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message 1: by Kittykat4508, Oooh! I love mysteries they always have a mystery in them!! (new)

Kittykat4508 | 204 comments Mod
((lol!!! I love your werewolves wizards and Vampires oh my!!!))

Name: Kayliana Delecour ((Kayli for short))
Race: Wizard
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Personality: fun, flirty, very smart, kind, a little shy, a good learner, but a better teacher.
Background: she lives in a family with her mom, dad, little brother, and twin sisters. They all have the ability to do magic, but they don't really use it, except for Kayliana
Family: ""
Weapons: a wand with a phoenix feather and unicorn hair. 16 inches long.

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 199 comments Mod
Name: Daxari, Dax
Race: ( werewolf, wizard, vampire ) werewolf, can shapeshift back and forth from hman to werewolf
Age: 19
Personality: stuborn, hot tempered, smart, rude, sarcastic, stong, brave, loyal, straight forward even if the truth hurts, flirty, fights for what she believes, fierce
Background: he father is the leader of the wolfs, hated by the vampires, has a little brother, no mother
Weapons: anything
Other: this is her wolf form:

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