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message 1: by Laura (new)

Laura So, your characters for a Harry Potter roleplay. It's going to be based in Hogwarts, unless everyone wants to do something, Hogsmeade or torturing the Dursleys or being Voldemort's followers or something. ;)

House (if it's Hogwarts):

message 2: by Laura (last edited Jun 26, 2010 01:15PM) (new)

Laura Name: Joseph
Age: 16
House: Slytherin
Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, normal stature, angular cheekbones, has a habit for wearing Muggle clothing everywhere...
Personality: He's sort of yin-yang compacted into a single body. If he's not your enemy, he's optimistic, kind . . . ish, silent. If he doesn't like you, he's going to be loud, rude, mean, evil...yeah. Mostly he's anti-social, though.
Other: Pureblood, has hardly any friends, loves Quidditch, plays Chaser on the team.

message 3: by Christina (new)

Christina Name: Erika
Age: 16
House (if it's Hogwarts): Ravenclaw
Appearance: Long thin black hair, thin, brown eyes
Personality: She is bubbly and cute but she's really smart, She is also flirty and loves bad boys, she wishes she was in Slytherin
Other: Half blood, Keeper on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, White cat named snowflake.

message 4: by Chelsea (last edited Jun 29, 2010 09:42AM) (new)

Chelsea Name: Jackie
Age: 16
House (if it's Hogwarts): Hufflepuff (it sounds bubbly =D)
[image error] (I don't like describing things)
Personality: Loves Music, and boys. She’s a total flirt (she can't help it) She's not the smartest thing walking.
Other: She first noticed that she was different when at 10 years of age she asked her parents if she could dye her hair blue. (Of course they said no, pfft parents) both of her parents are muggle born so she's kind of a rare case. It was quite the surprise when she got the letter telling her she was a wizard. Her parents thought it was prank, but she was absolutely sure she was. This will be her 3rd year at Hogwarts.

message 5: by Laura (new)



message 6: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea YES I AM!!! =D AND HAPPY TO BE!!!

message 7: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea Hmm, idk. Guess will have to wait for Laura to get on.

message 8: by Laura (new)

Laura I'm here!!! :D

message 9: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea Well, when is the RP going to start?

message 10: by Laura (new)

Laura NOW!! :DDD I made a topic.

message 11: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea YAY!!!

message 12: by Laura (new)

Laura ;)

message 13: by Christina (last edited Jul 04, 2010 09:14AM) (new)

Christina Name: Harry James Potter
Age: 11
House (if it's Hogwarts): Gryffindoor

Appearance: Harry has his mothers brilliant green eyes. His black hair is almost always messy and sticks up in the back. He has round glasses and a lightning bolt scar across his forehead. Harry is small and skinny for his age, with knobbly knees.

Personality: He is a bit impulsive, very loyal, loves his friends, is more than a touch stubborn, extremely brave, and has "a bit of a saving people thing".

Other: Boy who lived, Has a snowy owl named Hedwig, Parselmouth.

message 14: by Laura (new)

Laura Yay! Harry!! :D

message 15: by Christina (new)

Christina :))

message 16: by Laura (last edited Jul 04, 2010 12:33PM) (new)

Laura Nah, you can join! Just create a character in the character topic! Oh yeah, this is the character topic. *headslap* I'm so stupid.

message 17: by Keara (last edited Jul 04, 2010 12:42PM) (new)

Keara (kearachristine) Name: Farwolaeth (Far for short)
Age: 17
House (if it's Hogwarts): She's a spy for Voldemort in Hogwarts. She's in Slytherin.
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: ^-^ She's a Death Eater. Enough said.
Other: Her specialty spells are the Cruciatus and she's also a Parseltongue.

message 18: by Laura (new)

Laura *cowers* She's pretty creepy.

message 19: by Keara (new)

Keara (kearachristine) I know. ^-^

Death Eaters are, regardless of whether or not they're pretty.

message 20: by Keara (new)

Keara (kearachristine) And her name means death in Welsh. ^-^

message 21: by Laura (new)

Laura . . . predetermined fate?

message 22: by Keara (new)

Keara (kearachristine) Eh, maybe.

Or occupation! MWAHAHA! Didn't you read her House description?

message 23: by Laura (new)

Laura Yup. Sneaky little spy.... :D

message 24: by Laura (new)

Laura :(

She can make friends, though! Like, LUNA. :D

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