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The first two chapters of The Lost Hero (spoilers if you haven't read)

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message 1: by Mary (new)

Mary Okay so we meet the new characters Leo, Jason, and Piper in the first two chapters and I was just curious if anyone had and guesses about which gods are going to be there parents? So Piper and Jason I am not really sure but it seems like Leo's might be Hephaestus.

Jilly i actually think leo might be hermes, just because of the description of features. Piper's either Demeter or Athena... in my opinion. I don't know about Jason, but i'm guessing he's a big three.

message 3: by Tyler (new)

Tyler I have an idea about Jason, but it's a stretch. I think it would be cool if his father was Aeolus (The Keeper of the Winds-Minor god). But since he's a minor god, Jason's abilites would be minimal to even non-existent. However, if Jason's grandfather were one of the Big Three (Zeus in my opinion because of the scene where he was unaffected by the lightning), his powers would get a super boost of sorts. I know it's farfetched, but I like it.

Lucy Why are we assuming that it's Jason's dad who is a god? I personally think that it's Zeus just because of the lightning thing. I think Piper is a daughter of Iris because her eyes change color like a rainbow, I'm split between Hephaestus and Hermes for Leo.
I know this is really really far fetched but what happened to the real Jason from the myths? I have this nagging feeling it might somehow be the same one.

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! i think that leo is hephatus and piper is aphrodite and (i know all about mythology)jason is a roman god, but i dont know who.

Anki Jason would be the son of Jupiter, aka Zeus. Leo is a son of Hephaestus and Piper is a daughter of Aphrodite.

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Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! ok thanks 4 watevr i needed 2 b told.:)

Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles it is obvious. leo's father is hephaestus. piper's mother is aphrodite. jason's father is zeus/Jupiter. cant you read the signs?

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