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1. Descriptive sexuality will not be tolerated, as there are some people who may feel uncomfortable when reading those types of situations. You may imply, but these scenes are to be skipped over.

2. Cursing is permitted, but you may not curse at anyone in the actual group. For example, you may not call anyone in the group a bitch. You may call their character this in the roleplay, but you must respect your fellow members.

3. You may use violence in the roleplay, but you may not kill another person’s character. You also may not type something such as, “Mary-Sue punched Gary in the face, hearing a satisfying crack, and watched as blood began to spurt out of his nose.” You do not control other peoples’ bodies, even if you have injured them. It is the character’s creator who will decide whether Bob bleeds or has a broken nose.

4. You may not control another person’s character, even with their permission. It is theirs to control, so if you want to control somebody, make a character!

5. No Gary/Mary-Sue characters! If you do not know what this term refers to, I will give you an example. A Mary-Sue is a girl with a completely average personality, boring history, and perfect appearance.

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