella, but did it ever say in Eclipse that anyone thought he didn't? Bella probably thinks it's unfair, but most of us feel grumpy towards people who don't like the decisions we make, so that's just normal human feelings.

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Well, Bella's selfish about everything else, so I supose you could say her being selfish about this is okay. right? (sarcasm, if you didn't notice!)

Bella always acts like that! She only thinks of herself and stupid Edward!!

And, once again, Bella and Edward are not "in love" they're obsessed with each other! Their relationship is completely unhealthy! It's just wrong! I mean, it's just OBSESSION!!! She has no reason to say she's heart broken, because she doesn't love him, no matter what she may think, there's no way that that's "love"! No way.

Bella has no right to be like that! She's selfish, stupid, and just anoiiying!

Larissa The thing with Sam and Emily makes sense. Bella was hurting and to be around two people who were so in love with each other, well that hurt. Bella was having a hard time controlling her emotions, think about the movies. Now if she told them to stop it then that's a different story, but she just didn't want to look at it, there's nothing wrong with that.

As for Sam being angry with Bella? Well honestly I think he and Emily are similar to Bella and Edward in a sense that Sam hurt Emily, yeah it was physical and on accident but he hurt Emily. Edward hurt Bella, it wasn't physical, but he did hurt her, on purpose? He thought she would be fine and he would be the only one in pain. Emily was able to forgive Sam even though he could've killed her, but Bella isn't able to forgive Edward?

And about the obsession thing. I'm not saying that there isn't a part with obsession in their relationship, but that's not all that Edward and Bella's relationship is about. They do have love. They've talked about things, vampire and human. They spent time together, they can sit in silence and it's okay. They want to be with each other. Sure Bella has all those vampire questions and such, but wouldn't you? And they were both intrigued by the other person, but isn't that how a lot of relationships do start out?

Please explain how that isn't love and only obsession. I think Bella is realistic in terms that she doesn't always know exactly what she's doing and she'll end up making mistakes.

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Well, sam hurting Emily like that was, like you said, and accident! Edward left Bella on purpose! He hurt her on purpose!! If he knew it would hurt her and he did it anyway, that would be on purpose!!

And they don't just sit in silence! Stupid Bella can't keep her hands off of Edward! If they don't talk she uses it as an opening to try and get Edward to sleep with her! She's so pathetic!!

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Lori Hannah

Of course this relationship is unhealthy! He's a vampire. She is a human full of blood. Which is why, even Edward has to agree, she needs to become a vampire in order for this companionship to work. The obsession thing comes into play because of her ability to bleed - and since she is prone to accidents, that happens too frequently. Try to imagine if Bella was a vampire. What would their relationship be like then? Would Edward need to be so over-protective of her? No. And think of all the fun they will have together afterward.

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Edward already said that he's been able to control himself! he doesn't strain to not kill her anymore, he's been like that forever!!

Larissa Hannah, as Edward said he thought Bella would be fine. He didn't think to himself, "Oh I'm going to leave and it'll hurt Bella, so I'll do that." He figured that she would be able to get over it and move on. He thought she would be okay. He doesn't feel like he deserves her and so he thinks she'll finally get someone who she'll be happy with.

They have sat in silence. She's not constantly touching him and trying to get him to sleep with her. How many times does she do that? You can count them on one hand. Think about the meadow, before she touched him they were sitting/laying in silence. And there is so much time that you don't see of their relationship.

And yes he's in control after a while, but at the beginning it's not like that.

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Well, Larissa, she's only still with him at first because she's still really shy around him! As she begins to know him better she can't keep her hands off of him! She continues to try to convince him to sleep with her after she know's she can trust him or whatever!

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Naomi i know what is up with her! what a skank!
I'm suprised edward could keep it in his pants until he was married!

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Well...that's one way of putting yeah.

Larissa No, even afterwards, and don't forget Edward was holding her hand too.

How many times? You don't know if it's all the time.

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Larissa Never mind, it doesn't much matter anyways.

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Sorry! ^^"

Larissa No, you're fine. Thanks though.

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Mm hm!! :)))

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